American Horror Story: “The Coat Hanger”


Grade: A+

Airdate: 12/12/12

Even after everything that Thredson (Zachary Quinto) had done to Lana (Sarah Paulson) and her vomiting in the last episode of American Horror Story, it did not click for me that she was pregnant until the re-watched the last episode. I only mention this because Lana’s pregnancy is one of the main focuses of this episode.

The episode opens with us meeting Lana and Thredson’s child, Johnny Thredson, played by Dylan McDermott aka Ben Harmon from last season, while he is telling is therapist that he just figured out who his parents are and he is following in his father footsteps. He calls himself the son of Bloody Face and later kills the therapist and possibly another person.

Back in 1964, demonized Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) hands Lana her pregnancy test results and she is pregnant. Demonized Sister Mary says she must be “cured” and slept with some guy while she away from Briarcliff being tortured and raped by Thredson. Lana played along and denied she was raped by Thredson, I assuming because demonized Sister Mary thinks she is cured. Lana says she can’t have the baby but demonized Sister Mary quickly shoots down that idea.

In other part of Braircliff, Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) wakes up strapped to a bed, dressed as a patient. Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes) tells her what is going on. The flashback sees tells us that demonized Sister Mary, Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) and Leigh (Ian McShane) are setting her up for killing Frank and attacking Leigh because she lost her mind after she was fired. The Monsignor was tricked by them too and thinks it all is true. I’m still trying to decided if he is really, really dumb or just so blinded by his ambition to be pope that he doesn’t see everything that is going on. Sister Jude has been sentenced to life imprisonment at Briarcliff and is no longer a nun.

Leigh seemed to help framing Sister Jude because he has had awakening to God and is looking to the Monsignor for spiritual guidance. The Monsignor says Leigh could be his miracle and get him elected pope. I figured Leigh was playing him the whole time and he was. After Leigh was baptized in the chapel, which I was surprised Briarcliff actually has, Leigh started to drown the Monsignor in the holy water and then tied him to the cross. At the end of the episode, the Dark Angel (Frances Conroy) walks up to him. He says help me and she tells him she is there for him.

But most of the episode focused on Lana and Kit (Evan Peters), so let’s get to that. Lana steals a coat hanger from out of the bakery. Later that night she goes to Kit, who is still in the infirmary, and tells him she wants to kill Thredson. He tells her again they can’t because he is all that is keeping Kit out of the electric chair and he needs him to confess.

They then go to where they are keeping Thredson tied up. Lana tells Thredson he can’t kill her now and shows her the pregnancy test. Thredson pleads with her saying he can be a better person and they can rise the baby together because he doesn’t want it to grow up in the foster care system. Lana says he needs to tell her about the murders for her to believe him. He fully confesses to the first two, but only sort of for Wendy. Kit then pops up from the back of the room and plays the recording he made for Thredson. Lana then tells him she already aborted the baby with the coat hanger and she will be back to kill him.

Kit runs off to hide the tape, but gets caught by Dr. Arden, who takes him to his office. Arden is being weirdly nice to Kit and tells him he saw the aliens and they took Grace’s (Lizzie Brochere) body. Kit asks why the aliens would want her body and Arden makes a little bit of a ridiculous leap. He thinks the aliens are interested in and want to protect Kit. Arden wants to almost kill him so the aliens will show up and he can capture them. I’m not really sure where Arden’s theory is coming from, it seems like the aliens are more interested in the women Kit has slept with than protecting and studying Kit. Anyway, Kit says he is as good as dead and if he gets to see Alma again it is worth it. So, he agrees.

Elsewhere in Briarcliff, Lana is going to kill Thredson with the coat hanger, but he isn’t there anymore. Demonized Sister Mary runs into Lana tells her she let Thredson out and that her baby is still alive and a boy.

Later on, Lana is in common room when  no-longer a Sister Jude  Jude  Judy Sister Jude comes in for the first time. Every patient and all the workers are backing away from her scared but Lana is the only person not looking her in fear. Sister Jude sits down by Lana, bums a cigarette off her, tells her she is sorry for everything did to her and she is going to help her get out. Lana doesn’t believe her, point out that promise didn’t go so well for her the first time. To prove herself, Sister Jude turns off the French song and breaks the record. She sits back down and Lana gives us the audience-wide reaction of, “Well, hot damn.”

Over in Arden’s lab, he tells Kit he is going to inject him with something to stop his heart. If he injects him with two other drugs within two minutes of his heart stopping he should be fine. Arden injects him with the first thing and Kit “dies.” The crazy lights and buzzing starts. Arden follows the lights and ends up in an empty room to find Pepper (Naomi Grossman) and a very much alive and very pregnant Grace. Pepper, whose sounds completely differnt, tells Arden he needs to find them a room and she will take care of Grace. While my was excitement and confusion of all that happening, I had a moment of panic. Uh, Dr. Arden you need to go bring Kit back to life.

So, Grace is alive and pregnant, Sister Jude is a patient and seems to have joined Briarcliff’s not-crazy, innocent patient club, which might only be Lana at the moment because Kit could be dead and Grace didn’t speak so something might be up with her. All round, the episode was awesome. A+.


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