How I Met Your Mother: “The Autumn of Breakups”

Grade: D-

Airdate: 11/5/12

This episode of How I Met Your Mother started with a dog speaking with subtitles. That told me this was going to be a terrible episode and it was. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) spends the rest of the episode of making that dog, Brover, his wing-man. It was really just a terrible story line to tell us that Barney still isn’t over his breakup with Quinn and that Robin (Cobie Smulders) is worried about him, Nick (Michael Trucco) is jealous about Robin having so many close guy finds, and Robin might care about Barney more than Nick.

While that waste of a story line is happening, Ted (Josh Radnor) is being confronted by Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) about how he isn’t picking up on Victoria (Ashley Williams)’s hits that she wants to move forward. Marshall and Lily do this as Oprah and another sassy black woman who Marshall is channeling. It wasn’t funny, it was terrible.

Ted then talks to Victoria and they decided that their relationship has really lasted six years and Victoria wants to get married. Ted then proposes to her. The episode’s grade would have gone up if there was a blue instrument in there somewhere. Victoria tells Ted she will only marry him if he stops being friends with Robin.

Marshall thinks that is a stupid reason, but Lily can understand where Victoria is coming from because there is so much history between Ted and Robin. I now think my theory is right. This season could be happen directly after season four, like it was supposed to. Originally, the show as only supposed to be five seasons. Season five, six and seven had no purpose.

After creating a small amount of fear that Ted was going to stop being friends with Robin, he breaks up with Victoria. He lies to Robin and tells Marshall and Lily not to tell her the real reason. Older Ted (Bob Saget) tells us she find out, though.

It is one thing when HIMYM is not funny. It is another when it is painful. I don’t understand how this show is popular anymore. This post will probably piss some people off. I’m sorry, but watch season one and two and you will understand my frustration.


One Comment on “How I Met Your Mother: “The Autumn of Breakups””

  1. S. L. says:

    I do usually like HIMYM, but this season I’ve been thinking god, Ted, just meet the mother already…


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