Game of Thrones: Season 3 catch up

I’m glad I caught back up with Game of Thrones right when everything started to go crazy and get really good. I had not been as disciplined about watching season three as I had been with two when it was on. I have read all the books now and for a while I wasn’t that interested in it because I already now what going to happen. Now I’m not like one of these people.

But, I was getting a little annoyed with some stuff. Yes, Robb please go on more about how much you love your wife. I’m sure you will all be happy when the war is over. But there was one scene in particular that made me realize I wanted to see everything happen on the show.

Yeah it was Daenerys taking the Unsullied. Now everything I enjoyed so much in “A Storm of Swords” is happening and I’m all excited about the show again. This is pretty much my thoughts on what has happened from “Dark Wings, Dark Words” to “The Bear and the Maiden Fair.”

The Mother’s Camp


After being underestimated as a stupid Westrosi whore, Daenerys proved to Astapor and now to Yunkai that she really is the last Targaryen. She now has an army of 8,000 Unsullied and is making her way to freeing even more slavers in Yunkai. The dragons have gotten even bigger and scarier–and must be blowing the CGI budget. I liked how everything was with Dany’s story line in the books and it is staying pretty much the same. She should be meeting Daario in the next episode and the first real battle is growing closer. I like it. And Jorah and Barristan’s pissing constant has been awesome.

Robb’s Camp


Robb has been doing far less fighting and more sitting in awkward family meetings and sleeping with his wife. Edmure and the Blackfish have been perfect. The introduction to Edmure being unable to hit his father’s coffin with an arrow was an excellent way to show us, he is not ready to be the lord of Riverrun. The Freys have been awkward and still make me feel nervous. Robb hit a Dany level of intense with how he dealt with the traitors. My only problem is that Talisa had gotten more nudity than Catelyn has lines.

The Wildings


Jon  and Ygritte might be the cutest couple this show has ever seen. The show is doing an even better job than the books with explaining what it all means. As Ygritte said Mance does care about her and the Night’s Watch doesn’t care about him, all the have is each other. So, they follow along over the Wall and through Gift with the intent of attacking Castle Black. I think it was in Happy Place’s Facebook recap where there was a picture of them kissing on top of the Wall with the comment, “well it’s all downhill from here.” And it’s going to be so sad.

The Night’s Watch


The Night’s Watch drug themselves from the Fist to Craster’s Keep only for Rast and a few others to lead a mutiny and kill the Lord Commander. Sam grabbed Gilly and got the Seven Hells out of there. He then sang a song that didn’t seem so awkward in the books for some reason and plans to take her to Castle Black with him.

Bran and company


Bran and the newly added Reeds haven’t gotten much screen time. So far Jojen  has scary looking dreams, Bran has more powers than he originally thought and Meera and Osha are too busy trying to out badass each other. And Hodor and Rickon are there.



Selyse  is crazy. Stannis is awkward. Davos is still in the dungeon. And Shireen is the cutest kid in the Seven Kingdoms.

The Brotherhood without Banners


I’m a little mad I missed the Twitter explosion caused by the “my lady-milday” line. But, I’ll set my shipping aside for a moment. The Hound killed Beric only for Thros to bring him back to life for the fifth or sixth time. Gendry joined the Brotherhood as their blacksmith only for his season one story line of being King Robert’s son to be discovered by Melisandre. She needs King’s blood to give to the lord of light for Stannis. They replaced Edric Storm with Gendry. I like it. Ayra escaped the Brotherhood only to fall into the hands of the Hound. She got some awesome foreshadowing from Melisandre though, who said she will kill people with many different colored eyes.

King’s Landing


My favorite thing that is happening in King’s Island right now is the marriage pentagon that Cersei, Loras, Tyrion, Sansa and Shae are caught in. That and Sansa utter lack of gaydar. The groan worthy conversations between Cersei and Tyrion have been kept up with the awesome zing offs from last season. Shae has been playing Shae the funny whore a lot. Speaking of whores, I would like to take a moment of silence for Ros’ unexpected murder at the hands of Joffrey. The show is not being shy about his evilness.

I’m still trying to figure out why Garlan and Willas Tyrell were eliminated as characters, making Loras the heir to Highgarden. I wonder if that is going to effect him becoming a member of the King’s Guard.

Jaime and Brienne


Staring from the moment they fought before being capture, these two have become my favorite characters– book and show. Jaime still acts arrogant and cocky, while still trying to protect Brienne, up until the moment his hand is cut off. The bath scene made me cry and Jaime jumping into the bear pit to save Brienne was just as epic as I always imagined it. I wish they would have kept in the virgin joke though. I can’t wait to see how the show does their relationship from this point forward.


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