Game of Thrones: Relationship Rundown for books 3 and 4

I have not finished reading “A Dance with Dragons” yet. But, this post is long enough. So, here are the relationship from the end of season two through books 3 and 4, “A Storm of Swords” and “A Feast for Crows.” Book 3 is going to be split and be season 3 and 4 for the show. So, these are the relationship through season five, I guess. Obviously, this has spoilers through the end of book 4. Enjoy.

Past relationships

  Robb and Jeyne

I didn’t really like Robb and Jeyne. I like Robb and Talisa. Robb and Jeyne’s relationship also seems shorter. We meet Jeyne in “A Storm of Swords” and Robb dies later in the same book. I have said before that I find it all very childish. They go around being stupidly in love  and Jeyne reminds me of early season one Sansa. During Robb’s camp’s time in Riverrun, they become very sexually active children and Jeyne proceeds to tell Catelyn all the time that they are trying to get an heir. Apparently, it worked. I’m not sure if it matters now though. I was first annoyed at Jeyne chasing after Robb crying on his way to the Twins, but now that I now what happens it is kind of sad. May the old gods watch over your soul, King Robb.

 Jon and Ygritte

I was happy to see this relationship happen, for however short it was. The dick jokes started to subside and Ygritte taught us and Jon that he really knows nothing. They both spend a lot of time trying to protect each other, but the relationship ended when they both had to focusing on protecting themselves. This was a wildling relationship and it ended the wildling way. I like to think that it wasn’t Ygritte’s arrow that hit Jon when he fled from the village in the Gift after everyone suspected he was still a Crow at heart. And Jon told us it wasn’t his arrow that killed Ygritte when the wildlings attacked the Wall. This relationship had one of the saddest endings and I don’t think Jon would be able to handling being Lord Commander if it wasn’t for what Ygritte taught him. May the old gods watch over your soul, Ygritte.

  Margaery and Joffrey

Nothing really even come out of this relationship. Margaery did a pretty good job of avoiding her husband-to-be by surrounding herself with her family and Kingsguard brother. And they were only married for a couple hours before Joffrey’s death. Margaery definitely catch a break there, even through she seems to be a bad luck charm for husbands. May the warrior protect you, Tommen.

 Tyrion and Shae

There is a lot of killing in GoT. Some of it is justified and some of it has me screaming, “No, I will not believe it.” Tyrion killing Shae is the latter. I am holding onto the hope that this happens differently in the show. Shae is different, so I’m hoping her end will be different too. In contrast to the books, Tyrion seems to be much more in love with Shae than he is with Tysha. So, I am hoping that Tywin makes Shae disappear somehow and the “wherever whores go” line is about her and not Tysha. Because if he kills her in the show, I might have to take that poster of Tyrion off my wall and burn it dracrays style.

 Tyrion and Sansa

As much as they both seemed to hate their arranged marriage, I liked it because it gave Sansa something she had not had in a really long time: safety. Though the Hound is obviously Sansa’s greatest protector at court in season two, Tyrion would be a good second. I was kind of annoyed that Sansa was so adverse to being nice to Tyrion. She didn’t have to sleep with him or anything but at last be nice to him. Tyrion went out of his way to try to protect her, even before they were married. This wasn’t a good marriage and nothing happy was going to come from it but it kept Sansa safe for a little. Are there divorces in Westeros because these two are still married.

  Littlefinger and Lysa Arryn

The fuck, Littlefinger? All right, we understand that you love Catelyn and that you only married Lysa to get the Vale, but did you really have to push her out the moon door? After telling her you loved her sister more? In front of Sansa? Before this I thought Littlefinger was just a creep, now he is a crazy, scary creep. Run Sansa, Run! This scene made me fear Littlefinger and really worry that Sansa being in his presence might be just as dangerous as Joffrey.

  Arianne Martell and Ser Arys Oakheart

This relationship come out of nowhere and ended very quickly after. Ser Arys Oakheart is the member of the Kingsguard that was sent to Dorne with Princess Mrycella. Arianne is the Prince of Dorne’s eldest daughter. Inheritance goes by age in Dorne, so she is also the heir. Arianne convinces him to break his celibacy vow and they work together to claim the Iron Throne for Mrycella. But, all this gets Arys killed by Arianne’s father’s guards. May the Mother have mercy on your soul, Ser Arys.

Present relationships

 Jaime and Cersei

I didn’t know if I should put this in past or present relationships. Jaime and Cersei might be done or at least Jaime decided to not respond to Cersei’s plead for help that ended in three “I love you”s. They seem to have been growing apart and can hardly stand being in the same room with each other. I think Jaime has moved over to the good Lannister side with Tyrion while Cersei stayed on the bad side. I’m happy he didn’t answer the note. Cersei deserves to die and it would open up the way for Jaime to be someone who is actually nice to him.

