How I Met Your Mother: The last five episodes

With season eight of How I Met Your Mother beginning Sept. 24, I decided it was time for me to watch the last five episodes of season seven, which I did not see when they aired. At first I was not going to write a post about these episodes because I was only watching them so I could effectively blog about season eight. But, then I realized something strange was happening; I kind of liked these episodes. Now not every story line and not every joke, but far more than normal. Anyone who has read my posts before knows that I have hated HIMYM since about halfway through season four, because that was when the series was extended for one and then two more seasons.

Then I realized why I liked them. These episodes picked up where halfway through season four left off. The series was originally supposed to last five seasons. It might a stretch to say that everything that happened in the latter part of season four, season five, season six, and the early part of season seven didn’t really matter, but I don’t really think it did. Around the time season four started getting bad, Ted was trying to recover from getting left at the altar by Stella, Barney was trying to get Robin to realize he was in love her, and Robin seemed close to getting engaged to Don.

Season four could have ended similar to how season seven did. Ted, who is just getting over Stella, has a chance encounter with Victoria, who would have recently gotten back from her two-year trip to Germany and could still be engaged to Claus. Robin gets engaged to Don, but has an awkward moment with Barney making her realize that there might be something between them. The finale scene could have been Ted talking to Robin at her wedding, Lily coming in and saying ‘the groom would like to see you,’ Ted walks into the groom’s room and it is Barney, not Don.

Now, switch a couple of those names around and we could end up with the finale of season seven. Have Marshall and Lily get pregnant a couple of seasons earlier and it is the same thing. Sure, we would have missed Robin not being about to have kids, but she never wanted kids to in the first place. I liked back when we did know who Barney’s dad was and never meet Lily’s. I think Marshall’s dad dying was an out-of-place storyline for the show. Zooey, Nora and Kevin all turned out to be useless.

I don’t know how I  feel about all this. I am a fan of the early HIMYM, so the last season going to end how the old HIMYM would have ended is good. But, the fact that I had to stuffer through three seasons of terrible HIMYM for nothing is making me mad. But, I’m going to try to get over that. The HIMYM I like is back. Victoria has always been may favorite girlfriend of Ted’s. I wish she could be the mother. I am also glad that the series has put a cap on the show. Ted has “Daughter” by 2015. So, he has to meet the mother before that.

I am kind of looking forward to season eight now. But, I do hope Barney and Robin are better this time around than the first time. Also, Daughter has to be older than 15.


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