Game of Thrones: Relationship Rundown book 5

I recently finished “A Dance with Dragons” so it is time for a relationship rundown for book five. “A Dance with Dragons” happens concurrently to “A Feast for Crows” so some of these relationships are the same, but there are a lot about the characters that did not appear in book 4, such as Daenerys and Asha/Yara Greyjoy for some reason. A lot of these parts haven’t been cast yet, so the pictures are sort of limited. Anyway, this contains spoilers through the end of series so far. Just as with the rundowns for the show and books three and four, proceed with caution and enjoy.

Past Relationships

 Jaime and Cersei

Last relationship rundown I said this relationship was probably over. It is now. Well at least it is for Jamie, who ran off with some woman in the Riverlands according to the rumors. Cersei seems to still be holding to the hope that Jaime is going to come back and save her from the all the problems she created in King’s Landing. I don’t think he is going to or at least I hope he doesn’t.

 Daenerys and Irri

Now, this was never really a relationship anyway. It was more just a strain of same-sex booty calls between sexually frustrated Queen Daenerys and her incredibly loyal (and yes still alive, non-book readers) handmaid Irri. Dany seemed to only sleep with her when she was longing for someone else–at first it was Drogo and then it was Daario. Daario came back though and then Dany just started sleeping with him, until she was carried away by a dragon. As I made clear in the last post, I liked this relationship and am sad to see it end.

 Ned and Wylla

Obviously, this relationship did not happen during the book but we are finally given the whole story. It turns out Jon’s mother, Wylla, was the daughter of a fisherman that helped Ned cross from the Fingers to the Sisters during Robert’s Rebellion. According to the Lord of Sisterton, “he left her with a bag of silver and a bastard in her belly. Jon Snow, she named him, after Arryn.” I liked that the story is finally explained and in a Davos point-of-view chapter randomly. We still don’t know if Wylla is alive though.

 Asha Greyjoy and Qarl the Maid

Asha and Dany have a ridiculous amount of pairings in this book, so I forgot about this one for a while. Qarl the Maid is Asha’s friend from the Iron Islands, who she said should would have been fine with marrying but he was too low-born. That doesn’t stop them from sleeping together after Asha is already married to Erik Ironmaker. I forgot she was married too. Asha seems to randomly be thrown in every 100-200 pages and it always takes me a while to remember what happened in her previous chapter. Also, I thought she was dead for most of the book. Qarl doesn’t appear again after they sleep together, so I put this one in the past category.

Present Relationships

 Daenerys and Hizdahr zo Loraq

Daenerys’ face in that picture is sort of how I feel about this relationship. At first I was frustrated, then I was annoyed and then I was mad. Maybe I just did not give enough notice to Hizdahr zo Loraq, one of the many nobles with long, foreign names introduced when Dany conquers Meeren, but I don’t think his character was that well developed. Hizdahr seems like a nice enough guy and seems to be helping Dany by stopping the Sons of the Harpy from killing her people every night. Her relationship and bargain with Hizdahr seems to be the first time Dany considers political marriage. But, she is also carrying on a secret relationship with a sellsword, sleeping with one of her handmaids and still in love with her dead husband. Of all the characters she could have ended up with, Hizdahr seems to be the worst. He has definitely woken the dragon and I hope Dany and Drogon repay him for trying to kill them.

  Ramsay Snow/Bolton and “Arya Stark”

The Bastard of Bolton might be one of the creepiest fictional characters I have ever encountered. After all of the flaying and physical and psychological torture he did to Theon, the thought of anyone having to be married to him was terrible. I felt just as bad for the fake Arya Stark as I would have for the real Ayra Stark. I really liked the progression of the fake Ayra Stark. At first I thought the Boltons and the Lannisters were just lying that they had Ayra, then Jaime sees her. He knows she isn’t Ayra but doesn’t know who she really is. Then she gets to the Dreadfort to marry psychopath Ramsay Snow Bolton and Theon tells us she is Jeyne Poole. Oh hey Jeyne, where have you been? Seriously, where have you been? Jeyne hasn’t been in the books since she disappeared shortly after Ned was executed. Show Jeyne has not been seen since the pilot in which she was never introduced and only mentioned briefly after. I’m interested to see how the show does the fake Arya Stark, hopefully it is a not re-casted Jeyne Poole because she does look a little like Maisie Williams.

 Stannis and Melisandre

I’m still trying to figure out if Melisandre has some hidden motive or if she really thinks Stannis is R’hllor reborn. Almost everything Melisandre saw in the flames during book five seemed to take Stannis and a few other characters’ situations from bad to worse. One of those decisions got Stannis snowed in three days from Winterfell, so the two of them have not spent a lot of time together recently. I still think it is weird, but Stannis and Melisandre are weird people so it is expected.

