American Horror Story: “Continuum”


Grade: A+

Airdate: 1/16/13

With this being the second last episode of American Horror Story I was expecting this episode to be good, but it might have surpassed “Dark Angel” as my favorite episode. The show does a lot of thing to make the audience feel like they are crazy too from the weird cinematography to making us listen to “Dominique” over and over. This episode was the best at it and I have never related more to Sister Jude (Jessica Lange).

The episode starts with Kit (Evan Peters) sitting in his house in 1967 covered in blood, holding an ax. Then one of his kids calls for daddy. After the theme song we jump back to our introduction to the biracial, accidental polygamist Walker family. Shout out to costume designer Lou Eyrich, the difference in clothing was an excellent way to remind us that time has past and it is almost the 70s. Kit, Alma (Britne Oldford), Grace (Lizzie Brochere), Thomas and Julia are all living together as a happy family for the most part.

Grace is becoming obsessed with the aliens and keeps drawing pictures of them. Alma worries about her and tells Kit he should spend more time with her. Graces says Alma is afraid of the aliens, but she is more afraid of losing control and reverting to her ax murderer past. Kit and Grace then have sex with Alma listening through the wall. Awkward. But, that is broken up by what appears to be the aliens. Grace gets Alma and protects her as Kit head out with the shotgun again. This time it actually was Billy and his friends.

Alma and Grace then bash heads about the aliens. Grace thinks they are kind, advanced and protect Kit. Alma thinks they are terrifying creatures that abused them. She is also afraid Grace is going to try to call the aliens.  That night Kit leaves Alma in bed and goes to find Grace in the living room. Alma then comes out and hits Grace in the back with an ax. First mind-fuck of the episode: Kit’s not crazy wife ax murdered his crazy ax murderer wife.

The episode is divided by characters so since Kit got his crazy in, we join Jude and Pepper (Naomi Grossman) at Braircliff in 1968. Monsignor Timothy (Joesph Fiennes) goes up to Jude and tells her he wants to talk to her. She refuses at first saying he killed Jude and renamed her Betty Drake. He apologizes for that and everything else he did. He has been appointed cardinal of New York and Braircliff is being handed over to the state as an overflow facility. He promises Jude he will get her out.

Later Pepper tells Jude not to get her hopes up. They then look over to the group of new patients and Alma is one of them. Down in the bakery, Pepper and Jude, who seems to have a level of authority with the other patients, met some of the other new patients. One of which is the Dark Angel (Francis Conroy) or at least she look like the Dark Angel dressed as a patient but sounds completely different. Jude is terrified.

Later on, Jude, who everyone is calling Betty, finds out that she has a new roommate: the Dark Angel. She threatens Jude and tells her she is in charge of Braircliff now. To prove that she kills a patient in the common room right in front of Jude and Pepper. That night Jude wakes up to the Dark Angel dressed as the Dark Angel trying to kiss her. Jude fights her off and when the guards come in and break it up its not Francis Conroy. Mind-fuck number two.

Jude then finds herself in a straight jacket in a chair in her old office, which now belongs to Dr. Crump. She tells Jude she has to start getting along with her roommates because she has had five in the past six months. This scene was a continuous mind-fuck. The doctor, who I’m guessing is in charge now, tells Jude the Monsignor left Braircliff two and a half years ago and that Pepper died in 1966. What? My reaction was the same as Jude’s, I’m so confused and aw Pepper.

So Jude’s crazy if out of the way, to Lana (Sarah Paulson)! She is a best seller author with her book “Maniac.” She is reading it to a group of people at a book signing. She reads that Bloody Face brought another woman into the basement with her. Someone shouts, “that’s a lie,” from the audience and Thredson (Zachary Quinto) stands up. I had moment of panic because I forgot he was dead. Lana says she was just enhancing the truth. Then someone says, “is that why you lied about me too?” and Wendy (Clea DuVall) stands up. Apparently, Lana said Wendy was just her roommate. I don’t like Lana as much anymore. Thredson and Wendy both accuse her of caring only about fame.

Dead Thredson and dead Wendy were right, Lana does only care about fame. Kit comes to the book signing and they go to get coffee after. Kit asks her what she is doing and reminders her she was supposed to get Briarcliff closed down. Thank you for calling her out, Kit. Kit tells her Braircliff is even worse now. The scene cuts to him visiting a much more crowded Braircliff to see Alma. She says she doesn’t know how he survived it. She didn’t for too long because Kit tells Lana she is dead but one person is not: Jude.

Kit saw Jude during his visit after Alma died. She appeared to actually be crazy now and keeps going on about the movie on the TV being her life and they killed Sister Jude so they could steal her story. Back in the coffee shop, Kit pleads with Lana to get Jude out. Lana turns on Jude and tells Kit everything that happened to them was actually Jude’s fault and leaves. Lana, you might be my least favorite character now.

Kit walks outside and the scene switches to the present with Johnny (Dylan McDermott) walking up to the book store. He asks the lady for Lana’s book. She says all she has if her mother’s personal, signed copy and it is not for sale. Johnny tells her who he is and she says that can’t be true because Lana Winters only had one child and he died at birth. Seriously Lana, what didn’t you lie about? Johnny tells the lady he is going to get the book, find Lana, tell her who he is and then kill her to finish Bloody Face’s work. The lady is scared and gives him the book.

Excellent is really all I can say. I’m confused, angry at Lana, incredibly sad about what is happening to Jude and I guess slightly worried about Johnny killing Lana. She did say in this episode that her and Kit are the only ones left. He then reminds her the strongest one, Jude, is still alive. I’m thinking the season might end with Jude being the only one alive, similar to how Constance (Jessica Lange) was the only living character at the end of season one.


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