American Horror Story: Midseason thoughts

A lot has been happening in American Horror Story recently so I have not gotten the chance to talk about everything I would like to. I have been focusing mostly on recapping and reviewing the episodes and have kept speculation and things I have learned about the show aside. But, because we are about to the midseason mark of season two I would like to write a little more about the show. I have divided this post into five topics I would like to discuss. Enjoy.

1. Whoops, that wasn’t Zachary Quinto


This topic is mostly to cover a mistake I made in a previous American Horror Story post. Though I thought modern day Bloody Face was also played by Zachary Quinto and in turn being Dr. Oliver Thredson, who had somehow not aged since 1964, it wasn’t. After reading an interview with show creator Ryan Murphy, I found out that modern day Bloody Face is actually played by Dylan McDermott, aka Ben Harmon from season one. I am just as intrigued by this details as I was about Thredson not aging for 48 years. Why is there a copycat Bloody Face in the present? What happened to Thredson? Does the role being played by Dylan McDermott mean anything? I have no idea and that is why I am intrigued. I’m still not sure if there is any connection between the actors’ season one and two characters. So far all I have pieced together is each season has a psychiatrist, a gay couple and a young girl that dies about halfway through. Also, how is Teresa still alive?

2. All the gay!


Speculation about these two seemed to spread rather quickly after the one scene they had in “The Origins of Monstrosity.” I would like to say that I find it completely warranted. I instantly got a gay vibe from the 1962 Father Timothy and though Father James never spoke there seemed to be a connection between these two. So, is the Monsignor gay? I think he is. He acted kind of gay in 1962, which has decreased in comparison to his actions in 1964 but he has more to loss now. He was also the only Briarcliff employee to not have an opinion or any involvement at all in Lana’s electroshock therapy to cure her homosexuality. That could of been because he is hardly around Braircliff or it could be that he didn’t want any involvement in it.

We will probably find out because Father James will also be in the episode airing Dec. 26, according to IMDB. With that said, the show better have the two of them do something with each other. I might be being overly critical but I get really annoyed when shows just have gay characters and think they are being gay-friendly. If the show has a gay couple but they don’t get to do anything, like the straight couples, I think that it is even more discriminatory than making every character straight. For example, in the first episode of season two of American Horror Story we meet three couples. Leo and Teresa have sex multiple times in multiple different locations, Kit and Alma have a steamy sex scene and Lana and Wendy barely get a kiss. Seriously, Sister Jude got more action in her fantasy with the Monsignor. So, if these two are gay I hope the show redeems itself and has them do something.

3. “Does she seem different to you?”


Though this was finally resolved in “Dark Cousin,” I was beginning to find it a little ridiculous that nobody had found the sudden 180 in Sister Mary Eunice’s personality unsettling. A boy possessed by the devil dies, Sister Mary instantly collapses and then is completely different. Yes, in everyday life jumping to demon possession as the reason for the change so quickly would sound crazy, but this is American Horror Story. People are claiming to be abducted by aliens, cannibalistic creatures on living on the grounds, adorable French girls are actually ax murderers and Anne Frank is alive and identifying ex-Nazis. Doesn’t sound that crazy anymore, does it?

Luckily, Sister Jude realized Sister Mary is possessed by the devil and she threw Dr. Arden across the room without touching him, so hopefully he sees that something is amiss. I’m excited to see how this plays out because though they hate each other Dr. Arden and Sister Jude can agree on one thing: they both care about Sister Mary. And I’m thinking they might be forced to work together to save her.

4. Rest in Peace, Grace.


Because she was killed at the end of a jam-packed episode, I did not feel that I was able to give the appropriate amount of thought to her death. Grace’s character development also happened in the middle of a lot of other important stuff so I never got to talk about it. I really liked Grace and particularly liked that the show did not give us her whole back story at the beginning. At first she seemed like the nicest Briarcliff patient who went out of her way to protect Kit and then Lana, even though the two of them didn’t like each other at the time. By the third episode she become part of the group of allies made up of Briarcliff’s not crazy, innocent patients: her, Kit, Lana and Shelley. Then the show throws us for a loop. She is actually an ax murderer and might be insane. But I liked her and I stayed liking her, which made her alien abduction, poorly done alien surgery and death even better.

In the same interview, Ryan Murphy said Grace herself will not be back, but the next step is to find out what the aliens did to her. I feel like Grace is going to be like Wendy, she is dead but she isn’t going away. Rest in peace, Grace.

5. Longest bathroom break ever?


On a lighter note, where is Pepper? Way back in “Nor’easter” she left to movie night after telling Frank, “Pepper pee” and she hasn’t been back since. It would not be so strange if Pepper didn’t have a weird online cult following. The show even gave Naomi Grossman her own behind the scenes video. The Briarcliff staff thinks Pepper escaped during the movie night with Shelley and the Mexican. Based on what happened to them–being turned into a creature and eaten by the creatures, respectively–Pepper probably isn’t doing too well. It would almost be too random for her to just show up again after being absent for so long, so I wonder what the show is planning.


One Comment on “American Horror Story: Midseason thoughts”

  1. fissionerror says:

    Good thoughts all! Hadn’t given much consideration to Monseigneur Tim’s sexual preference since the failed dinner with Sister Jude in the early episodes, but now I’ll be keeping an eye out; after all, he’s got to be doing SOMEthing when he’s not at Briarcliff! Also, Pepper! Jeez.


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