American Horror Story: Season 3 thoughts

Season two of American Horror Story is over and talks of season three started the moment the madness ended, if not before. A couple of cast members have confirmed they will be back, but we still don’t have word on all of them. Also, Ryan Murphy has only given a few hints about what the plot will be. So, let’s talk casting and speculation. Enjoy.


American-Horror-Story-house-deserted-in-the-70s  AHS3

Show creator Ryan Murphy will not say what season three will be about but he has dropped a lot of hints, such as “evil glamour,” a place that has seen “real horror” and the setting being three different cities throughout the country. Those hints have landed the fandom on a witches theme in modern-day Salem, Massachusetts. Murphy said the season will have a historical element but will be set in the present. I don’t know if I like this theory or not but it would be interesting to see. Witches is a pretty common theme so seeing Murphy’s take on it would be cool.

Most of my interest is toward the three different cities thing. Both seasons were focused around one location and its past and present residents. Maybe Salem and two other places with historical witchcraft or magic activity? Having two seasons in a row set in Massachusetts might be a little much, but if they can bring back the accents I’m down.

Murphy also said there will be a young romance aspect. I never really liked Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and Tate (Evan Peters)  in season one, but romance is always good and it was sort of lacking last season. Taissa Farmiga will be back and playing half of the romance. Evan Peters is the only confirmed male cast member so far, so everyone is assuming he will be playing the other half.

I don’t want to jump to that conclusion just yet. He might be the only cast member to fit the age range to be with 19-year-old Taissa Flemnga but maybe someone new will come along. With the gay couples, Chad and Pat in season one and Lana and Wendy in season two, never getting much couple time together I hoping for a gay romance, which would almost guarantee a new cast member because none of the women are close to 19. And lesbian witches has been done before, but so far there is only going to be one guy on this show so why not?

Confirmed cast

american-horror-story-jessica-lange ahs-cast-1 Jessica Lange

Did they actually need to confirm this? It’s Jessica Lange. Of course, she will be back. I don’t think this show would work without her. After playing the crazy, sort of villain of Constance in season one and the villain-turned-hero Sister Jude in season two, the show could do anything with Jessica Lange in season three and it would work. Both characters turned into fan favorites even if we were supposed to not like them. I even found early, evil Sister Jude likable and kind of funny. My guess is that her character is someone who seems evil and that we are supposed to hate but by the end of the season will be terrified that she might die. But for AHS to get away from the “you can’t kill off Jessica Lange” audience assumption, it might be good to have her die shortly before the season finale.

210px-Billie 121114sarah-paulson1_210x305 Sarah Paulson

Sarah Paulson has an interesting place in the realm of AHS cast members. When season two started, I knew she was a returning member but I couldn’t remember who she played. After looking it up and reminding myself, “oh the medium chick,” I thought it seemed like a random person to give a major role to. Now, Sarah Paulson is up in top three actors on the show. Like most of the minor roles in season one Billie Dean was pretty one-dimensional, but in season two overly ambitious and almost not our hero Lana Winters was an excellent character. Lana was my favorite character even though I was pretty mad at her in “Continuum” for choosing fame over saving Jude. But, in “Madness Ends” she made up for herself by coming clean about all her lies and working with Kit to save the day. After playing the hero in season two, Sarah Paulson predicted she will probably be a villain next series. Evil, witch Sarah Paulson? Sounds good to me.

210px-Nora 4e423551984a34407d8ae5991d061226 Lily Rabe

After really playing three characters in the past two seasons, Lily Rabe will probably be excellent at anything AHS throws at her. With Nora Montgomery, Sister Mary Euince and demonized Sister Mary Eunice all being so different, I’m not even going to try to predict what type of character Lily Rabe could be playing next season. Sarah Paulson predicted she would be switching places with Lily Rabe with our Lana being evil next season and our demonized nun being a hero. Sounds good. 107540-american-horror-story-evan-peters-kit-walker Evan Peters

Evan Peters will be returning, being the only confirmed male cast member in the girl power cast so far. Ryan Murphy has said that Evan Peters requested to be a more emotionally stable character in season two giving us chill and open-minded Kit Walker in contrast to weeping, troubled psychopath Tate Langdon from season one. Murphy said Evan might be more like Tate next season and I’m rather indifferent about it. Sure, Kit was a more likable character but Tate made things a little more interesting. If this witches theme actually happens, it might be kind of fun to have a crazy, psychopath running around too. Taissa Farmiga

