How I Met Your Mother: “Nannies”

 Grade: B-

Airdate: 10/8/12

My opinions about this episode of How I Met Your Mother were in constant conflict with each other. My initial thought was, “Oh wonderful poop jokes and Lily’s dad, this is going to be an awesome episode.” But, the pain of that opening decreased when my thoughts changed to, “Aw, look at how cute Marvin is.” My reaction was kind of like that through the entire episode.

Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) spend the episode trying to find a nanny for Marvin because Lily is about to go back to work. For some reason, Lily’s dad, Mickey, played by Chris Elliott, is there. I do not like Mickey at all. Much like the writing of HIMYM in general, the characters’ parents have gotten progressively worse to the point that I cannot stand them. Marshall’s parents in season one, Ted (Josh Radnor)’s parents in season two and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris)’s mom in season three were great. Everything after that has been annoying and not funny. So, clearly I did not like Mickey’s involvement in the episode.

Marshall and Lily are having problems with all the nannies they like backing out on them. They find out that the reason is that Barney is tricking them into being his nanny so he can sleep with them. I actually liked this part. It was a classic womanizing Barney plot line. Of course, in this context it was supposed to show that he is not over breaking up with Quinn. But whatever, I will take what I can get. Barney does up getting beat up by a bunch of nannies, which was not funny and back to the normal level of HIMYM writing: terrible.

Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted spend the episode in a competition of whose relationship is better. For as much as they are talked about Nick (Michael Trucco) and Victoria (Ashley Williams) are hardly in this episode. Actually, Robin and Ted spend most of this episode alone at the bar. Their contest leads them both to realize that they are having relationship problems. Apparently, Nick is too emotional and Victoria is a slob. After Barney’s womanizing gets him beat up by nannies they realize that their relationships are not that bad.

Older Ted (Bob Saget) mentions numerous times that both of the relationship will be over within the month. These constant reminders are annoying me. HIMYM, we know and if you keep telling us these break-ups are going to mean nothing. It’s like the show forgot its own writing technique. Ted has been in lots of relationships during the series and all of them had to end, because the title of the show tells us that.

But, not reminding us of that fact makes the relationships mean more and makes us just as sad as if the relationships didn’t come with an expiration date. Ted and Robin in season two is the best example and forced the fandom to create the theory Ted does marry Robin and “the mother” is the kids biological mother because they are adopted. This is like when the show started to explain its own jokes. We know the relationships have to end but if the show wasn’t telling us every episode we would try to make ourselves forget. Just like we did with Ted’s relationship with Robin, Stella and Victoria the first time.

Not Zoey though, I remembered that the relationship had to end because I hated it so much. And I was glad that it did because Storybrooke needed its savory. Because Victoria is unlikely to have a similar fate, I will be sad about her leaving. And more so if the show stops reminding me that she is going to leave.


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