Game of Thrones: More new cast thoughts

Note: This contains spoilers through “A Storm of Swords.”

  The King Beyond the Wall

After holding out on us for a rather long time, Game of Thrones finally announced who will be playing Mance Ryder. At first I didn’t know who Ciaran Hinds was. I never watched “Rome“, in which he played Julius Caesar alongside Tobias Menzies who played Brutus and will be joining the cast as Cat’s little brother, Edmure. I’m starting to think I really should see “Rome”.

Ciaran Hinds’ IMDB page told me he played Aberforth Dumbledore in Harry Potter 7.2. He doesn’t look anything like that character in real life, but I now can judge his acting abilities on something I have actually seen. Of course, I could have done that without knowing he was Aberforth. It’s GoT, there are no bad actors in this show.

Anyway, I like this casting choice. Just off that picture he looks kind of nice, but kind of scary and intimidating. That is kind of how I feel about Mance. Sometime he is playing a lute and other times he is threatening to kill Jon. A lot of excitement has been built up for Mance, in the book and show. But, if this guy can play Julius Caesar I’m sure he can live up to the hype.

The Mother’s Army

Daenerys adds a lot of new characters to her camp in “A Storm of Swords.” Last week all we had was Nathalie Emmanuel playing Missandei, but now we have a bunch more.

 Daario Naharis

I was really looking forward to this announcement. Multiple book and show characters have been trying to get with Dany, but she hasn’t showed interest in any of them since Drogo. Daario is the first man she actually seems a little interested in. It mostly seems to be the eccentric hair colors (purple and blue) that first caught Dany’s attention and the blue eyes that make her trust him. But, he is also a bit cocky, which makes Jorah distrust him. Ed Skrein looks like he can play cocky and if anyone acts like they are a rock star it would be Daario and this guy actually is one. I’ve never heard of him before, but give him some crazy hair and I say, “perfect.”

 Grey Worm

Aw, look at how cute he is! That is not how I pictured him at all. Grey Worm is the elected leader of Unsullied, a fighting force of eunuchs trained since their boyhood to have no feelings, no opinions and do nothing but kill. I pictured Grey Worm as older, mean looking and bald. For some reason, in my head he has always been the guard who stands behind Illyrio at Dany’s wedding. I have no idea why. Jacob Anderson looks like he could be Rahkaro’s little brother. Really if you switched these two that would be closer to how I pictured it. But, who am I to question Nina Gold?. I’m sure he will be great as Grey Worm.

   Kraznys and Prendahl

I’m pretty indifferent to these two. Kraznys is the slaver Dany buys the Unsullied from and Missandei’s former master. He doesn’t do too much expect be a jerk and go against Dany’s anti-slavery policy. I’m sure Dan Hildebrand will do fine. And if not, he isn’t around too long. Cough, cough, dracarys.

I have never heard of Ramon Tikaram either, but he looks like a scary warrior so that fits my expectations.

Hey, remember us?


In addition to the new cast members, it has also been announced that Josef Altin, Luke McEwan, and Ian McElhinney will be back in season three as Pyp, Rast and Ser Barristan Selmy, respectively. Pyp was left at the Wall when the Night’s Watch marched north. I don’t know if this means that Jon will get back to the Wall by the end of this season or if we will get the Wall from Sam’s perspective. Sam becomes a POV character in book three, so that is probably more likely. (“A Storm of Swords,” book three, is being split into season three and four).

I can’t remember if Rast went north or if he was left at the Wall, but whichever he will be back.

The first time I watched season one, I kept forgetting who Ser Barristan was. But after re-watching it numerous time he has become one of my favorite character. I flipped out when he finally come back in the books and I am glad he coming back in season three. I am a little interested to see how they do this in the show. Unless he creates a really good disguise I’m not sure if Maester Aristan is going to be all that convincing. Dany has no idea what he looks like, but Jorah does so that will be a problem.

George R.R. Martin did a really good job of keeping people wondering “where’s Barristan?” So much so that a few  pages before he is relieved I found myself wondering if he would ever be back. I think the whole idea of “where’s Barristan?” was created by a conversation between Renly and Catelyn. He asks if Ser Barristan has declared for Robb, she says no and Renly wonders who he is going to declare for. I was not expecting Daenarys. The Catelyn and Renly conversation was left out of the show, but we were given Jaime telling his cousin about the time he squired for him. I’m looking forward to seeing the most-respected Westerosi knight again and his interactions with the far less respectable Ser Jorah.

So, yay for casting. But, we still have no word on Vargo Hoat, the rest of the Tyrells, the Dornish or Mance’s court.


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