 Sam and Gilly

Well, Sam knows were to put it. After a night of rum and Gilly’s idea of “what happens on the ocean stays on the ocean,” Sam breaks his Night Watch vow and sleeps with Gilly. Yay for Sam! I’m glad that this crush became a relationship, because they both seemed to need somebody. Sam has been through a lot since the Fist and his secret plot to make Jon the Lord Commander seemed to decrease their friendship a bit. I hope Gilly is able to go to Horn Hill and stay with Sam’s mother. Even if they can’t be together, Sam would just want her to be safe and happy.

  Sansa and Robin Arryn

Robin/Robert Arryn is a weird kid. But, he isn’t dangerous so that makes him better than Joffrey and Littlefinger. I have no idea if Littlefinger’s planned wedding between his bastard daughter Alayne Stone aka Sansa and Robin Arryn will ever happen. It probably will not, because I don’t think Robin is going to survive the trip down the Vale. He also thinks Sansa is his mother, but that probably will not matter to him when it comes time to make heirs. Eww. It could be worse, Sansa. And usually you can’t say that about your situation so…yay?

  Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey

Though their wedding ended in the death of most of King Robb’s camp, Edmure and Roslin survived the carnage and they are still married. Edmure was being held by the Frey/Lannister force outside the walls of Riverrun, until he pretty much sold Riverrun to Jaime in exchange for his life. He and Roslin seemed to hit it off before their wedding, so something might come out of this when the War of the Five Kings ends. If it ever does.

  Margaery and Tommen

I don’t know if I can actually call this a relationship. Sure, they are married, but Tommen is eight and Margaery is 16 in the books. Cersei hardly lets them see each other. So far Margaery has done nothing more than encourage him to learn to fight and give him kittens. Margaery is a bad luck charm for husbands, but if Tommen and her survive everything this might become a good political marriage.

 Daenerys and Irri

Yes, Irri is still alive in the book. Yes, Dany and her have a small mostly physical relationship. When Dany gets to the post-Qarth stage of her journey she has had a lot of men consistently trying to get with her; Xaro Xhoan Daxos offering gold for marriage, Daario flirting with her at ever turn and Jorah in his never-ending fight to get out of the friendzone. All that brings Dany and Irri together on a boat on the way to Astrapor. Boats equal sex as weddings equal death. Dany said she thought about Drogo the whole time and told Irri they would not do it again because she doesn’t want her to be a sex slave. But, they do do it again. So, not the most romantic same-sex relationship. But being into this kind of thing, it was one of my favorite relationship. I’m mad at the show for killing of Irri. Hopefully that is why they aged up Missandei.

Possible Relationships 

 Jaime and Brienne

I’m really glad Jaime isn’t talking to Cersei anymore because it opens up the possibility for this relationship. Even though Brienne may be dead and they could never see each other again, I am still hoping for this relationship. It took a very long time for these two to even talk nicely with each other. But, I think they understand each other and see that they are similar. They both don’t really fit into regular society and fighting is the only thing they are good at. Jaime teases Brienne in season two that she just wishes for that man that is stronger enough to defeat her. We find out later that that was actually true. Jaime then says he is strong enough. That also turned out to be true. It is not that all the crushing is coming from Brienne. Jaime did jump one-handed into a bear pit to save her. Please be alive, Brienne.

 Arya and Gendry

There is even less of a chance of these two getting together now. Age difference aside, Ayra is in Braavos studying to be a faceless man and Gendry is the blacksmith at an Inn populated by children somewhere in the Riverlands. Brienne ended up at the Inn and that is the only glimpse we have gotten of Gendry since the Hound ran off with Ayra. They are now on other sides of the world and Ayra might be blind. I will keep a little hope alive for them but all my ‘shipping power is going into Jaime and Brienne now.

 Sansa and Littlefiinger

Littlefinger is a creep. I always thought he was kind of creepy, but after “A Feast for Crows” I’m set that he is a super creep. Though it was his idea to make Sansa his bastard daughter Alayne Stone, he is still creepily flirting with her while telling her how much she reminds him of her mother. Gross, Littlefinger just keep it in your pants. I really wish the Hound was still alive so he could barge in and save her. Maybe Brienne is alive and she could save her. For the love of the gods, somebody save Sansa from the creepers.

  Lord Beric and Lady Stoneheart

I put this relationship in the possible category because we don’t actually know if it is a relationship or not. Rumors in the Riverlands are that the Lord of Lightening aka the dead Lord Beric Dondarrion found a dead woman alongside the Trident. He kissed her, she was awoken and they fall in love. By the end of book 4, it has been confirmed that Lady Stoneheart is Catelyn; dead, unable to speak, and a lot fiercer than normal. Alive Catelyn didn’t seem to be over Ned. Maybe dead Catelyn is different, maybe this is just a dead political pairing. I don’t know, zombie Catelyn freaks me out.


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  1. Glirr says:

    Regarding the Lord Beric and Lady Stoneheart ship, I can’t give you the exact page numbers, but Thoros tells Brienne (or someone, my memory is foggy) that Lord Beric gave all his life force to bring Catelyn back after Thoros said that he (Thoros) would not risk bringing Catelyn back himself. He confirmed that because of that Lord Beric is now finally (really) dead and buried.


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