Game of Thrones: New cast thoughts

Because I’m about 800 pages into “A Storm of Swords” and14 new season three cast members were recently announced, I would like to talk about them. Most of them I’m pretty indifferent about, which is probably because I am American and don’t know most of these actors. Some of them are minor characters; Tara Fitzgerald is Selsye Baratheon and Kristofer Hivju is Tormund Greatsbane. Others I can hardly remember; Mackenzie Crook is Orell. But, it’s Mackenzie Crook so I’m surely he’ll be good. In my head the Queen of Thorns has always been Maggie Smith, but she was just the first snarky old British woman that come to mind. I’m sure Diana Rigg will do an excellent job as Lady Olenna Tyrell.

The characters I do what to talk about are the Reeds and Missandei. I could do this entire post about my love for the Reed siblings and my minor disappointment that they weren’t introduced in season two. But, now that my opinion is out in the open, let’s move onto the casting.

At first I didn’t know what to think about Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ellie Kendrick being cast at Jojen and Meera Reed. They fit what I pictured and they look like they could be related. But, in the book, Jojen is 13 and Meera is 16. Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Ellie Kendrick are both 22. The kid playing Jojen, looks just that: a kid. Ellie Kendrick looks pretty young too. So, I’m interested to see how old they make them in the show.

Also, both the actors seem like hipsters and if there are any hipsters in Westeros Jojen and Meera would be my first pick. I mean, they live in a place we have never heard of (Greywater Watch), eat food nobody else does (frogs) and have magical powers (well, at least one of them does). Overall, I agree with this casting choice.

That is not to say that I disagree with this casting choice; I’m just a little confused. Missandei is a 10-year-old slave girl that comes into Daenerys’ service after she kills her master and frees her. She is originally from Naath, so ethnicity is up in the air. But, Game of Thrones gave the part to Nathalie Emmanuel, 23-year-old Nathalie Emmanuel. What? Book Missandei is a child-slave Dany takes into her service. Nathalie Emmanuel is only two years younger than Emilia Clarke.

Now that I got that little rant out, I am interested to see how this casting choice pans out. Maybe Missandei was made an attractive young adult to make up for the fact that GoT killed off all of Dany’s attractive young adult friends(Irri, Doreah, Rarkaro). Obviously, Missandei is not the first character to be cast a lot older or way different than the book version. It can either go really well of really poorly. Margaery was cast by 30-year-old Natalie Dormer, which has aged her character up from 16 to I’d guess mid-twenties. Other than that and being made slightly bolder, she didn’t really change. And I like show Margaery better.

On the other hand, we have Xaro Xhoan Daxos who was played by Nonso Anozie and went from white and gay to black and straight. But most things in Dany’s season two story line changed. I didn’t really care, her story line wasn’t that great, book or show.

GoT hasn’t added an awesome young actor in a while and the show has a knack for finding them; Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Issac Hampstead Wright, etc. Missandei could have been the chance to add another. To contradict myself, only good things have been said about 13-year-old Kerry Ingram, who will be playing Shireen Baratheon. It will be interesting to see how/if the casting choice changes the character of Missandei. I’m excited for all the new characters. And as long as they aren’t change in a bad way, I’m not complaining.

And we must remember not even all the new characters have been announced yet. There is still no news on Mance Ryder or Vargo Hoat. I don’t know if Mace Tyrell, Garlan Tyrell, Edric Storm, Strong Belwas,  Hoster Tully, Roslin Frey, all the Martells, and about 100 others will make it into this season, but if they do we still have no word there either.

In addition to the below video and the people I mentioned above Tobias Menzies will be playing Edmure Tully, Philip McGinley will be Anguy and Anton Lesser will be Qyburn.


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