Game of Thrones: Relationship Rundown

I know that doing an entire post about the relationships that take place on a show might seem like the girly thing to do. But, this is Game of Thrones and most of these relationships are not girly, romantic, healthy or in any way normal. What kind of relationship you are in also shows how well you play the game. Some people can have secret relationships and keep them that way, while others became the talk of the kingdoms. Some can turn political relationships into love, while other let them fail. Childhood crushes can get you a friend to watch your back or an abuser you can’t get away from. Kings can be with whoever they want, while lower lords have to be more careful.

There are a lot of Game of Thrones relationships, so I decided to do a rundown of all of them. I’m only going to blog about what has happened in the show so far, so these are all the relationships through the end of season two.

Past Relationships

 Daenerys and Drogo
Like numerous people in the Game of Thrones fandom, Dany and Drogo was my favorite relationship of season one. Through it started rather weird, kind of scary and with a rape, it turned out to be one of the sweetest relations of the season. And if there was ever a couple that would have rocked at winning (and keeping) the Iron Throne it would have been Khal Drogo and his khaleesi. But, a more naïve Dany and Mirri Maz Duur messed that all up. Ride strongly through the night lands, Khal Drogo.

 Ned and Catelyn
Through Dany and Drogo was my favorite relationship of season one, Ned and Catelyn was by far the sweetest. Unlike most relationships in the show, we came into Ned and Catelyn’s at a late point. They had already been married for about 18 years. They were the happiest and most loving relationship. It is the kind of relationship most kids could only wish their parents had. Ned and Catelyn were loyal, loving and would do anything for each other. Catelyn’s reaction to Ned’s death was almost as heart-wrenching as Dany killing Drogo. May the old gods protect your soul, Lord Stark.

 Sansa and Joffrey
At first I found Joffrey and Sansa nothing more than annoying. But, after everything that happened to Sansa — mostly at the hands of Joffrey — their relationship became nothing more than scary and sad. I have to share Sansa’s smile at the end of the last episode, I am incredibly happy that she doesn’t have to marry him. Enjoy your brief moment of freedom, Sansa.

 Renly and Loras
I really wish I could have liked Renly and Loras more, but I found Loras really annoying. I understand that he was supposed to be jealous of Renly’s “marriage” to his sister and Breinne of Tarth’s acceptance into his rainbow guard. But he seemed too jealous where it moved into the realm of annoyance. I wanted to like them but I just couldn’t. After Renly’s death though, I did feel really bad for Loras. He has to hide how much he cares about the dead King in Highgarden, but is truly struggling with trying to not seem that bothered by it. May the mother have mercy on your soul, King Renly.

 Renly and Margaery
Though Margaery and Renly only had a few scenes together, their relationship was a great way to show how most marriages are for nothing more than politics in Westeros. I think the casting of 30-year-old Natalie Dormer to play 16-year-old Margaery Tyrell had a lot to do with the aftereffects of their relationship. Margaery’s careless reaction to her husband’s relationship with her brother is a great way to show the Tyrell’s lust for the throne and that they will get it by whatever means necessary.

 Cersei and Robert
In contrast to Ned and Catelyn, we are given Cersei and Robert to show us that not all political marriages turn into love. Cersei and Robert are both aware that their relation doesn’t and never had a chance of being successful. They both are in love with other people — Cersei with Jaime and Robert with Lyanna — but realize they must try and make their political marriage work. Too bad that it doesn’t. May the Mother have mercy on your soul, King Robert.

 Dany and Xaro Xhoan Daxos
As must people know and that I will mention in a later post, Xaro Xhoan Daxos is completely different in the show than the books. The one reason why I like this is that because it creates the possibility that Dany could actually marry the show version of Xaro Xhoan Daxos. Though it is very hard to imagine Dany with Xaro, I do like his line that he once married for love and will do it for politics the second time. But, he was killed by the blood of the dragon at the end of season two, so there is no point in me complaining about this.

 Xaro Xhoan Daxos and Doreah
This wasn’t really a relationship, but I decided to throw it in because GoT fandom seems to have differing thoughts on this relationship. Did Doreah actually play a role in Dany’s dragons being kidnapped or did she only sleep with Xaro Xhoan Daxos because it seemed to be the only way to survive after every other member of the khalsaar appeared to be dead? I’m not really sure. The actress who played Irri said that in a deleted scene she was choked from behind with a noose, which seems like a woman’s way to murder someone and every member of the khalsaar was killed with a sword. I liked Doreah and I’m still not sure how I feel about Dany killing her.

