Bones: “The Shot in the Dark”


Grade: A

Airdate: 2/11/13

This episode of Bones would have been better if I went in knowing nothing about it. But, the promo had told me that Bones (Emily Deschanel) gets shot while working in the lab. It was also pretty anti-climatic at parts because obviously the show wasn’t going to kill off its title character.

With that said, it was still a good episode. After a short evidence scene about a body thrown off a bridge, Bones goes home and gets into a fight with Booth (David Boreanaz), who gets annoyed that she will not agree to have an illogical family vacation. Words get twisted around and Bones thinks Booth called her a bad mother. So, she goes back to the lab. Night-time lab scenes are always in good episodes.

Bones has a short conversation with the security guard named Hal. I felt like I was in “The Doctor in the Photo” for a second. A few minutes later, someone that neither Bones nor us can see walks into the bone room and shots her. Luckily, Booth comes to lab with Christine to make his big apology and finds Bones bleeding on the floor and barely conscious.

Bones then appears in her childhood home with her mother, Christine, played by Brooke Langton. I really liked the choice to keep Bones’ mom at the age she was when she died. It forced the audience to imagine Bones as a child because her mom is the same age as her.

The show kept with it traditional supernatural episode format. Bones is constantly trying to defused her hallucination/other world experience with logic. Christine pretty much says she is angel and only one person can decide if Bones goes or stays. If that person was God or Bones is left up to us to decide.

Bones wakes up in the hospital but becomes unconscious a couple more times and always ends up back in the house with her mother. Booth and Cam (Tamara Taylor) stay at the hospital for most of the episode.

Back at the lab, the team plus Clark (Eugene Byrd) filling in for Bones and Agent Olivia Sparling (Danielle Panabaker) filling in for Booth try to solve the original and who shot Bones and killed the security guard, Hal. Everyone assumes it has to be someone who works at the Jeffersonian. I was pulling for Palent because Bones and Hal weren’t shot with regular bullets but ones made out of blood and that seemed like a super smart thing Palent would do. Blood bullets was a cool evidence aspect.

Booth, Bones and Max (Ryan O’Neal) have a few scenes about talking about death and the afterlife as Bones tells them she is seeing a “hallucination” of her mother.

Within all this were are given some lighthearted fun, with Sweets (John Francis Daley) and Agent Sparling finally telling us want happened after they kissed earlier this season. They dated a couple of times, slept together once, but decided to call if off because Sweets was still in his rebound phase. I don’t think that was the end of them.

The team is able to figure out that the original victim was murdered using Hal’s teaser and he was killed by a Jeffersonian art restored. They were working together to steal artwork from the Jeffersonian and the restored killed Hal and shot Bones because he thought she would be able to expose him.

In the final meeting between Bones and her mother, Christine tells her she needs to stop following her brain and start following her heart. Her life is about living and thriving not just surviving anymore. Bones wakes up and shares a cute, loving moment with Booth.

Very good episode overall, it was emotional, had a supernatural aspects and even some Bones goofiness. A.


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