Game of Thrones: This post is about Margaery

I have been wanting to write a post about Margaery Tyrell for a while but I couldn’t decide on how to do it. I could do an “I’m way cooler in the show” post or an “I’m like what in the books?” post. But then I realized she isn’t really that different than she is in the books. I had only read through “A Clash of Kings” when season two ended. So the thing that seemed to make her so much different was her age almost doubling and in turn making her Loras’ older sister. As I have read more of the book series, I feel that the show treated Margaery the same way they did Renly and Loras’ relationship: let’s take something that is implied and throw it out in the open.

The show seemed to have cast Margaery in the way paranoid-book-four Cersei sees her, who thinks that everything Margaery does from daily rides to giving 8-year-olds kittens is a secret plot to steal away her her son’s throne.

The books drop multiple hits that Renly is gay and with Loras. Robert makes fun of him for liking masques and balls more than hunting, Ned makes comments about his fancy clothes and his King’s guard is called the Rainbow Guard and they have rainbow colored cloaks. I’m really glad that was not including in the show, because every time I read it I thought, “Oh sweetie, you not fooling anyone.” I mention all this because throwing Renly and Loras out in the open isn’t that much of a stretch. Margaery is different.

Cersei may think that she is evil, but Tyrion and Jaime think she is just a harmless girl and Sansa goes as far as to warn her about Joffrey because she feels sorry for her. If Sansa feels sorry for you, you are just a harmless girl.

Much like Shae’s awesomeness, Margery’s change has a lot to do with casting. Making Natalie Dormer Margaery did double her age, but it also made her fit perfectly into the cunning, plotting, maybe a little evil way Cersei sees her. Natalie Dormer has the ability to make a character seem that way. It was why she played the perfect Anne Boleyn in “The Tudors” and Natalie Portman bombed it in “The Other Boleyn Girl.”

Of course, GoT did not let Margaery cunning attitude end with the casting. With the ability of the show to go beyond George R.R. Martin’s POV characters we are able to get the scenes of Margaery offering to have a threesome with her husband and brother to get an heir, and the famous “I want to be the Queen” line.

It all makes Margery more interesting. She is a major player in the Tyrell scheming, instead of just a piece used by her grandmother and father. Sansa doesn’t need to worry for this version of Margaery. I’m thinking the older and more cunning Margaery might decrease her families involvement in the series, which has already happened a bit. When she goes to propose her marriage to Joffrey it is just her, Loras and Littlefinger. In the book, her father, Mace, and the second eldest Tyrell borther, Garlan, are there too.

The show Margaery and Loras don’t seem to need parents, grandparents or older brothers, they can handled it all themselves. The show Tyrells also seem more powerful than in the book. And I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

I also find it kind of funny that what happens to Margaery in “A Feast for Crows” is similar to what happened to Anne Boleyn. Except Cersei would be King Henry VIII instead of Joffrey or Tommen.


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