American Horror Story: More season 3 thoughts


When I did that last post, I was mostly going off fan speculation about season three of American Horror Story. Far more has been confirmed now but we still do not have a full picture to what the third season will look like.

Good call, fandom. 

Before AHS: Asylum even ended people were talking about season three being witches. Well, Ryan Murphy finally confirmed that it is witches. It will be called American Horror Story: Coven. The season will also take place in three places throughout the country that have seen real horror. So, far all we know is New Orleans. But, the show will be filming on location for the first time and production has already started in New Orleans. Apparently, there is still going to be story lines in the present and past, which sounds pretty cool to me.

New cast members

MV5BNTg1MTM3NjcyMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDI0NTk0Nw@@._V1._SX214_CR0,0,214,314_ Kathy Bates

We’re in the south. Might as well get an awesome actress with a southern accent.

Emma-Roberts Emma Roberts

I haven’t really seen her in that much since she was in terrible kids’ movies and shows that my little sisters used to watch. But, I’m sure she is better now and it will be good to have another teen-aged or early twenty-something character.

Tenth Annual AFI Awards - Arrivals Gabourey Sidibe

I think the show is just getting every great female actress it can.

tumblr_med7t4u4q01r0ixyro1_400 Angela Bassett


patti-lupone Patti LuPone

I can’t really comment on these two because I have not seen anything they have been in. But, unknowns/unknowns to me is always fun and the fandom seemed excited about them.


So far the confirmed cast members for season three are new members Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe, Angela Bassett, Patti LuPone and returning members Jessica Lange, Francis Conroy, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, Naomi Grossman … and Evan Peters.

Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters will be playing a young couple again, who are in a star-crossed Romeo and Juliet like romance, according to Murphy. With this many female characters this coven of witches has to be either celibate or lesbians.


I’m hoping for lesbians and let me explain why I think Murphy should take that path. Yes, it is a little Willow and Tara-ish. But Buffy ended 10 years ago, I think we can have lesbian witches without it being a copy-cat move. AHS has had gay couples in every season but both times they have either been in a failing relationship — Pat and Chad — or one of them was brutally murdered in episode two — Lana and Wendy — while the straight couples both important and not get to have their entire relationship played out and have sometimes unnecessary sex scenes — Leo and Theresa’s entire existence.

I did like everything that was done with Lana’s story line last season and the level of horror that was added to the plot just because the year was 1964. But, let’s have a magical power couple in this season. Or a fighting ex-couple? Apparently, Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates’ characters used to be on the same side then one switched over. Francis Conroy is going to be playing a bigger role this season, maybe she replaced Kathy Bates as Jessica Lange’s girlfriend or go along with that sadly debunked rumor and make it Sarah Paulson. I’m starting to dream speculate here, let’s switch gears.

You have to be back, right? 


There are two people I would like to put in this category: Zachary Quinto and Dylan McDermott. Now as much as I would like a lesbian theme,  AHS wouldn’t be the same without its two leading not-Evan-Peters men. These guys both stepped up the creepy last season playing Bloody Face and the Son of Bloody Face and this is a horror show so creepy is needed. But maybe these guys are taking the Dylan McDermott and Francis Conroy path from last season and will go unconfirmed until they just randomly pop up halfway through the season.

American Horror Story: Coven doesn’t have a set premiere date yet, but it is usually in early October on FX.


One Comment on “American Horror Story: More season 3 thoughts”

  1. the tow path says:

    My favorite thing on TV right now. I am really looking forward to next season.


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