Bones: “The Partner in the Divorce”

 Grade: B+

Airdate: 9/24/12

I said a couple of Bones posts back that I wish Bones (Emily Deschanel) did not make it back to the Jeffersonian in the first episode because I thought it would make a difficult and dramatic couple of episodes if she didn’t. I would like to take that back now. Giving us Bones back, but making her different and having her and Booth (David Boreanaz) fight through an entire episode was more dramatic. And by dramatic, I kind of mean sad and awkward, which is why I gave this episode a B+.

We were given a couple hints last week that Bones might be different and Booth might be mad at her for running off with Christine without telling him about it. In this episode, we start with Booth being confused by Bones making breakfast. Apparently, she worked as a fry cook and can now make pancakes. They then go to the crime scene and get into a fight. And not a normal bickering Booth-Bones fight. A fight that had me making the same “well this is awkward” face that Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) were making.

Because the case always mirrors what is going in the cast members life, the victim is a white-collar divorce lawyer. This creates a lot of marriage and divorce conversation between Booth and Bones. Sweets (John Francis Daley) tells Booth that he needs to talk with Bones about how he feels about her leaving for three months.

Angela (Michaela Conlin) tells Bones that she is different, using the fry cook thing and a pop culture reference as examples. Bones says she is being irrational and Angela gives her a classic “I’ll tell you now it is and wait for you to catch up to your own reality” line.

Through all of this Booth and Bones question the victim’s wife, assistant and a couple that decided to get back together after using the victim as a divorce lawyer. There are a lot of good twists with the suspects and evidence. This week’s squintern Finn, played by Luke Kleintank, finds that the victim was stabbed in the throat with a fountain pen but that wasn’t the cause of death. It turns out he was pushed down a construction garbage shot. It was the seemingly happy couple, so not the second seemingly innocent person they interviewed, yay!

Nothing was mentioned about Finn’s relationship with Cam’s daughter Michelle. I’m glad because I don’t really like that story line. It seems to have happened to early into his character development. Speaking of his character development, the show reminded us how young Finn is — he’s only 18 — by having him witness an awkwardly polite interaction between Booth and Bones after they have apparently made up. He told Bones that his mom and stepfather also acted like that before “all hell broke loss.”

Bones took that to heart and comes home to Booth at the end of the episode and tells him that she went to talk to Sweets. Yes, Sweets. She is different. She apologized for taking Christine away and saying that she could take care of her and herself without Booth’s help. Booth tells her he is mad that she left even though he understands. Booth said multiple times in the episode that relationships and marriage are not easy and that both people have to work to keep it together.

So, the episode overall was rather bittersweet and it ended on a bittersweet note. It is still a little weird seeing Booth and Bones as a couple and even weirder seeing them fight. So, it was not really a happy episode but definitely needed after how last season ended.


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