Once Upon A Time: “Broken”

 Grade: A+

Airdate: 09/30/12

I have almost nothing bad to say about this episode of Once Upon A Time. I assumed it was going to be good but it was awesome. I have been watching and reading a lot of preview stuff for this seasons so I knew some questions that were going to be answered, but the show did a very good job of answering some, raising other and throwing curve balls at us.

The episode opens with us following a guy coming home from work in New York City. Until the credits started I wasn’t sure if I was watching OUAT or not. A bird flies into the guys window and leaves a postcard from Storybrooke that says “broken.” The guy is in the credits on IMDB as “Mysterious Guy.” Apparently, we are going to meet Henry’s father and Rumple’s son, Bae, this seasons. Maybe he was one of those guys, I don’t know.

We are then thrown to the Fairytale world, as Prince Phillip, played by Julian Morris, and Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, are riding into a destroyed palace to save Princess Aurora, played by Sarah Bolger. I really like that Mulan and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty were put together. The contrast was great and I have never liked Sleeping Beauty so by herself she would have been terrible. Also, Sarah Bolger did an excellent job of making me mostly hate Aurora. She did the same thing with Mary in “The Tudors.” Good job.

Meanwhile, in Storybrooke everyone is having their reunions as the purple haze clears. The little difference between the characters was incredibly well done. Ginnifer Goodwin said in an interview that Snow’s voice is slightly different from Mary Margaret’s. It was such a small difference, but it was there. Personality was the biggest change for Snow/Mary Margaret and David/James/Charming (Josh Dallas). They are spunky heroes now and I love it.

Snow explained to us to that she remembers being friends with Emma and talking to her but not fully and they are Mary Margaret’s memories. It was a confusing thing that needed to be explained and it was done very smoothly.

Rumple/Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emile de Ravin) spend the whole episode showing us that they have a very unstable relationship. Rumple summons a wrath, pretty much a Ringwrath-Dementor combo, from the Fairytale world to kill Regina (Lana Parrilla). Snow, David and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) help try to save Regina because Emma made a promise to Henry(Jared Gilmore) that she wouldn’t let her be killed.  Back in the Fairytale world, Mulan, Aurora and Phillip are also fighting a wrath that is trying to kill Phillip.

Throughout the episode Snow keeps trying to push Emma to talk to her now that she knows she is her daughter. Emma is a little reluctant because she is still mad that they sent her away. David and Snow have to face that reality, which they seem to never have thought of.

Because the wrath can’t be killed, Regina decides that sending it to the Fairytale world is the only way to get rid of it. Her curse destroyed the Fairytale world so nothing is left and it has also been frozen in time for 28 years until recently. Somehow, the curse missed the part of the kingdoms that Mulan, Aurora and Phillip are in, according to Mulan. Using Jefferson’s hat, Regina and Emma try to open a portal as Snow and David fight off the wrath. Regina can’t get it opened because “magic is different here.” Somehow though Emma touches her arm and the portal opens. I guess Jefferson was right. She does have magic.

Emma pushes Regina out of the way of the wrath but ends up falling into the portal. Snow says she isn’t going to loss her again and jumps in after her. David says the same but the portal closes before he can. One thing I love about this show is that in almost every episode something crazy happens when there are 15 minutes left. That happened 45 minutes into the episode.

Emma touching Regina somehow gave her her powers back and she tries to kill David after he threatens her. She is only stopped by Henry, who says he doesn’t want to see her until she proves her love by bring Emma and Mary Margaret back. He then goes and lives with David. Emma and Snow appear in the Fairytale world in the destroyed palace that Mulan and Aurora are in morning the loss of Phillip because the wrath stole his soul. The episode ends on a fan freak out moment as David tells Henry, “I will find them. I will always find them.”

Excellent episode. It also raised some questions along with the ones it answered. We still don’t know who Dr. Whale is. David actually asked him in the episode. Best fan theory I have heard is that he is Dr. Frankenstein. There might be magic in Storybrooke. Regina has it and Rumple said his purple haze was magic. I have no idea who the mystery man is or who told him the curse is broken. And the thing I am most curious about, is Red/Ruby (Megan Ory) a werewolf? Because if the hood didn’t make it to Storybrooke that is going to be a problem.


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