Bones: “The Bod in the Pod”

Grade: B-

Airdate: 11/19/12

It is not too often that Bones makes a decision that I don’t like. I’m still not sure how I feel about the new relationship created during the episode, but I don’t think I like it.

The episode opens with Bones (Emily Deschanel), Booth (David Boreanaz) and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) at a crime scene, where a body has been trapped in some sort of pod. Hodgins instantly goes off about pod people and aliens, which only gets him annoyed looks from Booth and Bones.

At the Jeffersonian, Angela (Michaela Conlin) tells Cam (Tamara Taylor) that Paul keeps texting her trying to get in contact with Cam. Apparently, Cam broke up with Paul at some point and she has a new boyfriend now. To cover the fact that the audience didn’t know anything about this, Cam says she doesn’t like to bring her personal life into the workplace. Nice cover, Bones.

The body is brought back to the lab and the team with this week’s squintern, Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) get the body out of the pod and begin to identify the victim. Bones and Booth go out to question suspects and Hodgins goes looking for Arastoo. He finds him right after Cam realized he wrote a poem about her in Farsi, because he is a published poet. Hodgins walks in on Arastoo reciting the poem to Cam. My first reaction was, “what? really? Arastoo why?” By the end of the episode it is quite clear that Cam and Arastoo have been dating for a while, but because she is the boss they can’t tell anyone. But, Angela and Hodgins know and Arastoo tells Cam that he assumes Angela will tell Bones but she will not tell Booth.

It is almost too random. I also feel like the show is trying too hard to make Astraoo interesting. We are also told in this episode that he is a political exile because the Iranian government didn’t like his poetry. This new relationship might add a strange new aspect to the show or it could be like the other squintern relationship. Cam’s daughter, Michelle, has not been in the show since she started dating Finn. What’s with the Saroyan women and squinterns?

Anyway, there is a murder to be solved. Booth and Bones identify the victim as a crime scene cleanup worker who goes by Lucky. They talk to his wife, girlfriend, stepson and another crime scene cleanup worker that he was going to merge his business with. The stepson is also a crime scene cleanup worker, so the Jeffersonian team is having a lack of evidence problem. All the suspects point fingers at each other and the team ends up with everyone’s crime scene cleanup tools.

Bones seems to be warming up to psychology a bit thanks to Sweets (John Francis Daley), who is still living with her and Booth. She uses psychology and is set on the business possible partner/ current rival being the killer. When all the evidence finally points to him, he challenges Bones that she will not be able to find any physical evidence because he wiped to crime scene clean. That leads an evidence finding battle, which had rap battle music to match. I don’t know if the music choice was supposed to be funny, but it was.Of course, nobody can out Bones Bones and she ends up finding evidence and the guy is arrested.

With the whole Arastoo and Cam thing and his romantic poetry which he only recited in Farsi, there was a romantic theme to the episode. Angela and Hodgins had more couple time in this episode than they have had in a really long time. The show kept it comical too with Hodgins running Arastoo’s poetry with a translation website, which had about the same effectiveness as Google translate. Overall it was a pretty good episode, I just don’t think I like Cam’s new relationship.


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