Once Upon A Time: “Into the Deep”

Grade: A-

Airdate: 11/25/12

This episode of Once Upon A Time had two clear themes: heroism and faith. The show did an excellent job with both of them. The faith is obvious involved with the Charming family’s never-ending faith that they will find each other. The heroism come from two unlikely characters.

The episode opens with Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) climbing down the beanstalk and running into an unhappy Cora (Barbara Hershey). She tells him that she doesn’t need him anymore and isn’t going to take him to Storybrooke. She goes off to get the compass for herself. She does this by using the hearts she stole from the citizens of the safe haven and turning them into Cora-controlled zombies, who go after the main characters.

The main characters’ story line picks up right where last week’s ended with Aurora (Sarah Bolger) telling Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Mulan (Jamie Chung) about meeting Henry (Jared Gilmore) in the fiery room in the dreamworld. Emma instantly freaks out because Henry is in danger but Snow realizes what got me excited at the end of the last episode. They can now communicate with Henry and Charming (Josh Dallas) in Storybrooke. But, Snow pointed out something even better that I didn’t think of. They now have access to the one person that could defeat Cora: Rumple (Robert Carlyle). Emma jumps on that idea and Aurora goes back to sleep and tells Henry what they need.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry walks up and tells Charming and Regina (Lana Parrilla) that Emma and Snow are alive and they need Rumple’s help. Rumple is off having the hamburger date he promised with Belle (Emilie de Ravin), which Regina interrupts. She tells him that Cora could be coming and he needs to help stop her. He doesn’t agree until Regina points out that he has something he loves most — Belle — this time around and Cora is a bigger threat to him. He agrees. Regina also said in here that she saw Cora dead. I hope that gets explained. Next week’s episode is called “Queen of Hearts” and I still believe that is Cora.

Anyway back in the Fairytale World, Mulan sees burns on Aurora’s arm and tells her that she doesn’t have to go back into the fire room because they don’t own Emma and Snow anything. Aurora tells her that she was as good as dead before Mulan saved her and everyday has been a gift and she wants to use it for good. Unlikely hero number one: Sleeping Beauty.

In Storybrooke, the strange team of Charming, Regina, Rumple and Henry meet up in Rumple’s shop for Henry to go to sleep and tell Aurora the plan. They need to get the ink that Cinderella used to trap Rumple back in the Fairytale World from his jail cell. Charming is nervous about spending Henry in but he says, “I’m tired about reading about heroes. I want to be one.” Unlikely hero number two: Henry.

So, the two heroes meet up in the fiery room but before Henry can tell Aurora the plan she is pulled out. Mulan had to wake her because Cora’s army of zombies caught up to them. Snow and Emma do some awesome mother-daughter ass kicking but end up having to run away because the zombies can’t be killed. Mulan used the zombie attack as a chance to get away from Emma and Snow, but she and Aurora also get attacked by the zombies. Mulan is able to fight off some of them but it is too late, because they took Aurora.

Aurora is throw into the pit back at the safe haven and Cora tells her that she plans to trade her for the compass. Aurora doesn’t think that Emma and Snow will go for that, but Cora tells her Snow and her daughter will not let an innocent suffer no matter what sacrifice they have to make.

That statement is also true for Charming. Henry ended up getting burned again when Aurora was pulled out of the fire room and Charming and Regina decided it is too dangerous. Charming says he wants to be put under a sleeping curse so he can go in and tell them the plan. He assumes Snow will find a way to get there too and she can break the curse by kissing him. Snow is able to reason with the uncharacteristically emotional Mulan and tells her they will go after Aurora but she needs to talk to Henry in the fire room first. Mulan takes them to find poppy plants to drug Snow.

So, Snow and Charming go into the fire room at the same time and of course they find each other. Charming tells Snow the plan. Snow has a moment of panic after realizing that Charming put himself under a sleeping curse to see her. He tells her its fine and goes in to kiss her. But, they can’t touch each other. Their theme music kicks up as Charming tells her that he has faith that she will find him and break the curse. Snow wakes up in a panic and Emma has to reassure her that they will find the rest of their family.

Cora knocked out Aurora earlier and she is woken up by Hook. He tells her that he still wants to help them, not Cora, because she double crossed him. He lets Aurora go. She meets back up with Emma, Snow and Mulan. But back at the pit, Cora gets pissed at Hook for letting her go. She changes her mind when Hook tells her he has a present for her. The present is Aurora’s heart. We find this out right as Snow is telling Aurora exactly where they are going and how they will defeat Cora, who is controlling Aurora’s every word and can hear everything they are saying.

That was an excellent twist. I was actually starting to like Aurora a little in this episode. Also after seeing Mulan’s reaction to her being taken, she is going to be devastated to realize she is dead. And Hook can take hearts? Since when did he practice dark magic? So, the twists were good, but Emma’s dialogue was kind of strange in this episode so I brought down the grade for me.


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