“I’m way cooler in the show”: The Talisa/Jeyne Edition

A lot of people don’t seem to like Robb’s wife being switched from a quiet, high-born Westerosi named Jeyne Westerling to a foot-sawing combat-nurse from Volantis named Talisa Maegyr. But, I do. I did start reading “A Storm of Swords” (book three, when Jeyne appears) after season two ended. So, I was already sent with Talisa being Robb’s wife. Most people probably meant his wives in the reserve order.

For those of you who don’t know what the fuss is about. In “A Storm of Swords” Robb gets injured while he is fighting in the Crag. He is cared for by the Westerling family, especially their young daughter Lady Jeyne. Sometime after the caring for Robb, Jeyne goes on to sleeping with Robb. He feels that he dishonored her by taking her maidenhead and marries her.

Sounds like a cute little story, right? Yeah, it would have been if we got to see any of it. Robb is not a point-of-view character in the books. So, Catelyn watches him ride off to the Crag, cries at her father’s bedside for a while, releases the Kingslayer, and then welcomes home the suddenly married Robb.

As I have said before Robb and Talisa’s relationship could be the plot of a rom-com, but at least we got to see it. Talisa comes in as an Arya-like rebel sawing off the foot of a Lannister solider. She then insults Robb, tells us she’s foreign and rides away in a cart. We are left with a “what the fuck” reaction for a few episodes and then the relationship progresses into sad story telling, tent-sex having, and secret marrying.

Jeyne is nice, polite, quiet and joins Robb’s camp with her entire family. She kind of reminds me early season one Sansa, who I never liked. There are a couple incidents of her crying and she and Robb seem to be stupidly in love. It all seems very childish, but Robb is 15 in the books.

I will admit that Talisa does seem to tarnish Robb’s honor. He does directly deify Catelyn’s warnings and the thoughts of his army by marrying her. And it is all sort of reckless. But, Talisa is from Volantis and marrying her doesn’t offend anyone, except the Freys. The Westerlings are Lannister bannermen, so he offended them and the Freys.

One thing I do like about Jeyne is her family. Robb takes her younger brother as his squire and her older brother is a knight and starts fighting for Robb. As Catelyn put it they replace the brothers/friends he lost; the younger being Bran and Rickon and the older being Jon and Theon. But word of Bran and Rickon’s “death” hasn’t reached Robb and Catelyn in the show yet, so there is no need to replace them.

Talisa just seems more like someone Robb would marry anyway. She is strong, high-born, cares about her family, and is honorable but not really in the traditional way. She sounds like a Stark. And now she is one and I like it.


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