So, Taissa Farmiga, aka Violet Harmon from season one, confirmed that she will be returning for season three, telling us that cast members can skip a season and still not be done with AHS. Ryan Murphy said Taissa was a little too young, only 17 at the time, to be part of Asylum  which is understandable. Apparently, she will be back as half of the confirmed young romance aspect that will play a major role in season three. The fandom seems to assume it will be with Evan Peters again, but Ryan Murphy hasn’t confirmed anything yet. Violet and Tate were not my favorite AHS paring but I believe in the shows ability to create new characters and improve on its past.

My cast hopefuls

chad_528_poster American-Horror-Story-Asylum-american-horror-story-32718300-1200-899 Zachary Quinto

I’m a little surprised that Zachary Quinto has not been confirmed yet. After being awesome, sassy Chad in season one and nice-guy-turned-villain Bloody Face in season two, I’m certain Zachary Qunito will be back. I really like him in the villain role in season two because it caught me completely–and maybe a little embarrassingly — off guard when he was relieved as Bloody Face. I really liked Zachary Quinto and seeing him as an insane, serial killer rapist was strange at first because I had to really convince myself that he was evil. With that said, he could pull off anything in this show and I’m sure it will work.

url 121212american-horror-story2_210x305 Dylan McDermott

Like Zachary Qunito after being in both seasons, I assume Dylan McDermott will be back. I found most characters from season one sort of annoying and Ben Harmon fell into that category, but Johnny Thredson was far better in a scary, disturbing sort of way. He is one of the actors that I hope is not confirmed and just randomly appears again like he did in season two, with most people thinking he was Zachary Qunito in his first appearance in Asylum.

628x471 Lizzie Brochere

If the show can work in an adorable French girl again, go for it. Ax murderer? Witch? Alien advocate? I don’t care, I liked Lizzie Brochere‘s portrayal  of Grace in season two and if the series can find a way to bring her back I would be happy. She was a random addition to season two because she was a major character, then killed off for a few episodes only to be brought back to life and killed off again. But, I liked her enough to not care that she was an insane, ax murderer and be sad both times she died. French witch?

American_Horror_Story_S02E01_mkv2457 Clea DuVall

Clea DuVall seemed like a random actress throughout the entire season. Why cast a big name and actress known for playing lesbians if she is only going to be alive for two episodes? She appeared in five episodes and was either mentioned or in a photograph in almost every episode. Maybe Clea DuVall was cast because she is recognizable so everyone knew her and remembered throughout the season. I hope AHS brings her back and keeps her alive a little while longer.

tumblr_lvdv4qI1db1r3e42ao1_500 Alexandra Breckenridge


pepper-pinhead-name-game-american-horror-story Naomi Grossman

I decided to do these two together because both of their characters were iconic aspects of the seasons. Alexandra Breckenridge‘s character of young Moira was mostly about sexual appeal and was a visual reminder that Moira was actually a super-hot 20-something. But, unlike the super-hot season two characters of Leo and Teresa, young Moira actually played a role in us understanding the murder house and had a good story of her own.

Naomi Grossman‘s role of Pepper is similar. Its is mostly about visual appearance and a way to understand season two’s secondary setting: the 1960s. Post alien abduction Pepper told us that she didn’t stand a chance against her murder charge after the judge saw her. She too got to play a role in the plot in the last few episodes. I would like to see both of the back because they did a good job of playing likable and important minor character. Plus wouldn’t these two being best friend witches  just be fun?

Don’t say anything about Francis Conroy 

moira_528_poster  frances-conroy-ahs-asylum

Whoops. Well, when I started writing this nothing had been said about Francis Conroy. Today Ryan Murphy announced on Twitter that she will be back. I’m excited. Francis Conroy is awesome, I love her with Jessica Lange and Moira and the Dark Angel are two of my favorite characters. Why I didn’t want to be told about her was because it was an awesome surprise when she returned and I wanted to be surprised again. I know seeing her would have been in the back of my mind during every episode of season three, so maybe this news is for the best. Francis Conroy has been excellent in smaller roles in both season, so maybe that’s where she will be again. Just give her at least one season with Jessica Lange and I’m happy. I wonder if she’ll get to be alive this time?


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