American Horror Story: “The Origins of Monstrosity”

Grade: A+

Airdate: 11/21/12

I started to watch this episode of American Horror Story with the lights off but within 20 seconds I was running across the room turning the lights on. I did that because we where in the present listening to a 9-1-1 call about what happened in the abandoned Briarcliff. But, the caller was Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto), completely normal sounding Thredson. The two cops then find the three Bloody Face impostors hanging from the ceiling. That was by far the scariest, creepiest opening yet.

Back in 1964, a mother is trying to get Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) to admit her creepy daughter, Jenny, played by Nikki Hahn, to Braircliff. Apparently, Jenny is evil and killed one of her friends. Sister Jude tells her mom that they don’t have a children’s ward and they leave. There are multiple different story lines in the episode. Jenny’s gets linked with demonized Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe)’s after her mom leaves her at Briarcliff. Sister Mary tells her that everyone is trying to stop her from being who she is and she doesn’t have to listen to them. Jenny’s mom comes and picks her up, but at the end of the episode we find out that she killed her and the rest of her family.

The creepiest story line of the episode involved Thredson and his newly captured prisoner Lana (Sarah Paulson). Lana wakes up in what appears to be her bedroom with someone making her breakfast. After seeing two pictures of Wendy, Lana remembers that she is in Thredson’s basement and chained to a bed.  She screams. Thredson tells her there is no point. From that moment on, Lana remains surprising calm and Thredson gets crazy creepy.

Thredson spills his reasons for everything to Lana. He was abandoned by his mother when she was 33-years-old. We are never told how old Thredson was at that time. I guessing pretty young because he said he never had a mother’s love and he grew up in foster care. Thredson has been picking 33-year-old women, like Lana, to become his “mother.” But, he also wants to have sex with them and take their skin.

After telling her all this, Thredson leaves her alone for a while and gets a call from Kit (Evan Peters) in jail. Lana uses this time to try to saw off the chain. Kit gets mad at Thredson because he thought if he told him what he thought happened to the three Bloody Face victims he could stay in Braircliff. He then says he knows it isn’t true and that Alma isn’t dead because Grace (Lizzie Brochere) saw her. That got me confused. So, the aliens aren’t real? I hope how Grace saw Alma is explained. The whole conversations pisses off Thredson and he goes downstairs to take it out on Lana. He is even more mad when he sees she tried to escape. He puts on the Bloody Face mask and get on top of Lana ready to cut her skin off. Incredibly calm and level-headed Lana is able to talk him out of it and plays that she is his mother.

As if all that wasn’t creepy enough, Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joesph Fiennes) is called to a local hospital to give last rights to a mutilated woman who was found by a school. He realizes it is Shelley (Chloe Sevigny), says some prayers and strangles her with his rosary. The Monsignor goes to Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) and tells him he knows what he did. Arden tells him that he is improve lives by giving them immune boosters.

He has been doing this since 1962 when the Monsignor allowed him to when Briarcliff was switched from a tuberculosis  ward to a mental hospital. Arden has been doing the same experiment on Spivey. I’m think he might have Pepper too because she also “went missing” during the movie night and has not been found. Arden tells the Monsignor he can’t tell anyone or he will expose everything that is happening in Briarcliff. He adds there is one person who is a danger to them both.

The Monsignor then goes to Sister Jude and tells her she is being fired and sent to Pittsburgh. Sister Jude reluctantly agrees but not before getting a finger print from Dr. Arden to take to the Nazi hunter, because Anne Frank got it right. Arden is an ex-Nazi. But, demonized Sister Mary gets to the Nazi hunter first and stabs him. She seems to be overjoyed in this episode about letting everything evil that is happening in Briarcliff, mostly be Dr. Arden, continue. I like that the devil essentially is the big bad for this season. Demonized Sister Mary also as a dark sense of humor and danced around in Sister Jude red nightgown in a weird but funny scene.

But, demonized Sister Mary’s fun might be over. Sister Jude got to the Nazi Hunter’s hotel room before he died and he told her that a nun stabbed him, one of her nuns.

The episode ended back in the future with the police identifying the three teenagers and Leo (Adam Levine). The police then find out that Leo was there with his wife. The episode ends with Bloody Face, looks exactly like 1964 Thredson, strapping Teresa (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), who is somehow still alive, to a table.

So, it was by far the creepiest episode so far. I’m wondering if Jenny will be back because her character’s involvement didn’t really seem to have a point. It did tell us that demonized Sister Mary is causing problems all over the place, but a patient character, such as Jed or Anne Frank, has not yet been introduced without having a direct effect on Braircliff. Jed brought the demon that transferred to Sister Mary and Anne Frank told us that Dr. Arden is a Nazi. But, whatever the show does I’m sure it will be awesome.


2 Comments on “American Horror Story: “The Origins of Monstrosity””

  1. fissionerror says:

    I felt like Jenny’s purpose in the episode was to present a counterpoint to the other characters’ various ‘evils.’ Arden’s is borne of ambition, Thredson’s from lack of nurturing, and Mary Eunice’s from authentic devil possession, while Jenny is presented as a good old-fashioned bad seed.

    I loved the episode too. Good blog 😀


  2. Love your synopses on AHS! Maybe you can help me out with a question I have about this episode….

    Okay, so do you remember in this episode when there’s that flashback of sister Mary Eunice at the pool party??? The part where she was humiliated by those other kids? Well, do you happen to know the song playing in the background during this scene? It’s a 1960s pop song… Some of the lyrics are “tomorrow… Let them love me… But how will I know…” It’s kinda hard to hear the lyrics because of the talking. I’ve tried shazam on my iPhone but that doesn’t work because of the talking. I hope you can help, thanks!!!


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