How I Met Your Mother: “Splitsville”

Grade: C-

Airdate: 11/12/12

Well, this is going to be a short post because nothing really happened for most of this episode of How I Met Your Mother. The theme of the episode was having sex. Robin (Cobie Smudlers) and Nick (Michael Trucco) are having a lot of it and Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) are not having any. Isn’t this show supposed to be about Ted (Josh Radnor)?

Anyway, Robin realizes that Nick is really dumb. Apparently, Robin only dates dumb guys so the gang was already aware of that. She thinks it is a time to break up with Nick, but the sex is really good. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) quickly jumps on the idea of them breaking up and tries to convince Robin that she has to.

Multiple conversations happen in Marshall and Lily’s apartment and they are both acting really weird. Marshall is constantly working out, which I will give the show credit that did confuse me and I didn’t understand what was going on. But for any long-term fans Lily being incredibly horny and hitting on Robin times clearly told us that they are not having sex. For some reason, it takes Ted to the end of the episode to figure that out. Apparently, Marvin cries every time they try. So, Ted takes him to the park and tells the audience that half of episode did not have a real story line. Thanks, HIMYM.

Back in the other story line, Barney is so set on Robin and Nick breaking up he threatens to blackmail her if she doesn’t do it by the end of the day. Robin invites Nick to a break up dinner. But, he is too dumb to realize what is going on. I might have smiled at one or two jokes but it wasn’t that funny. Robin is on speaker phone with everyone after they call to make sure she does it. Barney then comes to the dinner and tell Nick that they have to break up because he and Robin are in love. He confesses his love for Robin and Nick finally understands.

At the end of the episode, Robin said Barney was almost had her convinced. He claimed it was all just a lie. The progress of Robin and Barney’s relationship, which I still don’t know if I like, is the only reason thing that stopped this episode from being entirely pointless.


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