Once Upon A Time: Thoughts and preview

I feel like anytime I introduce a new show, I have to start this way. I mean, I have a T.V. blog I should really be better at watching T.V. So as with American Horror Story and Game of Thrones, I didn’t start watching Once Upon A Time in order or when it first aired. The first episode I saw was episode 14. Again, I had two theater majors to act out everything that happened before that point. I did watch the entire season in order and finished it a couple of days ago. So, this is post is half my thoughts on season one and half a preview for season two because I have decided to add One Upon A Time to the fall schedule.

Now, I didn’t start watching Once Upon A Time when it was first on for two reasons. Reason number one: I thought it was a cool concept, but fantasy/sci-fi shows never last very long, especially not on network channels. Reason number two: Zoey from How I Met Your Mother. I was incredibly wrong about both these things. Obviously, Once Upon A Time did extremely well. I’m not really sure how, maybe there are just millions of people who still love Disney movies and aren’t ashamed that they haven’t grown out of believing in fairy tales.

I said multiple times during Zoey’s run on HIMYM that either the casting, acting or writing was terrible because I could never take anything about Zoey serious. But, it’s HIMYM. I should have known that they took something great like Jennifer Morrison and her acting ability and destroyed it with terrible writing. Jennifer Morrison, I am sorry I ever doubted you.

For me character driven plots are always the best fiction, so it didn’t take long for me to get hooked to this show. But, the show also takes characters we think we know and throws are expectation out the window. Snow White is a bad-ass. Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf. The show creates an entire world that we have to understand. And as soon as we think we know the rules something changes. None of the residents remember, then David starts to have James’ memories. Nobody comes to Storybrooke, then August shows up.

Even though we are supposed to be with Henry and believe that everything in the book is true, Emma is there to contradict everything and tell us that maybe none of it is true. But, we want to believe. As Henry said in the second episode, the hero never believes in the beginning because it wouldn’t be a good story. I felt like yelling at Emma a few times as she continued to refuse to believe, even after she tells Mary Margaret they are like family.

But all that is over with now. Everyone remembers, Regina is powerless and Emma believes. I’m really excited for season two. For everything from the little stuff like seeing Emma interacting with Snow  and James/Charming to the new curse that Rumplestwilkin released to the new villains. Also, from the preview photos it seems like Henry is living with his mom and grandparents, who are all roughly 28-years-old.

One thing I am a little apprehensive about is how the characters are going to change. I know they are supposed to be the same people but just forgot who they were. For most people I think that is true, but David and Mary Margaret seem different. David and James/Charming are almost the same except David seems to lack the arrogant bravery that James has. Mary Margaret and Snow are more different. For most of the season Snow is a relentless outlaw who will do anything, including leading an attack on a castle to save James. As Emma put it Mary Margaret is a “love-sick school teacher.” But, maybe Mary Margaret was getting close to Snow’s level. She beat the crap out of Jefferson and kicked him out a window to save Emma and she has slowly begun to show the spunk and snark that Snow and James have. Good job, Ginnifer Goodwin you have played numerous different versions of the same character all in one season.

Anyway, everything has changed and I am super excited to see how it all plays out this season. The season premiere “Broken” airs Sept. 30.


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