American Horror Story: “Split Milk”


Grade: B+

Airdate: 1/9/13

After pulling off a dance number last week, I did not think American Horror Story could do anything to shock me but this episode might have been an exception. A lot of stuff has happened on this show and usually I can handle it feeling slightly disturbed. But, watching a grown man being breastfed by a prostitute and a psycho killer having sex with a corpse got me to a really uncomfortable level of disturbed.

So, the episode opens with Johnny Thredson (Dylan McDermott) sitting in his house aka Thredson’s (Zachary Quinto) house smoking a bowl. He then welcomes a prostitute, Pandora,  into his house and she tells him she is ready to breastfed and be his mommy. That’s all the detail that is getting.

Back in 1964, Kit (Evan Peters) is brought out of his cell by Thredson and told he has to go spend time with his son in the common room. Kit thinks he is up to something but Thredson tells him he should know how important a baby getting love from his parents is to him. He then joins Grace (Lizzie Brochere) holding their baby and her bodyguard Pepper (Naomi Grossman) in the common room. Pepper yells at Thredson saying she know he is up to something.

The common room clears out and Kit and Grace get their first moment together since she died. She tells Kit she only remembers some things about her second alien abduction. But, she does tell him the aliens surgically put their baby, Thomas, inside her, and Alma (Britne Oldford) is dead. Grace also seems to confirm Arden’s theory that Kit is special to the aliens. Grace says Thomas is too, people will listen to him and he will change how people think. Apparently there is a clue to what next season is about in this episode. Was that it? I’m not sure.

Kit and Grace’s family moment is interrupted when Monsignor Timothy (Joesph Fiennes) and Thredson come in to take Thomas to the orphanage because he can’t be raised by “crazies in an asylum.”

Down in the bakery, the Mother Superior tells Lana (Sarah Paulson) she is breaking her out for Sister Jude (Jessica Lange). The Mother Superior gives Lana her file and clothes and tells her a cab is waiting outside for her. Before she starts to leave, Lana gets the taped Bloody Face confession and tells Sister Jude she will be back for her.

As Lana starts heading down the staircase, Kit and Thredson are at the bottom. Thredson tells Kit he will help him and Grace get out and get their son back if he tells him where the confession tape is. The cinematography was a little weirder than usual this episode, but this scene was down in a split screen and I really liked it. Lana is able to silently tell Kit not to say anything and he is able to distract Thredson as Lana walks right past him. She then walks out of Briarcliff in the same outfit from the first episode and gets into a cab. It was an important moment and it was down very well.

Thredson did not see that Lana was leaving until her cab pulled away. He goes to his house that night only to find Lana there pointing a gun at him and telling him the police are coming and they already have the confession tape. The scene cuts between Lana and Thredson and Johnny and Pandora, who is telling Johnny he has mommy issues. Johnny says it is his mother’s fault because she only ever loved one person. Lana makes Thredson tell her what he did to Wendy (Clea DuVall), which involved having sex with her corpse. And to think I was excited when I saw Clea DuVall’s name in the credits.

Johnny has a freak out and starts to strangle Pandora, while Thredson tells Lana he burned most of Wendy’s body in his/his son’s fireplace. He then points out to Lana that he is clearly insane and probably will not go to jail. He starts to reach for a gun and Lana kills him saying jail is too good for him. And I’m guessing she didn’t want him in Briarcliff with Kit and Jude.

Lana then goes to a mausoleum, designed in Storybrooke Regina style, where there is a spot for what might be Wendy or just ashes from Bloody Face’s fireplace. Lana has already started to write her expose — and a book — at this point and is being followed by reporters. She blames herself for Wendy’s death saying she did anything to get the story but didn’t realize she would loss so much. She then tells her closeted friends to go out the back way as she puts on sunglasses and walks out to face the reporters.

The monsignor isn’t having a very good time with the public relations nightmare Lana has created at Briarcliff and Jude accusing him in the common room of being blinded by ambition. The monsignor or maybe just his stupidity seems to be the only villain still alive. But, he does realize Kit needs to be released so that’s good.

Kit goes to talk to him and says he wants him to release Grace’s body to him because according to the paper work she was killed by Frank in the bakery.Kit blackmails him saying he wants Grace and his son or he is going to the reporters. The monsignor agrees and agrees to help get Thomas back to his parents.

The three of them get back together and arrive outside of Kit’s house. They go inside and Kit hears something. He goes into the bedroom and finds Alma, very much alive and with a baby of her own. Awkward. Kit now has two wives–he proposed to Grace earlier– and two babies. So, did Grace really see Alma dead or was she lying? I’m going with actually seeing her dead. Regardless, I am looking forward to seeing quiet housewife Alma clash with French ax murderer Grace.

Lana, who is very pregnant by this point, goes to the police with her finished manuscript and tells them they need to get a court order to talk to Jude because she could tell them what happened to the numerous people who went missing from Briarcliff.  When they get their the monsignor tells them Sister Jude hung herself in her room two weeks ago and hands them the paperwork on it. I didn’t believe it. If I don’t see someone’s dead body in multiple different scene I will not believe they are dead. And come one American Horror Story, you can’t kill off Jessica Lange. They didn’t. The monsignor has her locked in some secret area of Briarcliff. Hopefully, Lana doesn’t believe she is dead.

The final scene of the episode is a nurse holding newborn Johnny in Lana’s hospital room. She tells the nurse did not want to see him. The nurse said he wouldn’t stop crying and maybe she could try breastfeeding him because he is allergic to the formula. Lana reluctantly agrees and starts to breastfeed the son of Bloody Face as she looks up at the cross above her bed…disturbing.

Good episode overall. A little too disturbing for my taste, but still good. B+.


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