Bones: “The Friend in Need”


Grade: B

Airdate: 2/19/13

After last week’s episode focused mostly on Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz), this week’s was about the other characters and minor plot lines. The most important of those plot lines would be squintern Finn (Luke Kleintank) and Cam’s (Tamara Taylor) daughter Michelle (Tiffany Hines) dating. I’m rather indifferent about this relationship. It is a good way to remind us that Finn is younger than all the other squinterns, but it happened too early into his character development. We were hardly given enough time to get used to southern, juvenile delinquent version of Finn before we are given Cam’s daughter’s boyfriend Finn.

Anyway, there is a murder to be solved. Angela (Michaela Conlin) is able to identify the victim who was found in a suitcase by a homeless man as a 15-year-old named Manny. Booth and Sweets (John Francis Daley) go to talk to his family. Cam found evidence that the kid had drugs in his pocket when he died, but his family and friend Kat, played by Lizzie Broadway, said he wasn’t a drug dealer but a semi-loner, nerd. It turns out they were right and the kid was running a cellphone tampering business. One of the customers paid him in drugs. Kat and the guy Manny was running the business with leads the team to a party, which was the last place Manny was seen alive.

Angela is able to piece together what happened at the party using pictures nobody wants posted to a Facebook-like site but that one idiot does anyway. Manny spent most of the night following Kat around until the guy she was dancing with literally threw Manny out of the party. Kat is reluctant to tell them anything but goes to Sweets because she thinks she was raped at the party. Sweets spends the rest of the episode from that point trying to help Kat. He also relieves that he was abused by his foster parents. That is a minor plot point that hardly ever comes up, but I always assumed it was his birth parents.

On a lighter note, Michelle comes home from college to surprise Finn, but doesn’t want him to tell Cam so she can just spend all her time with him. Good-boy Finn doesn’t want to lie to his boss and ends up telling Cam. She tells him telling her was a bad idea because Michelle will be pissed at her. Finn finds himself trapped between two Saroyan women, which is always rather funny. Cam sets up a way to “run into” them so Finn doesn’t have to take the blame for telling her.

Sweets, Booth and Bones find out that the murderer and the rapist were one in the same. Shortly after that Manny’s business partner confesses to both crimes. Sweets has a heartfelt moment with Kat and her mom and a little bit of a public service announcement about date rape.

At the end of the episode, Michelle apologizes to Cam for not telling her that she was coming home. They decided to not have any secrets between each other and Cam tells her that she is dating Arastoo, but she thinks Michelle should keep that information from Finn.

So, not too much happened this episode. It was good to give some other characters some story time. It was an average episode of Bones, but still good. B.


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