Once Upon A Time: “Child of the Moon”

Grade: A+

Airdate: 11/11/12

Once Upon A Time created two mysteries to be answered in season two. The first was who is Dr. Whale and the second was is Ruby/Red (Meghan Ory) still a werewolf? I was far more excited about the second one and the show made it into a great episode.

The episode starts with the dwarfs finding diamonds in the mines in Storybrooke. The Blue Fairy, played by Keegan Connor Tracy, tells everyone it is the right kind of diamonds to be made into Fairy dust, which can be used to get Jefferson’s hat to work. Everyone, goes to Granny’s to celebrate the possible return of Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin).

Charming (Josh Dallas) stays until the celebration ends, has a quick conversation with Henry (Jared Gilmore), who is still afraid to sleep because of the nightmare, before being joined by Spencer/King George, played by Alan Dale. King George said that Charming might have defeated him once but he has to do it again in Storybrooke. King George is also still stuck on Charming not being a prince but actually being a shepherd. Charming tells him he can try, but he will just defeat him again. King George also tells him twice, “you should have killed me when you had the chance.” Hopefully, how Charming and Snow defeated King George and possibly Regina (Lana Parrilla) to take over the kingdoms is explained this season.

Anyway, Ruby/Red is the focus of this episode. It turns we didn’t know if Ruby was a werewolf or not because neither did she. Charming runs into her and Granny, played by Beverley Elliott, turning the freezer into a cage. Ruby said she used to be able to control the wolf, but she hasn’t changed in 28 years and just wants to be certain. Charming tells her that he believes in her and that she will not hurt anyone, but she still has herself locked in.

We then jump to the past Fairytale World with Red and Snow being chased by the Queen’s men through the Enchanted Forest. Red ripped her hood and tells Snow that she needs to get away from her. Snow pretty much says the same thing Charming said before that she will not hurt her. Red doesn’t believe it though and they split up for the night. The hood still protects Red, but she is found by another werewolf. He takes her back to his pack, which is led by Red’s not-dead mother, Anita. Anita teaches Red to control the wolf so she doesn’t blackout when she changes and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Back in Storybrooke, Ruby has forgotten how to do that. She broke out of the freezer and Charming and Granny find her in the woods. David is then called because the tow truck was abandoned by the docks. When they arrive, Ruby smells blood and sees that Billy has been killed and torn apart. Ruby assumes she did it and Charming tries to convince her that they don’t know that.

For the second night of the full moon, Ruby has Charming lock her in the jail cell. King George comes to the station and tells Charming he should give Ruby up to him because he can’t run the town because he is protect the “monster.” Later on, King George starts a mob and they break into the jail. But, Charming, Granny and Ruby have moved to the library after enlisting Belle (Emilie de Ravin)’s help.

Charming and Granny go off to try to solve the murder. I wasn’t too surprised when it was King George, who took the hood so he could pin Billy’s death on Ruby and make everyone doubt Charming.

Back in the Fairytale World, Snow finds Red with the pack. The pack is rather anti-human and tries to kill Snow because there is no way she could be friends with a wolf. Red is able to convince them otherwise, but the Queen’s men caught up with Snow and a stray arrow kills one of the other wolves. Anita then tells Red that Snow has to be killed to pay for the life. Red refuses so Anita tries herself only to be stopped and killed by accident by Red.

Back in Storybrooke, Red is trying to get Belle to leave. She says she wants to stay because she believes Charming that Ruby didn’t hurt anyone. Ruby said everyone needs to stop trusting her, chains up Belle and says she is giving herself to the mob. Granny and Charming caught back up to the mob as they have werewolf Ruby cornered. Charming is able to convince her that she didn’t kill anyone and she can control the wolf. He throws the hood on her and she changes back.

But, King George escaped so Ruby and Charming go after him. King George says he beat him this time, but he is still ahead. He then takes out Jefferson’s hat and throws it into the fire. Charming almost shots him, but Ruby stops him. Charming is the sheriff, so I’m not sure why he didn’t just arrest King George. Ruby pretty tells Charming “you find them, you will always find them and now I’m helping.”

Mixed in with all of that is Henry’s nightmare. He has it once and is woken up by Regina, who Charming called to have watch him while he was dealing with Ruby being a werewolf. Regina sees that Henry’s hand is burned and calls Rumple (Robert Carlyle) to see if he can stop it. He gives Henry a necklace that can help him control the world he is in during the nightmare. At the end of the episode, he is able to put the fires out and tells Aurora (Sarah Bolger) that she doesn’t need to be afraid. Aurora then wakes up and tells Snow and Emma that the little boy talked to her and said his name was Henry.

I decided to put that at the end of the post because it seems like the most important part of the episode. Charming and Henry in Storybrooke can now communicate with Emma and Snow in the Fairytale World if Henry and Aurora keep having these dreams.  Hopefully, that helps them get back faster.


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