Game of Thrones: “The Rains of Castamere”


As I have said in an earlier post, slowly becoming an adult is distracting. Slowly becoming an adult with a social life is distracting and difficult. I only say this because I had to make time to watch “The Rains of Castamere” and that time was at about two in the morning on Monday alone in the dark after a night at the bars. I thought I was a terrible decision at the time — and my rushed morning might still think it was — but I have decided it was perfect. I was completely alone; just me and the Starks.

So much has been written about this episode and I have read more than I usually do before I write my own posts. So, I’m going to make this post more personal than usual. I loved this episode because of its focus on the Starks. The first episode I ever saw of Game of Thrones was season one episode three, “Lord Snow.” I watched the rest of the season through episode nine that day. About a week later I watched the first two episodes of the season. I only mention this because I saw Ned’s death before I ever saw all the Starks together and seeing it after knowing what was going to happen almost made it even worse.


That is also my thoughts on the Red Wedding and everything else that happened in “The Rains of Castamere,” which I feel like has been unfairly overshadowed. Don’t get me wrong my heart was sinking during the Red Wedding, but Rickon got me to cry along with him as he said goodbye to Bran, I felt Ygritte’s pain as Jon betrayed the Wildings and break up with her in one swift moment and I relished in the awesomeness of Dany conquering a city without leaving her tent. I probably thought all those moments were so important because of their punch in the books. A milestone happened for almost every Stark in this episode and they got so close to another member of their family just for it all to go horribly wrong.

Michelle Fairley’s amazing performance of watching Robb get killed, killing an innocent and waiting in defeat for her own death to come was the best example of the fandom’s current position. Nothing is safe, the world is not what we think and we are not sure what we are supposed to do now.

And that is why I liked my decision to watch this episode alone in the dark. It was just me and the Starks, just like the first time I met them all together. This show has hundreds of characters, numerous heroes, anti-heroes and villains, but everyone likes at least one of the Starks. They make poor decision but they are good people. And in American television, good people are not supposed to be slaughtered at weddings by bad people. But, that isn’t Game of Thrones and that isn’t George R.R. Martin.

The episode was perfect at destroying our hope for the backbone family at every level. Maisie Williams gave us an amazing childlike reaction of being so anxious and excited for the reunion only to watch in horror as it disappears. Jon and Ygritte gave us the romantic  teenage sadness of the perfect relationship falling apart. Robb and Talisa were the young adult perfection of a tragedy you never thought would happen to you wrecking your life forever. Catelyn gave us the adult reaction of trying with all you have to stop what is happening around you and it still isn’t enough. And mixed up in all of this is Sansa, who is like a college student who will be told about the family tragedy after the fact through a message from home.


GoT is a television show. It is a fantasy show, where hot chicks conquer cities with dragons, priestess give birth to demons and teenage boys have supernatural powers. But it is also about life and family and the fact that sometimes evil triumphs over good and we are just stuck tuning in next week with the faint hope that it gets better or at least it couldn’t be any worse.


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