American Horror Story: “Tricks and Treats”

Grade: A

Airdate: 10/24/12

This episode of American Horror Story picked up right where the last one left off. Bloody Face is nonchalantly terrorizing Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) as she runs for her life in Briarcliff in the present. I usually get really scared watching horror movies, but Bloody Face does not scare me at all. He just looks like a goofy guy with a mohawk. Teresa locks herself in one of the cells to get away from him. I am now certain the future part is a traditional horror movie. And going along those lines, hot guy 1/Leo (Adam Levine) gets stabbed to death by Bloody Face. Is he the cannibal? Because if so, next episode is going to be gross.

Back in 1964, Wendy (Clea DuVall) is crying to her friends and saying she hates herself for signing the papers that admitted her girlfriend Lana (Sarah Paulson) into Briarcliff. She said she is going to recant and get her out tomorrow. The slightly out of place jazz music and cinematography told us that something is going to happen to Wendy. But the show waited just long enough that I thought it was all a trick, then Bloody Face appears. I was pretty upset about this, I liked Wendy. We didn’t actually see her get killed, but I’m thinking Bloody Face doesn’t let his victims escape. Her death also means that nobody can get Lana out, Lana doesn’t know that Wendy didn’t betray her, and Kit (Evan Peters) isn’t Bloody Face.

Lana is already getting into trouble at Briarcliff by trying to take notes and call her editor to tell him what is happening. Some of their journalism jargon has been off, but most people will not notice. Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) decides that she needs a way to mess up Lana’s memory, which leads her to electroshock therapy. So, in a terrible and cringe-worthy scene Lana is given electroshock by Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) as Sister Jude watches. Zachary Quinto‘s season two character, psychiatrist  Dr. Oliver Thredson tells us that ECT isn’t used to treat homosexuality anymore and that behavior modification is the correct treatment. I was glad they added that, because I wasn’t sure when it stopped being used.

Dr. Thredson is at Briarcliff to decided if Kit is insane or not. After Kit tells him that he is starting to remember what the aliens did to him and that his wife, Alma, is still alive, Dr. Thredson decides he is insane. Kit tells fellow patient Grace, played by Lizzie Brochere, that he befriended last episode that he wants to escape. Grace tells him it is impossible. Lana has also befriended Grace and tells her about the tunnel and that she wants to escape, but not with Kit. Grace’s character is being developed very well. Also, I love that has a slight French accent.

Dr. Thredson seems to be similar to Chad from last season because he is constantly at odds with Sister Jude. A local farm family has brought their son Jed, played by Devon Graye, to Briarcliff because he has been speaking in tongues and mutilating farm animals. Against Dr. Thredson’s advice, Sister Jude and Monsignor Timothy Howard, played by Joseph Fiennes, decide an exorcism is the best choice. It also made for the best scene. Jed is clearly possessed by some kind of demon. He taunts everyone and relieves a bunch of secrets during the exorcism, including that Sister Jude used to be a nightclub singer that killed a little girl in a drunk driving accident. The demon ends up killing Jed, but not before transferring itself into Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe).

Speaking of Sister Mary, Dr. Arden is a creep. After rejecting Shelley, played by Chloe Sevigny, who seems to be this season’s young Moira, because he hates whores, he invites a hooker over to his house. He forces her to dress like Sister Mary and plans on torturing her. Luckily, that girl escapes. I knew he was the most dangerous person.

While the exorcism was taking place the power goes out and Lana and Grace start running toward the tunnel. Kit runs into them. Grace insists that he comes along and Lana refuses. Grace tells Lana she can go alone then and the two of them go to find another way. But, then Lana yells for the guard that they are escaping and they are caught. Why did you have to do that, Lana? Well, she had friends inside Briarcliff but not anymore. The last scene is Sister Jude’s reward to Lana for stopping Kit and Grace, which is getting to watch Sister Jude crane them. Kit protects Grace and takes the beating alone. He didn’t say anything bad about Lana. And earlier  he took notes she was writing and put it in his pocket to protect her. I hope Lana realizes that Kit isn’t a killer or her situation is just going to get worse.

Overall, great episode. It was scary, it was creepy and the character development is coming along rather well. The journo lingo mishap, the monsignor’s weird accent and the uncertainty of Wendy’s death are the only reasons why I didn’t give this episode an A+.


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