Once Upon A Time: “Tiny”


Grade: C

Airdate: 2/11/13

Nothing about this episode of Once Upon A Time was good and nothing about it was bad. Simply, it was fluff. It was a fluff episode to give the audience a few pieces of information and set up next week’s episode.

Early in the episode, Charming (Josh Dallas), Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Leroy (Lee Arenberg) find Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) ship with the help of still rather injured Hook. Cora isn’t on the ship or in this episode at all. But, the crew does find the giant (Jorge Garcia), shrunken to human size and locked in a cage by Cora. At first I thought this was totally non-threatening situation, the giant isn’t really a giant and made buddy-buddy with Emma (Jennifer Morrison) back in the Fairytale World. But, once Snow lets him out he yells about what Charming did to him, punches him and runs off.

I instantly assumed this had to be about Charming’s identical twin brother/the first prince James. It was. In the Fairytale World, James goes off with his boobs girlfriend Jack, played by Cassidy Freeman, to stop a giant that is on the outskirts of the kingdom. That giant is the giant, whose name is Anton. We spend a little time with his family and this starts the plot of The Little Mermaid. Dang, I was hoping Ariel was going to come along at some point.

Anton collects human treasures and wants to go down the beanstalk and see what they are like. His brothers, who tease him and call him Tiny, say it is a bad idea. But he does anyway. At the bottom, Anton meets James and Jack the Giantboobs. Jack tells him they have a mushroom that will make him smaller so he can interact with the humans. I know this had to be a con. It turns out they were befriending Anton so they could kill his family and steal his treasure and magic beans to pay the kingdom’s debt.

Back in Storybrooke, Anton runs into reverted to fully evil Regina (Lana Parrilla). It seems that there was a portal on Regina’s road to redemption that made her go all the way back to early season one evil, with deep-voice, maniacal laughter and all. At first I was thinking the show had a lapse in character development with this version of Regina reappearing, but then I thought maybe that isn’t Regina but Cora. But, whoever it really is, Lana Parrilla gives Anton a mushroom to make him giant sized and he goes to terrorize the town.

Most of the Charming and Snow story line for a while is a chase scene, which ends in Anton going back to human size and hanging on for dear life on a pipe in a sink hole he created. Much like Emma let Anton live and Anton let Emma live, Charming and Snow save him, explain the situation and offer him a new home in Storybrooke.

In contrast to James and changed to boobs a girl Jack in the Fairytale World, who killed his entire family and stole his treasure. Anton was forced to destroy the beans so they didn’t get them, but he keep one beanstalk seed.

He still has it and told Charming and Snow he could probably make in grew in Storybrooke. So, he starts planting it with the help of the dwarfs. I’m thinking that is setting up for season three to be everyone forced to chose between Storybrooke and the Fairytale World. It has already started with Charming saying he wants to return, but Snow worrying that Emma will not want to and she isn’t going without her.

Speaking of Emma, she, Henry (Jared Gilmore) and Rumple (Robert Carlyle) spend the episode getting ready to board a flight to New York. City, moving in realistic speed through the airport. All their story line really tells us is that Rumple’s magic doesn’t work outside Storybrooke, which I figured, and if he takes off Bae’s cloak he starts to loss his memory.

It was a filler episode. The beanstalk seed needed to get to Storybrooke and Emma, Rumple and Henry needed to get to New York. From the promo, it looks like next episode is going to be rather action packed. I have already voiced by theories on Bae’s age and if the show tries to make him and Neil the same person I’m going to be pissed.


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