Once Upon A Time: “The Doctor”

Grade: A+

Airdate: 10/28/12

This episode had a lot of hype surrounding it because Once Upon A Time finally relieved who Dr. Whale, played by David Anders, is. He is Dr. Frankenstein, but his name was only said once at the very end of the episode to keep a little sense of mystery alive. So with that finally being relieved and all the main characters making an appearance this was a good episode.

In the present Fairytale World, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger) make it back to the safe haven to discover that everyone has been killed. Mulan thinks it ogres, but Snow notices that everyone’s heart has been ripped out. It was Cora, who actually didn’t appear in this episode. But, her accomplice Capt. Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) did. He tries to trick everyone that he is blacksmith from the village, but Emma uses her super power to see through that.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina (Lana Parrilla) goes to see Archie, played by Raphael Sbarge, because she is struggling to not use magic. Evil magic is totally a metaphor for drug use. Dr. Whale finds Regina and demands she help him find a way back to his land because the curse did not bring his dead brother. She tells him she can’t and Archie tells him to leave. Archie then asks her if she brought any dead people and she tells him about Daniel and a time when she tried to bring him back to life.

So in the past Fairytale World, Rumple (David Carlyle) is teaching his trainee; high-pitched and braided-hair young Regina. She refuses to take the heart of a unicorn. Rumple asks her, “what is holding you back?” She can’t answer and he stops training her for while. She goes to his palace and tells him that she wants to learn how to bring people back from the dead. Rumple says he can’t do that. Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) overhears this and tells her he knows someone from a different land, who might be able to help her. He brings Dr. Frankenstein over and Regina gives him one of Cora’s hearts so he can try his experiment on Daniel. He says it doesn’t work.

It did work in Storybrooke, however. Whale tells Regina that it worked but Daniel isn’t alive he is a monster. Regina and Charming (Josh Dallas) track down Frankenstein-monster Daniel at the stables. That created an excellent and very emotional scene. Charming is able to lock him in one of the stalls and says if Regina doesn’t use magic to stop him he has to shot him because he is a monster. Regina pleads with him to let her talk to him. Charming lets her. Regina is only able to get a few words from the actually Daniel before he turns back into the monster. He tells her that she has to let him go and love again. Regina is forced to use magic on him and sobs as she makes him disappear. She ends the episode by going back to Archie and telling him that she used magic.

It turns out Dr. Frankenstein’s experiment didn’t work in the past Fairytale World because he and Jefferson were playing young Regina. They were supposed to make her see that she can’t bring Daniel back and she would start learning from Rumple again and using magic of evil. Frankenstein takes the heart back to his land, which is all in black-and-white, and is able to use it to bring his brother to life. A non-braided young Regina finds Rumple with his new trainee. She takes the girl’s heart, kills her and tells Rumple she is ready to learn again.

In the present Fairytale World, Emma is able to get Hook to tell them who he really is. He says he will help them find a way back instead of Cora if they agree to take him with them. He apparently knows of an enhanced compass that can help them. Emma and Snow think they are being played but agree. The compass is at the top of the bean stock from Jack and the Bean Stock. Hook tells Emma that the giant will cause a bigger problem than the climb.

So, a lot happened this episode. It felt a little rushed at points because every character had to be shoved in, but I liked a lot about this episode. Young Regina’s progression into evil Regina was done very well with the change in her hair from being all braids to some braids to non-braided. Also, Regina’s theme music was kept getting a little louder throughout the episode. It was loudest when she made Daniel disappear and it was perfect.

Also, Regina and Charming keep teaming up with each other like they are friends or something. But, she still blames Snow for Daniel’s death. It is exactly like before the curse was broken. Regina would be nice to David but she was always mean to Mary Margaret. I like that Dr. Frankenstein was from a different land because a lot of fans seemed to have problems with him not being a fairy tale character. Also, Regina said that she only brought through who she wanted. I was glad they added that because it explains how Frankenstein, who is in his land at the time she did the curse, and Jefferson, who was in Wonderland, ended up in Storybrooke.


2 Comments on “Once Upon A Time: “The Doctor””

  1. Emery R says:

    Another great episode! One of my coworkers at DISH showed me a preview for this episode before it even aired, so hearing that Dr. Whale was made out to be Dr. Frankenstein was really not surprising to me at all. I did find that to be a bit weird that they would introduce him into the show, but even with the weirdness of that, I still enjoyed the episode. I unfortunately won’t be able to watch Sunday’s episode since I’ll be away on business, but I’m definitely looking forward to catching up with what’s next when I get back. My Hopper’s PrimeTime Anytime feature automatically records this show for me each week too, so it’s going to make it extremely easy to catch up. There’s already so much going on with this show that I just can’t help to wonder what the writers have in store for us next! 🙂


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