American Horror Story: “Nor’easter”

Grade: A+

Airdate: 10/31/12

Though this was the second episode of American Horror Story to start with Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum) screaming into the camera, it was the best episode so far in my opinion.

I kept calling the opening scenes with Teresa and Leo (Adam Levine) a traditional horror movie, which I don’t like, but it flipped it around this episode. Bloody Face breaks into the cell Teresa locked herself in and begins to attack her. But, he is stabbed by Leo, who I thought was dead. Teresa and Leo stagger out of the cell only to find two more Bloody Faces, one of which pulls a gun and kills them. The Bloody Faces take their masks off and turn out to be teenagers, who did this all as part of a murderous prank. They are then joined by a third Bloody Face. And by the one kid’s face, they don’t have a third person involved in their prank.

Jump back to 1964 and the residents of Briarcliff Manor are preparing for Hurricane Sandy’s grandmother to hit. With that and being aired on Halloween, there was excellent timing to the episode. Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) is being haunted by her past, which includes killing a little girl in a drunk driving accident in 1949. The demon that has taken over Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) is helping out by delivering a fake newspaper from the day after the accident and leaving wine in Sister Jude’s office.

Demonized Sister Mary continues her games by pitting Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) and Sister Jude against each other. She gave lipstick to Sister Jude telling her that Dr. Arden told her to give it to her because “red is Sister Jude’s color.” Sister Mary also tries to seduce Dr. Arden but he calls her a whore and rejects her. Later on, Dr. Arden blames Sister Jude and the patients for corrupting Sister Mary. Sister Jude blames him and adds on the fake newspaper saying he is trying to steal her job.

Oh, Sister Mary also murders a patient who knew she was the devil with a pair of scissors. It happened crazy fast and was terrifying.

Because a storm is coming, Sister Jude agrees to have a movie night to distract the patients from the weather. Kit (Evan Peters) and Grace (Lizzie Brochere) decided that it would be the perfect time to escape. Kit points out that no one will be expecting them to try again so soon. Shelley (Chole Sevigny) overhears them planning and wants to come along so she can go to Paris and not be considered a freak for being a sex addict. That conversation also told us that Grace lived in France until she was nine, which perfectly explains the slight French accent.

After exposing the last escape attempt, Lana (Sarah Paulson) is left out of Kit and Grace’s plans but is still trying to find a way out. She goes to Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) and asks his help to get a message to Wendy (Clea DuVall). He points out that Wendy is the reason she is in Briarcliff. Lana thinks Sister Jude had something to do with that because Wendy hasn’t contacted her. I’m glad Lana is beginning to realize Wendy was blackmailed. Sadly, Wendy might be dead. Dr. Thredson takes Lana note and says he will contact her.

Dr. Thredson sits next to Lana during the movie night and tells her that he tried to contact Wendy. She didn’t answer the phone so he went to their house to discover that Wendy has disappeared. He said her disappearance is similar to the other Bloody Face victims. Dr. Thredson said he isn’t sure if Kit is Bloody Face. He went to the police but they refuse to hear it. Lana begins to have doubts and sees that Kit, Grace and Shelley are gone.

She walks out of the movie and finds them near the tunnel. Grace doesn’t want her to come. But after Lana apologizes to Kit for doubting him and telling him that someone she loves might be in danger, he lets her come along. Their exit is blocked by one of the male guards and Shelley agrees to go as a decoy. She tells Lana to write a story that blows the lid off Briarcliff and for them not to forget about her.

Kit, Grace and Lana make it outside, but run into what I have been calling the cannibals. They might be cannibals or they might be zombies. I don’t know, but they were scary and forced Kit, Grace and Lana to run back into the tunnel.

Shelley was able to distract the guard, but ends up getting caught by Dr. Arden. He tries to rape her even through he has been voicing his disgust for whores all episode. After, Shelley insulted his manhood he knocks her out. She wakes up at the end of the episode strapped to a table. Dr. Arden said he had to punish her and it is relieved that he amputated the bottom of both her legs.

A+ is really all I can say. The story line was great and disturbing. Lana redeemed herself and seems to be friends with Kit and Grace, even though Grace doesn’t fully trust her. I’m starting to think Sister Jude isn’t that bad of a person. Well, maybe she is but she is better than Dr. Arden and demonized Sister Mary. Also, I really like the mystery of Wendy’s death being kept alive. I read an interview the Clea DuVall during which she said Wendy’s time on the show might not be up. At first, I was thinking Lana starts to hallucinate and sees Wendy. Now, I’m think she might not be dead. But, then again whatever Bloody Face might be doing to her is probably worse.


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