Bones: “The But in the Joke”

Grade: B-

Airdate: 11/26/12

This episode of Bones started like many do with the introduction of what I have come to call “the screamer,” who is the person that finds the body and screams. But, in this episode we are watching a guy glue a poster to a billboard, knock over the bucket of glue and fall off the billboard platform. For a second I was really confused saying to myself, “did I just watch that guy die?” But, Bones remained loyal to my exceptions and no, the street artist didn’t die. He just glued himself to a set of human remains. Now, there is the Bones I know and love.

The team transports the guy, who refuses to give his name, and the remains back to the lab. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and this week’s squintern Fisher (Joel David Moore)–hey, wait isn’t it Wendell’s turn?– decided to use peanut butter to remove the guy, played by Jay Paulson, from the remains. While they are working on that, Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Fisher realize that the guy is a famous unidentified D.C. street artist called Zed. Angela has seemed very anti-murder and artistic lately, so she is starstruck by Zed and kisses him. Fisher was forced to give Zed a bunch of drugs so being removed from the remains wouldn’t be as painful. In his drugged state, he lets is slip to Hodgins and FIsher that “that Asian girl” kissed him.

Somewhere in their the dead guy was identified, so Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel) go out to talk to the victim’s girlfriend and her brother. The victim was a comedian, so they spend a lot of time interviewing different comedians and telemarketers because that was the victim’s day job.

The episode seemed to focus more on Angela than the murder. Zed keeps flirting with her and she talks about art with him. Also a scene between Angela and Hodgins, after he was told about the kiss, gives us the contrast between married and not-married Angela. The first being a wife, mom and dedicated member of the Jeffersonian team and the latter being a free-spirit, sleep with whoever, artist that works at the Jeffersonian. The whole time my fear of Angela deciding the leave the Jeffersonian or breaking up with Hodgins, which he mentioned, kept raising and raising. I know Angela isn’t that popular in the fandom, but she is my favorite character.

Anyway, Sweets (John Francis Daley) and Fisher decide that Booth needs to go undercover at an open mic night because apparently the victim was stealing someones jokes. It was pretty funny with Fisher giving Booth super dark jokes, Sweets having lame ones and Booth coming up with macho-man funny ones. Turns out the victim wasn’t stealing anyone’s jokes. So, back on the evidence finding side Bones, Angela and Cam (Tamara Taylor) figure out that the victim as killed by getting his head smashed against a toilet seat while he was vomiting. Similar to the rap battle music from last episode, there was a strange music choice while Hodgins was testing toilets for the victims DNA. But, on the contrary he was testing toilets, so I guess it was OK.

The victim’s girlfriend and her brother stayed as suspects throughout the episode and it turned out the brother did it because the victim was going to leave and move to New York.

Zed had insulted Angela’s art earlier in the episode, so she painted her own street art in a place he was planning to go to see if he would like. The whole situation seemed very flirty but Angela brought Hodgins along. Zed liked her art and Angela’s problems seemed to be resolved. I’m still holding onto my theory that she is going to have some altercation with Christopher Palent and might be killed off or leave the Jeffersonian. This season has been focusing a lot on her and her not liking the Jeffersonian.

So, it wasn’t a bad episode but my fear of Angela and Hodgins breaking up and Wendell not being in it lowered the grade. What is happening with Wendell? He is the only squintern who hasn’t had a solo episode this season and he is my favorite squintern. Also, there was embedded advertising for the Toyota Prius. I hate those scenes.


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