Bones: “The Blood from the Stones”


Grade: A-

Airdate: 3/26/13

I liked this episode of Bones. It brought back some things that have been missing in season eight so far. The first was simply one of the best minor character: Miss Julian (Patricia Belcher), who has been surprisingly absent this season. The second was the old Bones rule that usually the second seemingly innocent person they talk to is the killer. Also the wife did it for the second week in a row, I hope Tony DiNizzo placed his beats. But, the third thing was what this show is really all about: sexual tension between Booth (David Boreanaz) and Bones (Emily Deschanel).

There was no screamers this week, so we join the team at a crime scene with a weirdly decomposed body in a car. Bones figures out the guy was shot and once they get back to the lab everyone is confused by him being exposed to two different climates. That detail disappeared rather quickly after but it seemed important at the beginning. Cam (Tamara Taylor) then introduces everyone to a documentary filmmaker named Andrew Jursic, played by Dave Thomas, who is doing a fundraising film about the Jeffersonian.

In another creative way to keep Clark (Eugene Byrd) in the squintern cycle, he has been asked to work alongside Bones because she is too stiff to be the only one in the film. That obviously leads to clashes between Bones and Clark and socially awkward Bones moments. Clark also starts acting goofy and even calls Bones “Tempie” at one point.

The team is able to identify the victim as a security guard for a diamond shop and Booth and Bones go to check it out. That created a very good scene and the start of our sexual tension. The owner assumes they are their for an engagement ring. Booth plays along asking Bones if they are. She get caught up for a moment and tries to decide if boyfriend is the right word to describe Booth. She also remains us that Booth said he is going to wait for her to ask him to get married. So, that is what we are supposed to be looking forward to.

The victim ends up being an undercover cop, which a promo spoiled for me. He was tracking a duo of ATM robbers, but Booth thinks he went bad after Bones found a bag of diamonds in his stomach. The team goes to tracking the two robbers, but the wife think her husband’s boss did it.

I really think Cam was just in this episode to be awkward. She gets caught between Miss Julian and Andrew the filmmaker meeting and flirting with each other. He also asks Cam for advice about Miss Julian. She tells him a few small details and it works. They end up having dinner at the diner — it serves beer? — and then go home together. It was all hilarious because anything with Miss Julian is. Please keep her around.

After the team figures out the cop was shot underneath a bridge, Bones, Booth and tech team go searching for the pillar he was shot by. Bones notices Booth smells like perfume and asks him why. She kisses him after he explains he gave the victim’s wife a shoulder to cry on. Her response to him saying we’re at work, “I don’t care, I love you,” is part of why this was a good episode. There is the sexual tension craziness this show is known for. Please keep that around.

Of course this show is also about murder, so they find a human foot under the bridge. It belongs to one of the ATM robbers that Angela (Michaela Conlin) was able to track down. They find the footless girl’s boyfriend just as the victim’s boss is beating the crap out of him. After leading us to believe one of the three of them did it, Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) finds a bunch of new evidence and Bones realizes the wife did it, again.

After all the awkward film making, Bones is worried she isn’t likable.  She is watching some of the footage and tells Booth it makes her look like a rude, mean lady. He says that isn’t true and gets her to forget about it and go to dinner with him, stopping what I thought was going to be a sex scene in her office.

It was a classic Bones episode, which hasn’t happened a lot this season. Miss Julian and high levels of sexual tension have been lacking. Also, the episode dropped a few weddings hints to get us looking hoping for that. Now, just bring back Christopher Palent and I’m happy.


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