How I Met Your Mother: “The Stamp Tramp”

Grade: C-

Airdate: 11/19/12

This episode of How I Met Your Mother reminded me a lot of last week’s episode; 25 minutes of it was a wasted, not funny story line and five minutes was actually good and progressed the story.

The episode starts with Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) deciding he needs to find a new strip club. He can’t go to The Lusty Leopard anymore because Quinn works there. He is pretty much recruited like a free-agent athlete by all the other strip clubs for the rest of the episode. About halfway through he hires on Robin (Cobie Smulders) to be his agent. Robin ends up taking the bribes from all the strip clubs for herself and tells Barney to go with the worst one. He ignores her request and choices a new one on his own.

He goes to that strip club for the first time with Robin. Apparently, they were kicked out for being wasted and Robin being too handsy. Barney tells he she has glad she come because he always has fun with her. Then he kisses her. Robin kisses back for a second, but then pushes him away, says she it can’t happen and walks away.

Now that story line was more than the last five minutes but all the stuff before them drunkenly kissing on the street was supposed to be comical and it wasn’t. This is the kind of stuff that makes me annoyed with this show. Why not have Lily (Alyson Hannigan) ask Robin why she agreed to help Barney find a strip club? Or have Ted (Josh Radnor) point out to Barney that this is all ridiculous because he has feelings for Robin.  The last five minutes made me think that the show can still have good writing, but it hardly uses it.

The other story line involving Marshall (Jason Segel) and Brad, played by Joe Manganiello, from the earlier seasons, was bad because the show made the same mistake it did in “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns.” Marshall runs into Brad, who seems to be fat, disgusting and unemployed. Marshall is nice to him and gets him an interview at his law firm, which almost gets him fired. At the end of the episode we find out that Brad is actually working for a company that has a case against Marshall’s law firm. He was playing Marshall so he could see their strategy and win the case. If the show had told us that at the beginning it might have been funny, but without telling us it was just awkward and stupid.

Barney and Robin’s relationship slowly coming together is the only reason the last two episodes have not gotten F’s. I just want this show to be over, it’s just frustrating and sad now.


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