  Stannis and Selyse Baratheon

After leaving her at Dragonstone for a while, Stannis decided to bring his wife, Selyse, along for his adventure to the Wall. Stannis becomes pretty reclusive at the Wall so he hardly spends time with anyone. Selyse gets the least time. But she will make her first appearance in season three played by Tara Fitzgerald. As the books have made clear and Melisandre flat-out told us in season two, Stannis feels nothing but disgust and hatred toward his unattractive wife, who has only given him a daughter. I think Stannis and Selyse have beaten out Robert and Cersei as Westeros’ worst political marriage.

 Myrcella Baratheon and Trystane Martell

Speaking of political marriages, Princess Myrcella is still betrothed to Trystane Martell of Dorne. But after Arianne’s plot to get Mrycella on the Iron Throne left her down an ear and Ser Arys Oakheart down a head, the Lannister don’t seem like they are going to play nice with the Dornish anytime soon. Also, Trystane’s dad, Prince Doran and his cousins, the Sand Snakes, are still not happy about Lannister lackey the Mountain killing Prince Oberyn. They have all kinds of plots against the Lannister and might be throwing their support behind the Targaryens. So, I don’t think these two are going to end up together which is too bad because they seemed to be hitting it off.

Possible Relationships

 Jaime and Brienne

Though Jaime and Brienne had less than a page together, it was enough for two reasons. One: Brienne is alive! After getting part of her face chewed off and nearly hung at the end of book four, I wasn’t really certain. I am incredibly excited that she is. Two: Jaime and Brienne are back together. Jaime doesn’t have many chapters in this book and in his last one Brienne shows up. He seems happy and concerned, which made me happy. Then Brienne told him that she found Arya but Jaime has to come with her alone or the Hound is going to kill her and I got confused and intrigued. The book makes it certain that the real or fake Ayra is not in the Riverlands and the Hound is dead, which has not actually been confirmed but I don’t think a bunch of Septons would have lied about that. So, I have no idea what is actually going to happen with their story line in the next book but I am excited regardless.

 Daenerys and Jorah

There is even less of a chance of this relationship turning into anything now with Dany being married to Hizdahr, in love Daario, lost in the Dothraki Sea and presumed dead. Oh, she also banished Jorah from Meeren after finding out that he was spying on her for Lord Varys. And he was sold into slavery, escaped and joined a free company of sellswords that are now owned by Tyrion. Jorah is obviously still in love with her, which is made clear by his attempted to win her back by kidnapping Tyrion and his reaction to her apparent death. These two ever seeing each other again might be too much to hope for.

 Daenerys and Quentyn Martell

Before word got out about her ‘death’, word got out that Daenerys is alive, has three dragons, conquered some free cities and is the most beautiful woman in the world. That created a lot of possible suitors, including the middle Martell sibling, Quentyn. Quentyn, who is half Targaryen, was set out by his father, Prince Doran, to find Dany, propose to her and join her increasing power to the power of Dorne. Political Daenerys’ reason for rejecting him: she is already engaged to Hizdahr and stopping the Sons of the Harpy is more important than the promised power of Dorne. Teenager Dany’s reason for rejecting him: he isn’t as hot as Daario. Half political, half teenage instinct. That is how Daenerys seems to make all her decisions. But, if she is going to follow in Aegon the Conquerer’s footsteps she needs two others to ride her dragons. Quentyn could have been one of those people if he didn’t get himself killed trying to steal them. May the Mother have mercy on your soul, Quentyn.

  Daenerys and Daario Naharis

Exotic, brash warriors seem to be Daenerys’ type. I have the same feeling toward Dany and Daario that Ser Barristan has: I don’t like him but Dany likes him so I guess I support her decision. What started as a teenage-like crush, turned into a secret relationship and then an affair everyone seemed to know about. Seven Hells, Ser Barristan started referring to him as “Her Majesty’s paramour.” Dany is only about 15-years-old in the books, so I guess she had to fall for the bad boy at some point. He isn’t Drogo but he is better than some of Dany’s other suitors.

 Daenerys and Aegon Targaryen

I’m not really sure if the secret Targaryen crew was planning on a marriage or just an alliance with its more public counterpart, but either way something might come of this. Well, it turns out Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s son and Dany’s nephew, was not killed by during the sack of King’s Landing. He has been living on a boat in Essos with his dad’s friend, disgraced Lord John Connington, and being trained to lead all his life. There was talks of him joining forces and possibly marrying Dany, but they think she is dead like everyone else so they headed on over to Westeros to start the invasion without her.

 Daenerys and Euron Greyjoy

The rumors about Dany’s power and beauty made their way to the Iron Islands and caught the attention of now-king Euron Greyjoy aka the Crow’s Eye. Great a vicious, murderous Iron Islander that is planning on kidnapping her and forcing her to marry him. Euron isn’t that much of a threat personal to Dany because he sent his little brother, Victorian to collect her. But he is orchestrated the planned Iron Fleet attack on Meeren, so that’s a problem.

