Bones: Season 8 wrap up

Season finales of Bones are good. Serial killer episode of Bones are good. Add in Bones (Emily Deschanel) finally asking Booth (David Boreanaz) to marry her after he put the idea in her head about a season ago and the season ended painfully perfect.


The show had been hinting at a wedding for a while and after Bones caught the bouquet at Booth’s long-last mom’s weddings, it was supposed to be in the center of our minds. And even after making us wait eight years, the proposal was perfect and perfect in a Bones sort of way. As Booth told Sweets (John Francis Daley), “she did it with beef jerky.” Because that is how Bones handles anything emotional: wrong but right in its own way. She even told Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Cam (Tamara Taylor) about it in between giving them facts about the murdered FBI agent on the table.

That scene was a remained that whatever is happening between the characters there is a murderer on the loss, shouldn’t we be focusing on that? Of course, in this case it was an evil master mind with a facial scar. Pelant looked a little over the top in this episode and more like he should be fighting Spiderman or S.H.I.E.L.D than a normal government agency.


But mirroring the show’s other main character couple, Angela and Hodgins (T.J. Thyne), Booth and Bones are brought to a point in their relationship by a serial killer. The thought of being killed by Pelant at any moment made Bones realize she was wasting time and proposed to Booth. Much like how Hodgins almost dying at the hands of the Gravedigger finally got Angela to kiss him. As Angela and Hodgins were pulled apart when the Gravedigger returned and Hodgins tried to take matters into his own hands, Booth was forced to do the same. Break off the engagement with Bones or five innocent people die.

That was a heart-wrenching scene and made a heart-wrenching end to season eight. Booth tells her he doesn’t want to trying to use logic against her. He then sits down in defeat, much like at the end of season seven. And again they are forced apart by Pelant without being able to explain the situation to each other. Not wanting to get married seems way out of character for Booth. Hopefully, Bones realizes that or maybe Angela and Cam can help with that.


It’s going to interesting how they let this play out in the season nine premiere  Though I said this at the end of season seven too, I hope they don’t get everything figured out in the first episode and let the awkwardness the broken engagement is going to create hang around for a while. Overall, season eight was prettily great. It wasn’t a season three but I’d rank it up there with two and five.

The show has been moved to FOX’s Friday night death slot, but being one of the networks most popular shows and renewed for a ninth and tenth season I think it will do fine.


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