Once Upon A Time: Why has this not been addressed?

With the mideason finale of Once Upon A Time “Queen of Hearts” airing about a week ago, I thought it was time to write a post about a couple of things about the show that I have questions about. So, the theme of this post is “Why has this not been addressed?” and here are four things I hope get addressed when the show returns in January.

1. Aren’t you the sheriff?


I addressed this briefly in my “Child of the Moon” post, but shouldn’t David/Charming be doing more actual sheriffing? In that episode Spencer/King George got away with brutally murdering the tow truck driver, Billy/Gus, and framing Ruby/Red for it. Charming was about to shot him and Ruby stopped him, but I still don’t understand why he didn’t arrest him.

And that wasn’t even the first why-didn’t-you-arrest-him moment. Charming helped Rumple in the search for Belle after she was kidnapped by her father and Schmee. Charming probably couldn’t have done anything about them chaining Belle to a rail car and trying to send her over the town line, but kidnapping is a real charge.

A lot of the crime, so to say, in Storybrooke has been committed using magic so I understand Charming not being able to arrest people for that. But, for regular crimes like murder and kidnapping it doesn’t make much sense. Also, Spencer is the District Attorney. So, even if Charming ever decides to arrest someone their case will be heard by a murdering, framing ex-king. And that is only the stuff he has done in Storybrooke. Please Charming, stick with being a Prince and let your daughter resume policing the town.

2. Our puppet is missing


Seriously, where is August/Pinocchio? He showed up in a few flashback scenes with Emma’s ex/ Henry’s father Neil during “Tallahassee” but he has not made an appearance in Storybrooke yet. We also know that it was him who set Neil the postcard in the season premiere. The curse being broken cured his puppet syndrome because he wasn’t in his hotel room when Marco/Geppetto went to look for him. I guess he didn’t really have a place in the story without Emma being there. And the Storybrooke side of every episode has mostly been focused on Charming trying to get his family back. I’m hoping August and a few more of the characters, like Archie, Belle and Jefferson, start to play a bigger role now that Emma and Snow are back in Storybrooke.

Also, the show seemed to start a little love connection between August and Emma last season, which would make it interesting if Neil ends up coming to Storybrooke.

3. Hey Leroy, remember that nun you have a crush on?


So, I put nun but I am not really sure if the Storybrooke nuns are still nuns. Dr. Whale posed the question to Charming, mostly just being a perv but the show has not said anything on the subject since. Mother Superior/The Blue Fairy has still been hanging around dressed on a nun but Leroy/Grumpy’s love interest Astride the nun/Nova the fairy has not been seen yet. Maybe the “are we still nuns” question is decided on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, could Leroy at least run into Astride on the street or something so they can discuss it for themselves?

4. Isn’t there somebody still locked in the hospital?


As I have already mentioned, there have been multiple characters who the show has seemed to forgotten about. I decided to use Sidney as an example. He was mostly written off after Regina had him arrested. But the show didn’t want us to forget about him. In the last episode of season one the door next to Belle’s cell underneath the hospital was labelled “S. Glass.” I’m assuming Regina was the one who knows he is down there but is still down there? Hopefully somebody is bringing him found or Storybrooke is going to have a dead reporter/genie on their hands.

I’m reluctant to put Neil, Emma’s ex-boyfriend/Henry’s father/Mysterious Guy from the season premiere, into the forgotten category. He seems to only pop up every six episodes; the first episode “Broken” and episode six “Tallahassee.” Episode 11 is titled “The Outsider,” so maybe that is about him and it would be about his time to show up again. I’m really looking forward to seeing Snow’s reaction to him. He might be a responsible adult now, but he was the teenager who went on a crime spree with her daughter and got her arrested. Neil being around also might force Emma to tell her parents the full story about her past. So, it should be a good episode whenever he does come back.

Also Rumple’s son, Baelfire, is still running around somewhere and apparently we are figuring out what happened to him too. The last episode did tell us that magic beans take people to our world. So, Bae is out there somewhere.


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