Game of Thrones: Sometimes I will write about GoT

As I have said in a previous post, I’m not that good at starting shows from the beginning. Or getting into shows when they are first on T.V. So, I was not able to effectively blog about Game of Thrones. I started watching the first season about two months before season two started. Also, the first episode I saw was “Lord Snow,” episode three. Luckily, I had two theater majors to act out the first two episodes for me so I wasn’t too confused.

I  am going to try to blog about season three but in the mean time I am going to write about random Game of Thrones topics. This is mainly just an introductory post. But, I recently showed the first couple episodes to my sister. She wasn’t too interested, but she did come up with initial reaction nicknames for all the characters. Some were pretty funny so, I posted them below. Enjoy.

Will: Dirty Boy

She said they should have let him keep his head  and just gave him a bath

Lord Eddard Stark: Woodstock

Seriously, listen the first time Rodrik calls him Lord Stark he might have said Woodstock

Catelyn Stark: Ginger Lady

She said Catelyn was too confusing and we hadn’t even met the Targaryens yet

Jon Snow: Bastardo

No explanation needed there

Robb Stark: Robb

His name is simple enough

Sansa Stark: Tampon

It is a references to this video

Arya Stark: Trenches

She said the helmet makes her look like she is about the head into the trenches in World War I

Bran Stark: Brah

She thought Catelyn called him Brah. She then had him going around the whole episode going, “Yo, I’m climbin’ Brah.”

Rickon Stark: Reject

Poor Rickon

Ser Rodrik: Pippy Long Beard

One of the theater majors come up with that one, my sister and I cannot take credit for that one

Cersei Lannister: Sarah Connor

T:SCC being cancelled was a crime against good television.

Jaime Lannister: Prince Charming

Watch when he takes his helmet off in the Winterfell courtyard and think of Sherek 2

King Robert: Snoopy

Who better to be Woodstock’s best friend?

Joffrey Lannister Baratheon: Peeta

I told her she was going to regret that

Tyrion Lannister: Midget

That one was not very creative

Daenerys Targaryen: Zelda

It was the hair

Visarys Targaryen: Incest

I told her she should have held onto that name

Khal Drogo: Oh God

That was her reaction when he first saw him

Benjen Stark: Nose

He does have a really big nose

Ser Jorah: Link

I helped with that one. My sister wanted to name someone Link

Lord Varys: Buddha

In his first shot he does kind of look like Buddha

Grand Maester Pycelle: Santa

I started laughing thinking of his later whore scenes

Lord Baelish: Mustache

It is an intense mustache

Renly Baratheon: Justin Timberlake

He is very pretty

Grenn: Spitty

He spits a lot

Pyp: Skeleton

He is a skinny little dude. And Spitty and Skeleton is a good name combo for Jon’s comic relief friends.

Sam: Fat Boy

And she named him as soon as she saw him, so not very creative.

Doreah: Dirty Whore

She didn’t give her a name until that bath scene with Viserys


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