Bones: “The Future in the Past”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 9/17/12

Bones has never had a bad season premiere and season eight was no different. We are dropped back into the story to find that a lot has changed in the three months Bones (Emily Deschanel) has been on the run. Booth (David Boreanaz) is no longer the head of the major crimes unit and lost his office to Agent Flynn, played by Reed Diamond. Clark (Eugene Byrd) has taken over Bones’ job and office causing Angela (Michaela Conlin) to become the Jeffersonian trouble-maker.She is refusing to respect Clark new authority and is spending all her time trying to crack the triangle code in the hopes of getting Bones back.

One thing that hasn’t changed is Christopher Pelant (Andrews Leeds). The team is called to a scene that Bones has appeared to have been to. Angela is the only one who has been communicating with her and they have been doing it by leaving flowers. The flower at the scene means hope. The body turns out to by Pelant’s high school guidance counselor. That information brings Booth to Pelant’s hometown. Bones, Christine and Max (Ryan O’Neal) are there too. Bones finds Booth in his hotel room, they make out on the floor for a bit, and then start working on the case together. Bones says she has to see the bones to be able to help more.

Angela and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) work to clear out the Jeffersonian so Bones can sneak in. Clark and Cam (Tamara Taylor) are sort of in on this too, so everyone broke the law at some point during the episode. Hodgins the most, however. He ran into Pelant while trying to leave a message for Bones. He almost choked him to death until he realized that Pelant wanted him to. Bones is able to pin the 16-year-old murder on Pelant and he is finally arrested. Angela is able to figure out all the evidence against Bones from last season and she is no longer a murder suspect.

Max tells Booth that he still doesn’t think Pelant’s arrest is enough. He tells Booth that Pelant needs to be killed as he walks away and isn’t seen for the rest of the episode.  Max turned out to be right. Pelant was able to completely wipe out his identity and is taken into custody by the Egyptian government because apparently he is an Egyptian immigrant. Before he is taken away, he gives Bones a flower that means pain and grief.

So, a lot happen in this episode and it has me really nervous. Pelant is still on the loose. Max is probably going to try to kill him, which would only lead to Booth having to arrest him again. But, there is one thing that has me the most nervous. I think something huge is going to happen between Angela and Pelant. Every other character has been almost killed by a serial killer. Howard Epps poisoned Cam in season two. Booth, Bones and Hodgins were all kidnapped by the gravedigger. Nothing has happened to Angela. Also, being the teams computer genius she has been Pelant’s greatest rival since the start. And Pelant wants some member of the team to kill him. I don’t think Angela would be able to do it. It would be an excellent episode, but I don’t want Angela killed off.

Some quick points about this episode: Cam gave Clark a job in a different departure, so he might not be going through the squintern cycle anymore. Bones’ hair is brown again. And my only problem with the episode: the theme song changed. Not just the opening sequence thing, that has changed a lot of times but the actual song. It has been the same Crystal Method song since season one. Why change it? So, since that was my only problem good episode. A+.


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