Once Upon A Time: “Selfless, Brave and True”


Grade: A-

Airdate: 3/24/13

I am incredibly happy about this episode of Once Upon A Time. It is not so much that it was an excellent episode, though it was rather good, it gave the show two things it has been missing: a scary villain and a plot with a foreseeable end.

I was not so happy with the beginning of the episode, it opens in a flashback in Phuket in 2011 with August/Pinocchio (Eion Bailey)’s leg turning into wood. I was worried this was going to be another flashback of telling us information we already knew, but that was the only part. He then goes to Hong Kong to go to the hospital.

Back in Storybrooke, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) was still lying on the bed in the middle of the apartment. Charming (Josh Dallas) is in the process of bringing her breakfast in bed when Emma (Jennifer Morrison) pretty much yells at him saying “we should stop babying her, she is a bad-ass and can help herself.” Thank you pointing that out Emma and Snow thank you for listening. Snow tells Charming she needs to handle what she did on her own and heads out into the wood.

Neal/Baelfire (Michael Raymond-James)’s fiance, Tamara, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, comes to Storybrooke with more of their stuff. Neal takes Emma advice to tell her the truth about everything. She thinks it is all a crazy story so he can get back with Emma and she storms off.

Meanwhile in the woods, Snow finds a seemingly abandoned trailer and August is inside, but he is all wood. Good twist, I really thought the curse fixed that. August refuses to go into Storybrooke because he said he failed at being a “good boy” and can’t face Emma and his father. Snow points out for him and her that people deserve a second chance no matter what they have done. He still will not come.

Snow gathers Emma and Marco (Tony Amendola) and they go to see if the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) can make him a real boy like she did the last time. She can’t because he failed at being selfless, brave and true and can only help himself now.

Back in Hong Kong, August is told about a doctor that can cure anything called the dragon, played by Tzi Ma. He ends up running into Tamara there; another good twist. He sees her in a bar later and gets a drink with her. She said she has a rare form of cancer and is travelling around Asia looking for a miracle worker. She also has about $10,000 — the dragon’s asking price — in an envelope in her purse. August takes it and runs back to the dragon and gets a potion from him. But, right before he takes it Tamara finds him, chases after him for a while and then steals it. There were a lot of chase scenes through cramped Asian streets in this episode.

Tamara finds August in Storybrooke and is strangely unfazed that he is made of wood. It keep being hinted at that she might be magical or at least was and lost it. She tells him she still has the potion but he has to go to New York to get it and not come back. August does but just outside of town he changes his mind and comes back. He gets to the sheriff station and calls Emma, who is out in the woods with Emma and Marco look for him. All he can say is he needs to warn them before Tamara comes in.

August says he knows she laid because she killed the dragon. The flashback told us she doesn’t have cancer and was hunting for magic and landed with on the dragon. He threatens her and then she tases him to death. August says he knows she is in Storybrooke because she wants the magic and he isn’t going to let her get any. She then tases him. He stumbles outside just in time to run into our heroes, but he becomes the second love interest to die in Emma’s arms. Henry (Jared Gilmore) realizes his last act was selfless, brave and true. The Blue Fairy is able to save him but he turns back into young Pinocchio  Well, I guess that August-Emma-Neal possible love triangle isn’t going to happen. Young Pinocchio can’t remember what he was going to tell them.

Tamara tells Neal she believes him now and will stay in Storybrooke. She is also working–and apparently sleeping with–Greg/Owen (Ethan Embry). Regina (Lana Parrilla) recognized him but told him his father left Storybrooke shortly after he did. He doesn’t believe her.

The episode ends with Snow telling Charming about Regina taking her heart and the black spot thing. He tells her they will find a way to stop it because they will always find (insert cuteness here) and love will conquer all.

Expect for the laughable special effects with the dragon, I liked everything about this episode. We now official have villains. Greg always was but he wasn’t scary. Tamara is scary. She has already tased two people to death and is trying to steal all the magic in the town to do who knows what with it. So that would be our first conflict and now the heroes have to find a way to save Snow. There is finally a good plot and villain again.

The references to the story as a whole was also back. We find out what happened to August when Emma first got to Storybrooke and Marco apologized to Snow and Emma that he lied about only one person going through the wardrobe. That was a cute scene, Snow said she would have done the same, but Emma looked pretty upset about it.


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