Once Upon A Time: “The Outsider”


Grade: B+

Airdate: 1/13/12

I was told before I watched this episode of Once Upon A Time that it was weird. After watching it, weird is a good description  It also seems that the show has created more main characters than it can handle, so it keep switching around and giving each one a focus while still trying to squeeze all the other main characters in.

Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and Belle (Emilie de Ravin) were the focus of this episode. It starts with Rumple taking the kidnapped Schmee to the town line. He pours a potion on his hat, gives it back to him and pushes him across. He remembers who he is. Rumple says his experiment was a success and lets him go.

Most of the other characters are at Archie’ s (Raphael Sbrage) funeral. We still don’t know whose body that is and to remind us that it isn’t Archie in the coffin the scene switches to Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) trying to get information about Rumple’s weakness out of Archie. He doesn’t know anything about the dagger but Hook realizes Belle is his weakness.

Belle gets back from the funeral and Rumple tells her he can cross the town line and start looking for his son, Baelfire. He tells her if he pours a potion on a person’s most prized possession they can cross and remember. He only has enough potion for one and plans to use it on Baelfire’s cloak.

Back in the Fairytale World, blue peasant dress Belle is in the tavern. A group of men are going on about heading off to kill a beast called the Yaogua. Dreamy (Lee Arenberg) comes up to Belle and thanks her for her advice because he and Nova are going to run away together. That would have been a good chance to have a encounter between Leroy and Nova/Astrid in Storybrooke, but the show past it up. Dreamy tells Belle she should go and have an adventure. He gives her some fairy dust and she agrees to go. Adventure Belle? I was worried the show was going to try to make Belle badass like it did with Snow White. It didn’t. She was more of a nerdy explorer. Good choice, OUAT.

Back in Storybrooke, Belle is being the farthest thing from badass. She goes into the library and runs into Hook. He tells her he is going to kill her and Rumple. She pushes a bookcase up him and then locks herself in the elevator. She calls Rumple and he comes to save her in the now empty library.

In the Fairytale World, Belle is riding on a cart with her crew of Yaogua killers. She is reading a book about the creature and her crew makes fun of her for it. She tells them the Yaogua will be by a lake and they kick her off the cart. But, she lied to them and the creature is actually in a cave in the mountains. Belle gets there and creature comes out and almost kills her. But, she is saved at the last second by Mulan (Jamie Chung), who has been tracking the creature because it has been attacking her village. The thing runs off, Mulan gets annoyed with Belle and tells her to stay out of her way. The Yaogua is some type of wolf looking thing with a mane of fire. Laughable creature, laughable CGI.

The Charming family and the other characters make a small appearance. At Archie’s wake, Leroy and the other say they want to go back to the Fairytale World because with “Regina” (Lana Parrilla) killing people and the possibility of someone stumbling upon Storybrooke the town isn’t as safe as they thought. Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) don’t think it is a good idea. Charming (Josh Dallas) seems like he wants to go back.

Anyway, Belle asks Rumple why Hook wants to kill him so badly. He tells her he stole his wife, Malia, and Rumple cut his hand off for it. He tells Belle Malia died and leaves it at that. They get back to find Rumple’s shop destroyed and Baelfire’s cloak missing. On the rooftop across the street Schmee hands it over to Hook. Rumple and Belle get into an fight about what they are going to do to remind us their relationship is unstable. He gives Belle a gun and tells her to wait for him in the library.

Back in the Fairytale World, Belle’s creature finding crew catches up to her and almost throws her down a well because she lied to them. Mulan comes to her rescue again and fights off all the men. She tells Belle she will help with her adventure; Belle can track the creature and she will kill it. So, Mulan is running around the Fairytale World teaming up with and protecting defenseless hot chicks? Well, half of the fandom’s favorite lesbian ‘ship is a lesbian. Please come back, Aurora.

Belle doesn’t listen to Rumple and after finding out that Hook come to Storybrooke on a ship, she goes to the harbor and finds it. She also finds the alive Archie. She tells him to go back into town because she needs to find something. She finds the cloak, but Hook gets the gun, points it at her and tells her Rumple killed Malia. She is able to get away from him, but he finds her on the deck. Then Rumple finds both of them and starts to beat the crap out of Hook as Belle yells for him to stop. I have no idea where Cora is during all of this. I guess she is just letting Hook take care of himself.

Over in what I guess is China of the Fairytale World, Mulan and Belle track down the creature. Mulan was injured in her totally-not-a-girl-crush saving of Belle and can’t kill the thing so Belle has to do it. She is able to get the creature to follow her and dumps water on it. It seems to be injured and writes “you saved me” in the dirt. Belle is slightly confused and pours the fairy dust on it. And it turns into Prince Phillip, who was cursed by Maleficent. Yeah…that makes sense. Oh, this show sometimes.

Anyway, Belle introduces Mulan to Phillip, who says he will help how ever she wants him to. Belle then decides she is going to go back to Rumple, but runs into Regina in her only appearance in the episode. Regina kidnaps Belle as she yells about Rumple, “I will fight for him. I will never stop fighting for him.” Hey, get your own catch phrase.

Back in Storybrooke, Rumple and Belle,who didn’t kill Hook and got Bae’s cloak back, head to the town line. Rumple pours the potion over it and Belle tells him she will be there once he finds Bae and returns.  He crosses the line, keeps his memory and holds Belle’s hand for one last goodbye. But, Belle is shot and falls over the town line. Rumple freaks out and looks up to Hook, who is holding the gun. Belle is alive but lost her memory. Rumples says he will do his worst to Hook, but a car zooms towards them and hits Hook. He appears to be dead. The last shoot is the camera showing us the car is from Pennsylvania.

Excellent ending. Hook might be dead, the episode title “Outsider” has arrived and Belle lost her memory. She would be the most interesting person to loss her memory because she didn’t really have much of a Storybrooke identity. So, if it wasn’t for the weird adventure Belle story line that intertwined with Phillip and Mulan the episode would have received a higher grade.


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