American Horror Story: “I am Anne Frank (Part 2)”

Grade: A+

Airdate: 11/14/12

I don’t want to start every American Horror Story post by saying “this episode was the best so far,” but the show is not making it easy for me because it just keeps getting better and better.

I like the future part has not been in a few episode because the audience is thrown right into the story. The episode starts with Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) going to the Nazi hunter about Dr. Arden (James Cromwell). The Nazi hunter said he would have a tattoo of his blood type on his upper arm if he really is. But all of Sister Jude’s speculation is coming from a woman claiming to be Anne Frank (Franka Potente), who shot Dr. Arden in the last episode. She takes the him to demonized Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe), who get the guards to take the gun from Anne, sedate her and take Dr. Arden to the hospital.

Sister Jude gets back and tries to protect Anne, but then her husband shows up. The husband said her name is Charlotte and she made up the Anne Frank story after having a baby and seeing the play. I really liked how the show did this because I had the same almost disappointed reaction that Sister Jude had. I thought I understood what was going on, then I was told I’m wrong. That sort of was the theme for the episode. Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) says Anne has postpartum depression and she is released to her husband.

Dr. Thredson then finds Lana (Sarah Paulson) in the common room and tells her that they are leaving after dinner. He is everywhere this episode so he then interviews Kit (Evan Peters) and asks him to explain what he thinks happened when he killed the three women. That scene cuts back and front with a scene of Kit doing everything he describes, but at the end it flashes back to the aliens. But it isn’t Kit or Alma they have, it’s Grace (Lizzie Brochere). I thought I understood what happened to Kit, but now I’m all confused. The aliens aren’t real?

Dr. Arden returns from his stay in the hospital and says he wants to press charges against Sister Jude because Anne had a gun. She starts to fear for her job a little bit and calls off the Nazi hunter. Demonized Sister Mary is very flirty and touching with Dr. Arden and tells him that she took Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) into the woods. The scene then switches to a bunch of kids on an elementary school playground. One of the girls runs into the teacher screaming that she saw a monster. I thought it was going to Wendy’s body, but no it was Shelley. And it was even scary in sunlight.

Back at Braircliff, Anne is re-admitted by her husband. The husband wants Dr. Thredson to treat her, but Dr. Arden gets to her first and he performs a historically accurate lobotomy in a very cringe worthy scene. Anne/Charlotte is released again, but appears in one more scene, which seems to say she is really Anne Frank and is right about Dr. Arden.

Dr. Thredson is busy sneaking Lana out and blows off Sister Jude when Frank tells him she wants him. Dr. Thredson takes Lana to his house and starts talking about how he is going to help her win a Pulitzer for writing his story. Lana makes the same “wait, his story?” face that I did. Thredson starts to get creepier and creepier.

Lana sneaks away into a supply closet for an oh-shit moment before Thresdon finds her and releases the trap door she is standing on. She wakes up a little while later and is chained to the floor in the basement. There is somebody else down there too. Lana sees that it is Wendy and gets excited before turning her over and realizing that she is dead. Thredson then puts on a Bloody Face mask and tells Lana they are going to continue her treatment. Back at Briarcliff, Kit is arrested for being Bloody Face because he confessed to Dr. Thredson.

I don’t think there are words for how amazing this episode was. The promo said that Bloody Face was going to un-masked but I didn’t realized it was Thredson until Lana did. Maybe I just like Zachary Quinto too much, so I trusted Dr. Thredson. Everything about the episode was awesome. The cinematography was different than the other episodes. It was artsy to the point of creepy. Shout out to Michael Gol, the director of photography. I have not heard of you before, but I wanted to mention how awesome you were. You too Zachary Quinto, I did not see this coming.


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