How I Met Your Mother: “The Pre-Nup”

 Grade: D+

Airdate: 10/1/12

I realized something while watching this episode of How I Met Your Mother. The show can bring back old character, like Victoria, and get back on track with its actual purpose, Ted meeting the mother, but the writing is still terrible. There was a lot of dramatic stuff in this episode and that usually gets higher grades out of me, but the comedic stuff was so terrible I was forced to give this episode an D+.

Because the last episode didn’t really have a time element to it, Older Ted sets up the episode by saying that everyone was in a happy relationship for the summer. So, he tells us the story of the autumn of break-ups and we jump to October. That was actually a pretty good way to write in a time passage. The good writing ended there until around the end of the episode,  however.

The story line is all centered around Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) trying to get Quinn (Becki Newton) to sign a ridiculous pre-nup, which created a lot of overly sexual and not funny jokes. The pre-nup gets all the girls–Quinn, Lily (Alyson Hannigan), Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Victoria (Ashley Williams) and all the guys–Barney, Marshall (Jason Segel), Robin’s boyfriend Nick who was only introduced in the last episode and Ted (Josh Radnor)– talking about what they would like to change about their relationships.

Older Ted tells us that the conversations will force one of the four couples to break-up within a day. The only witty joke in the whole episode is him telling us, “Well, obviously it isn’t Marshall and Lily.” I feared for Victoria’s premature exit again. I was pretty certain it was going to be Barney and Quinn and I would not have cared even a little if it was Robin and Nick, played by Michael Trucco. He was not really been established and the whole time I felt like saying, “Oh, hey there Nick. I’m the audience, I don’t think we have met before.” HIMYM, when you introduce a new character you need to introduce the new character.

All the comedy was bad, terrible German stereo-types were brought over from the last episode and nothing serious happened until close to the end. Each couples says what is really bothering them about their current relationship and everyone lives happily ever after. Except, Barney and Quinn, they broke up. But, we all saw that coming soon anyway.


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