How I Met Your Mother: “The Over-Correction”


Grade: D

Airdate: 12/10/12

About half way through watching this episode of How I Met Your Mother I come to the realization that I might be giving HIMYM its first F. I spent the rest of the episode trying to find something to help its grade. In-law sex and the intervention banner were this episodes only redeeming qualities.

The episode starts with a 4-way split screen of the gang minus Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) all trapped in closets somewhere. Basic HIMYM story format: Older Ted (Bob Saget) says he needs to explain and we jump to a week earlier with everyone minus Barney at the bar. The show has recently become a huge fan of Cleveland jokes. As I have said before, its funny for Ohioans but I don’t know about the rest of the world.

Robin (Cobie Smulders) says that Barney dating her annoying co-worker and not funny comic relief character Patrice, played by Ellen D. Williams, must be a cry for help. Ted (Josh Radnor) says Patrice is just an over-correction because of his failed relationship with Quinn. Still with Quinn? Come on, it took Ted less time to get over Stella after she left him at the alter and that was Ted. Anyway, Robin decides she needs to steal The Playbook and show it to Patrice so she knows that Barney is really a womanizing scumbag. Everything with Robin and Patrice is awkward and not a funny kind of awkward just a plain-old please stop type of awkward.

The only part of the episode that was OK was Marshall’s (Jason Segel) mom Judy, played by Suzie Plakson, coming to stay with him and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) for a few days. Judy tells Lily that she is ready to start dating again and asks Lily for help. Lily tells her she thinks her dating is a good idea, but that backfires when Marshall catches Judy sleeping with Lily’s dad Mickey, played by Chris Elliott. Marshall and Lily tell them they are OK with it if they want to date. But, then their parents tell them it is just for the sex. It was actually a little funny.

Back in the other story line, Robin breaks into Barney apartment to try to find The Playbook, but he comes home with Patrice. Robin finds it but has to hide in his closet. Lily was already hiding in one of the closet because she has secretly been using Barney’s apartment to pump breast milk. I’m not even going to common on that strangely random aspect of the episode. Robin had called Ted for help and he also ends up in one of Barney’s closet

Robin puts The Playbook on Barney’s bed so Patrice finds it. Just like Barney did with Nora and Quinn, he tells Patrice he is trying to be a better man. He throws the book into a trash can and lights it on fire. Ted, Lily and Robin see all this. Ted and Lily agree that Barney is serious about Patrice. Robin still thinks it is all crazy. Ted, Lily and Marshall start an intervention for Robin but the episode ends about 30 seconds into it. I’m not really sure why. I’m guess we will find out how it went next episode.

This whole Patrice thing is terrible. Trying to make a purely comedic character an actual character has never worked for the show before. The show is going to end up writing itself into a hole and having to write-off Patrice. Just like they did with Wendy the waitress. But unlike Wendy the Waitress, I will not be disappointed when Patrice is gone. She might be the Arcadian building of this season.


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