Bones: “The Tiger in the Tale”

 Grade: A

Airdate: 10/10/12

This episode of Bones started out with Bones (Emily Deschanel) making a pro/con list for if she should run for president. Booth (David Boreanaz) then comes in and adds a bunch of stuff to the previously empty con column. It was a cute running joke of Bones’ qualifications to be president throughout the episode. It also a set up for all the political policy in this episode.

After a disgusting scene with body parts getting being ground and flung by a tire, the team is able to quickly identify the victim. That scene was pretty gross even for Bones and this is coming from a person who usually eats dinner while watching the show. Anyway, the victim is a day laborer that lost everything in the recession and was struggling to find work. Political policy number one and two : unemployment and poverty.

Bones, Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Daisy (Carla Gallo) find that the victim appears to have been shot by two different guns, so there are probably two killers. For a while it looked like the victim’s ex-wife and her new husband, the second seemingly innocent people interviewed, killed him.

The episode did a good job of playing off my reaction when I saw Daisy was this week’s squintern: “Oh Daisy, this is going to be interesting.” It was. Sweets (John Francis Daley) joins Daisy at the diner to give her keys because they are moving in together. The scene had the perfect level of awkward. Sweets spends a lot of the episode asking people for advice about moving in. Booth tells him it is a huge deal for Daisy, even though Sweets doesn’t think the same. Cam gives him similar advice. But, she talked about moving in with Michelle’s father, so did Paul disappear during the off-season?

What Sweets really seems to want is someone to be shrinky with him. Of course, Angela (Michaela Conlin) is the one to notice and tells him he needs to have no doubts about his relationship with Daisy. One little aspect I really liked about this episode, Olivia, the rookie agent that kissed Sweets at the end of the last episode, is never mentioned.

Back in the lab, Cam figures out that the victim was only shot by one person and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) finds out that he had been scratched and infected by a pure breed Serbian tiger. The victim worked cleaning up after an exotic animal expo and the owner is a suspect for using the victim to transport the tiger, which is illegal to sell and own in the U.S. Political policy number three: exotic pet ownership.

I feel that I need to explain that. I am from Ohio, so that is actually an issue here after 56 exotic animals escaped from a farm in Zanesville last year. I’m actually kind of surprised the episode didn’t mention it. I mean there were multiple news articles, TV coverage, Esquire did a feature story on it.

Booth and Bones end up tracking down a ring of illegal tiger sellers, including the pet expo guy and the killer, who owned the farm the victim delivered the tiger to. They also find a dead tiger buried on his property  which makes Bones really upset like it always does. For someone who deals with death every day, she gets very emotional about dead animals. To make up for it, Booth decides he is going to work with Caroline to take down the entry ring.

The episode ends with Sweets meeting Daisy outside what is going to be their apartment. They run into Angela and Hogdins. He is unaware that anything is wrong, but Angela can obviously tell so they walk away pretty quickly. Sweets ends up telling Daisy that he does not want to move in. Daisy thinks he wants to wait, but he ends up telling her he is breaking up with her. He gives her the keys and walks away.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this yet. I have never liked Daisy, I think she is really annoying. Olivia seems better. But, Daisy mostly likely isn’t going to be going away because she is still a squintern and I felt a small amount of sadness for her. Ending this post similar to the last Bones one, I am interested to see how this is going to play out. Overall, good episode.


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