Present Relationships 

 Tyrion and Shae

I can’t really say anything negative about Tyrion and Shae because they are my favorite couple. Their last few scenes between them are my favorite scenes of the entire season. Those scenes are the ones in “Blackwater” and their only scene in “Valar Morghulis.” Shae’s last line made them my favorite couple all over again. “You have a shit memory. I am yours and you are mine.” They seem to be the strongest and most loving couple even with living with the fear of someone discovering them and Tyrion getting killed by his sister at any moment. With so many relationships being formed out of politics, twincest and Stockholm syndrome, why can’t the strongest relationship develop between a whore and one of her clients?

  Joffrey and Margaery
For this relationship, which hasn’t really started yet, I just hope Margaery does better than Sansa did. She probably will. Sansa went into her relationship with Joffrey naïve and alone. Margaery seems to be aware of what Joffrey is — all Seven Kingdoms are at this point. She also has her little brother, the Knight of the Flowers, to protect her and the largest army in Westeros. Also, she is a lot older and stronger than Sansa was. May the Warrior protect you, Margaery.

 Cersei and Jaime
I share Tyrion’s opinion on Cersei and Jaime. I don’t understand what Jaime sees in her. Before Jaime was taken by Robb’s army, we were never really given a romantic scene between the two of them. They have only had two scenes together as a couple. The first was one was shocking and the second was strange. But, maybe the audience not seeing their relationship is the point. They are the most talked about couple in Westeros and like everyone else; we just have to imagine what it is like.

 Robb and Talisa
With Robb being 15 in the books and every chapter he is in being through the eyes of his mother, we are given a constant reminder that Robb is very young to be leading an army and be the King of the North. He is 18 in the show and most of that seemed to be lost until Talisa came along. This relationship has faced a lot of criticism in the fandom, because of its difference from Robb and Jeyne in the books. And yes, it was predictable, tarnished Robb’s honor, and could be the plot of a romantic-comedy. But, when you have this many relationships, it’s hard to get them all right.

 Jon and Ygritte
Though Jon and Ygritte’s relationship starts with childish teasing and endless dick jokes, it seems like in might turn into an actual relationship. Both of them go out of their way to protect each other and the reasoning is left for us to figure out. It is kind of hard to tell if Jon fancies Ygritte because he is trying to keep his Night’s Watch vow of never laying with a woman. But Ygritte definitely fancies him and she seems to be wearing the pants thus far.

 Stannis and Melisandre
Any relationship that ends with a Renly-killing Shadow Baby is just weird. But, in the show and the books Stannis and Melisandre’s maybe-they-are-maybe-they-aren’t relationship is supposed to be weird. I don’t really like Stannis, so I don’t really like this relationship. But, Stannis isn’t supposed to be likable  This is one of the weirdest relationships and it is certainly the most dangerous as Lord Varys has warned us.

Possible Relationships 

 Arya and Gendry

Arya is a little too young for this to turn into a relationship anytime soon, but I still like the idea. After escaping King’s Landing, Arya meets a lot of different people and loses most of them. But, Gendry stays. Though they share a lot of school yard-like teasing, they also face near-death situations multiple times. I like how the slightly-younger-book Arya describes it. She thinks he’s stupid and annoying, but she wants to spend time with him and doesn’t know why.

 Sam and Gilly
I don’t even know if I can call this a relationship, it is more of just a crush. Sam has obviously fallen for the first girl he has seen since joining the Watch, Gilly. But, because he is a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch doing anything with her would break his oath. And on top of that her father/husband, Craster, would kill him or fed him to the White Walkers. Gilly was a little too scared to show us if she likes Sam at all. But, she thinks he’s brave and brave seems to be what she needs.

 Dany and Jorah
I’m really glad Daenerys was aged up from 14 to 17, because it makes Jorah’s love for her a little less weird. But, weird isn’t really a factor when determining Game of Thrones relationships. Though Dany is set on being Khal Drogo’s widow for the rest of her life, I want her to give Jorah a chance. As Xaro Xhoan Daxos told her, “You are too young and beautiful to be a widow forever.” But, in Dany’s defense, I think Jorah is going about it the wrong way.

 Littlefinger Catelyn and Littlefinger
There is no way in the Seven Hells that this relationship will ever happen, but Littlefinger refuses to give up so I put it on here. Littlefinger is seen as one of the least honorable men in the Kingdoms. Catelyn, on the other hand, was married to the commonly called most honorable man, Ned Stark, and is a Tully — family, duty, honor. Catelyn has thrown things at him and swung a knife at him. He better lay off or she might actually hurt him one of these times.


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