Once Upon A Time: “The Crocodile”

Grade: B+

Airdate: 10/21/12

I would like to start this post out with a problem I have been having with the season two of Once Upon A Time so far. I understand that the show has a set story structure. Each episode tells two stories: one about something that happened during a characters life in the Fairytale World and one about what is currently happening to them in Storybrooke. Usually, the two stories are connected and the main characters are either directly involved or interact with the people who are. Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin)’s story line has been pulled out of the structure and it is beginning to annoy me. I am not saying there is an easy way to fix this but I’m going to be pretty frustrated is Emma and Snow are only in every other episode all season.

So, there was no Emma and Snow this episode making Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) the focus. The story starts with Belle have a nightmare that Rumple has not changed is still the evil Dark One. She wakes up and finds him in the basement doing magic. She confronts him about this, he gets mad and she runs off. They have an unstable relationship.

I really like Belle, her story is really interesting. And much like the pairing of Mulan and Aurora, Belle being Australian just seems to fit perfectly. Why making the only French character one of the few to have an accent and Australian for some reason works I don’t know but it does. Another thing that I had not thought about before is that Belle is the only one who has not lived in the modern world. That created a couple of cute scenes of Red (Meghan Ory) explaining what things like pancakes are. I’m still trying to figure out why Belle wears cute little dresses and 3-inch heels every day, maybe that has something to do with her being the most Fairytale World-ish.

Speaking of the Fairytale World, we are given the story of how Rumple lost his wife Milah, played by Rachel Shelley, to Killian Jones aka Capt. Hook, played by Colin O’Donoghue, and his crew. Milah runs off with Hook after Rumple chickens out of dueling with him to get her back. He runs into them sometime later when he is the Dark One looking for a magic bean so he can go after Bae. Rumple challenges Hook to a duel again after is told Milah is dead. It turns out she isn’t, she’s a pirate and they have the bean on the ship.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple is trying to find Belle and enlists the help of acting Sheriff Charming (Josh Dallas) and Red, who says she got her enhanced sense of smell back. So, Red is a werewolf? Belle ended up getting kidnapped by her father Moe, played by Eric Keenleyside, who says he has to make her forget that she loves Rumple. He decides to do this by having her chained to a mine cart and sent over the town line. I feel like Belle is Storybrooke’s Sansa Stark, everything just keeps getting worse and worse for her. Rumple is able to use magic and save her at the last second. Belle tells Rumple and her father that she has to make her own choices and doesn’t want to see them anymore.

Earlier Belle had told Red she was really into books and Red suggested that she become the librarian. Red seems to have taken over the protective female role of the town now that Emma and Snow are gone. Rumple gets words of this and finds the key to the library for Belle. Rumple uses the dating advice of honesty, which he got from Charming, and tells Belle that he is only using magic to try to get Bae back. Trying to get Bae back seems to be why he gave Regina the curse in the first place, so he could go to a land without magic. Belle tells him that maybe they can get a hamburger sometime because she has never had one before. Aw Belle, you are too cute.

Speaking of something that was not cute or expected, Rumple and Milah get into it on Hook’s ship. He realizes they are in love and Milah tells him the only reason she was able to leave Bae was because she was suffering because she never loved him. That leads to Rumple tearing her heart out and crushing it Regina/Cora style. Rumple seems to always be walking the funny-crazy-scary line. Rumple then cuts Hook’s hand off trying to get the magic bean. He doesn’t though and Hook uses it to go to Neverland, so he can get eternal life and kill Rumple.

The episode ends with Hook standing on the beach across from the safe haven in the present Fairytale World and being joined by Cora (Barbara Hershey) because they are working together to get to Storybrooke to kill Rumple and see Regina, which cannot be Cora’s real reason.

The Rumple craziness and the Belle cuteness made up from the lack of Emma and Snow. So, overall this episode was pretty good. Next week’s episode is called “The Doctor” so hopefully we are going to find out who Dr. Whale is. Also, I saw an interview with Jennifer Morrison during which she said episode six is her favorite because we got some of Emma’s back story. Should be a good couple of weeks.


One Comment on “Once Upon A Time: “The Crocodile””

  1. S. L. says:

    Nice review! I was ok with Emma and Snow not being the focus of this episode because I have a little Rumple/Belle obsession problem, but I could see where it could get annoying if the plot lines jump around too much this season!


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