Fall Schedule

 How I Met Your Mother: Sept. 24

I have already done a post about my thoughts on the last five episodes of HIMYM. So, I’m not going to talk too much about the premiere of season eight. Victoria has always been one of my favorite characters so I am happy she is back. But, I think Robin and Barney has always been done poorly. So, a little good and a little bad. And for the love of God, this better be the last season.

 Bones: Sept. 17

I did not get to blog about the last few episodes of season seven, but I did watch them and would like to say a few words about in preparation for season eight. First one thing that is really annoying me is that Angela and Hodgin’s son’s name suddenly changed from Michael to Michael-Vincent. It would have made sense if they had called him that from the begin or if that was the order that his names actually go; his full name is Michael Stacco Vincent Hodgins. That is just a little thing.

Broadly, I’m excited for season eight. We ended with Christopher Pelant framing Bones for murder and her fleeing with Christine with the help of her father and leaving Booth and everyone else behind. Now, we all know that Bones has to come back to the Jeffersonian. The team breaking up has never gone well before. However, Bones is supposed to be back and working at the Jeffersonian by the end of episode one. I kind have wish it would be longer. I admit it would be a terrible couple of episodes if Bones isn’t there and we have to see everyone from Booth to Angela to the squinterns react to her absence. I’m sure it will still be dramatic, I just think they could have made it more dramatic. But, Bones does almost always write the summer break into the show as a time passage. So, it has probably been a couple months since Bones and Christine left.

I could go on about Bones forever, so just to hit some quick things. I think Finn dating Michelle happened too early into his character development and it made Cam look totally hypocritical. Pelant is a good villain. I hope Agent Shaw isn’t back, I find her annoying. Agent Flynn will always remind me of Mr. Lawrence from Dollhouse. I like Emily Deschanel as a blonde.

 American Horror Story: Oct. 17

Last year when I heard that American Horror Story was going to be completely different, I was a little sad. Violet and Moira were may favorite characters and I was saddened that they would not be back. But after seeing the previews, I’m kind of excited about season two. Almost everything except some of the actors has changed.  This season is being called American Horror Story: Asylum, I guess last season was American Horror Story: Murder House. Anyway, the setting has changed to a mental hospital in the 1960s, which Jessica Lange as the director/a nun. Evan Peters, who played Tate last season, Lily Rabe, who played Nora, and Zachary Quinto, who played Chad, will all be back but as different characters. I don’t really know what to think of all this yet, but I’m excited either way.


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