Bones: “The Diamond in the Rough”


Grade: B

Airdate: 1/14/13

I have been saying from the start of season eight that Bones has been focusing a lot on Angela (Michaela Conlin) and her being in an anti-murder mood again. The show brought that into the spotlight in this episode and seemed to have resolved it, in a much less cooler way than I was expecting.

The episode starts with Sweets (John Francis Daley) watching a ghost hunter show in Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth’s (David Boreanaz) living room. I guess Sweets is still living with them. I was hoping for a ghost hunter themed episode, but I was not so lucky. The ghost hunter guy found a body that was covered in crystals on the show and he did not appear again.

Early on the episode tells us that Angela being anti-murder again. She talks about it with Bones at the diner and tells Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) that she misses being an artist.

The rest of the team realizes that the victim was a ballroom dancer named Katarina who was the favorite to win the TV show Dance to the Top, which seemed to be a Dancing with the Stars minus the stars or a So You Think You Can Dance ballroom edition.

The victim’s partner already had a new partner that he said was better than Katarina, so he is instantly a suspect. The new partner is also a suspect and Sweets think she might kill someone else to win. And because it is a competition and nobody will talk to them Booth and Bones have to go undercover as Buck and Wanda. They weren’t able to be over-the-top white trash this time, but it was still fun.

Back in the lab, Wendell (Micahel Grant Terry) — yay, Wendell finally got his turn in the squintern rotation — keeps breaking off parts of the skeleton because of the crystals. He and Hodgins spend good amount of the episode trying to find out how to get them off.

Murder did not seem half as important in this episode as anti-murder Angela and ballroom dancing was. There was another scene of Angela telling Cam (Tamara Taylor) about her longing to be an artist. Cam says she can take some time off if she needs it. Even though I like Angela, it was a little too much. I was having a little bit of a freak out that the show as going to write her off in everyone of those scenes though.

Booth and Bones are practicing with the rest of the ballroom dancers and meet the three most likely suspects. The first is the victim’s friend, who has a better chance of winning now that she is dead; her boyfriend, the drink guy; and her Dance Mom, who is more like the teacher from that show. There was probably a reference to some other dancing show in there somewhere, but I only picked up on three.

Cam figures out the victim was given lead poisoning through her clothes, but Wendell finds that she was killed by a broken neck. The murder aspect seems to be very rushed so there was not much time between that being found out and the arrests. The Dance Mom makes her daughter’s and the victims costumes. The best friend poisoned the clothes to make her friend sick so she could win and impress her mom. The boyfriend broke the victims neck for pretty much the same reason.

Back to anti-murder Angela. She took a Michael-Vincent, who seemed to age about six months over the three week break, to an art museum but she had to quickly return to the lab. Cam reminded her of the no kids in the lab rule. Hodgins talks to Angela and says he can fix her not-having-enough-time-for-art problem. He asks Cam to reduce her hours. Cam tells Angela and she quickly figures out Hodgins put her up to it but she accepts.

Really? That’s the solution. I was hoping for some big event, like maybe a stand off with Palent, would push Angela to the edge and either make her quit or kill her off. I don’t want her killed off, but I thought her whole story arch for this season so far was leading up to something more exciting.

Ballroom dancing! Buck and Wanda decide they are still going to audition for the show and the whole team comes to watch. They start bickering during the dance and pretty much fail. But it ends with a cute and loving little moment between Booth and Bones, which the show seems to be doing a lot of since it lost its signature sexual tension aspect.


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