 Daenerys and Victorian Greyjoy

Everybody wants Daenerys. Euron sent his brother, Victorian, to collect the most beautiful woman alive for him. Because he is an Iron Islander, Victorian decided he is going to kidnap Daenerys for himself. Victorian has heard about Daenerys death, but he has a red priest who doesn’t think she is dead and he is still set on making her his wife. After he conquer’s her city. Yay, Greyjoys.

 Asha and Tris Botley

I feel like Asha only had guy friends growing up and now that she is an adult they are all into her. She also seems to be more hard-core and masculine than them too. Tris Botley seems to be the nerd, pretty boy of the Iron Islands. He has a huge crush at Asha, but it never really goes anywhere for him. He isn’t usually a fighter but he fights alongside Asha and the rest of the Iron Islanders at Deepwood Motte. Like everyone else who fought in that battle, I thought he was dead for a while, but he is alive and meet back up with Asha at Stannis’ snow-covered camp near Winterfell.

 Asha and Ser Justin Massey

This was not much of a relationship and Ser Justin only appeared in Asha’s last two chapters, but he was very nice to her and they flirted quite a bit. Asha was held captive by Stannis’ forces after the defeat at Deepwood Motte. Her main captures are Lady Aly Mormont and Ser Justin Massey. The three of them seem to form a weird little friendship. I liked it and Asha’s friendship with Aly and possible relationship with Justin made her chapters more interesting.

 Tyrion and Septa Lemore

I really liked this little flirtation fest because it seemed quintessential Tyrion. After escaping King’s Landing and spending some time with Illryio, Tyrion ends up on the boat with Aegon and the crew of people training him to be king. One of which is young, attractive and partial nudist Septa Lemore. She likes to swim in the river naked and Tyrion likes to watch. There is a lot of flirting but nothing else I mean, she is a septa. So it wasn’t much, but after going an entire book without Tyrion it was fun to have this relationship around.

 Tyrion and Penny

Aw, Penny. Penny is an innocence, young dwarf that Tyrion ends up spending most of book five with to make up from her brother being killed. After Tyrion was accused of poisoning Joffrey, Cersei put out a reward for his head, literally. So, people have been cutting off dwarfs’ heads and trying to pass them off as Tyrion. Penny’s brother was one of them. Tyrion mostly seems annoyed with her as she continues to remain optimistic while they get sold into slavery, nearly killed and escape slavery. Everyone assumes they are husband and wife, which has caused Tyrion to think about sleeping with her a few times. But, she is much younger than him and he treats her like a child. So, he decides against it.

  Bran and Meera Reed

Behind Jaime and Brienne, this is the relationship I most wish would actually happen. Bran is only about 11-years-old in the books but he seems to have a crush on 16-year-old Meera Reed, who helps him on his adventure north of the Wall with her little brother Jojen and Hodor. It is just all so cute, especially the scene when Meera starts crying out the situation she has gotten herself and Jojen into. Bran really wants to comfort her but he is sitting too far away and feels helpless that he can’t reach her. The Reeds seem like they are going to be a little different in the show. First off they are coming in later, hopefully episode one or two of season three. Also, but Ellie Kendrick who is playing Meera and Thomas Brodie-Sangster who is playing 13-year-old Jojen are both 22. So, I’m interested to see how old they make them. Hopefully, Meera isn’t too much older than Bran.


3 Comments on “Game of Thrones: Relationship Rundown book 5”

  1. summer_stark says:

    Ned and Wylla? That’s a possibility, albeit a slight one. The fisherman’s daughter is another. She isn’t Wylla. But it’s just another rumor. Another is Ashara Dayne. Also a rumor based on the story of the knight of the laughing tree.

    The last and what most people believe based on tons of evidence, especially in Ned’s POV in aGoT, is that Ned isn’t his father at all. That his parents are actually Lyanna and Rhaegar. Too tired to go into it all but check out for explanation. Search R+L=J. Short version: Ned is too honorable to have an affair, he fought 3 members of the kingsguard to get to Lyanna–who shouldve been with Viserys if Viserys was king, but when Ned asks why they’re not with him, they say they are Kingsguard and have a duty. Then Lyanna is dying in her bed of blood (a phrase used to describe the birthing bed) and she makes him promise her something. A promise he has had to keep for the past 14 years. Then he comes home with a baby…there’s more like Targs are polygamists, so it’s possible that Rhaegar married Lyanna. Also, the war was between 9-11 months. There’s more tons more but that’s the short version. So that would make Jon Snow Jon Targaryean, first of his name. Also, most people think Aegon is a fake and Septa Lemore is Ashara Dayne. So many conspiracy theories. But if Aegon is a fake then Jon is heir, technically. It prob wont matter in terms of him being king but if true he is ice and fire (stark and targ) and maybe what Rhaegar meant when he talks (in Danys house of the undying vision) about the prince who was promised and his song being the song of ice and fire and the 3rd dragon head.

    Also, George RR Martin has confirmed that we will find out Jon’s parentage, ie we haven’t yet. There are recent interviews where he says it, one translated from Spanish on I think.


  2. summer_stark says:

    Edit: search the forum section on westeros:


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