GoT and AHS: Emmy Thoughts

The nominations for the Emmy awards were announced a little bit ago and I had not thought about writing anything about them until I had a conversation with one of my friends about Emilia Clarke’s nomination. Of course, I am happy about any nomination that my favorite shows can get from Best Drama Series to Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Miniseries. My opinions on the nominations are more based on my knowledge of the shows performance within itself than how it compares to other shows. So, here are my Game of Thrones and American Horror Story focused Emmy thoughts.

Game of Thrones Season 3

Game of Thrones was nominated for 16 Emmys, only being beat out by American Horror Story, which got 17.  In addition to what I will cover below, Game of Thrones was also nominated for Outstanding Art Direction for “Valar Dohaeris”, Casting for a Drama Series, Outstanding Cinematography for “Mhysa”, Costumes for “Walk of Punishment”, Hairstyling for “Second Son”s, Makeup for “Kissed by Fire”, Picture Editing for “The Rains of Castamere”, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing for “And Now His Watched Is Ended” and  Visual Effects for “Valar Dohaeris,”






Peter Dinkelage, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

If Game of Thrones had a lead or at least an actor it couldn’t exist without it would Peter Dinkelage. Co-creators David and Dan have said multiple times that Peter Dinkelage was the only actor they ever considered for the role and Tyrion Lannister was the first part cast. He has always been amazing. Good job on another nomination, sir.






Emilia Clarke, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Daenerys Targaryen is in the top three of my favorite Game of Thrones characters. I love that Emilia Clarke is only 25 and that this is her first role out of Drama School. She was super badass this season, in great contrast to the limping and screaming of last season. But with that said, I’m confused about this nomination and I don’t really agree with it. Of all the supporting actress for the third season, Emilia Clarke would not have been one of my choice. Much of the fandom has been saying it should have been Michelle Fairley. And yes, she was amazing in “The Rains of Castamere”, but she hardly had any lines in the rest of the season. My number one choice is Sophie Turner. She has been consistently amazing since the pilot and especially during the last two seasons as she has suck deeper into her abuse victim prison. She was the best in “Second Sons” this season. Sophie Turner was able to play both the scared victim and the cautiously cunning bride in the same episode. I’ll be rooting for Emilia Clarke to win the Emmy, but next year I think Sophie Turner should get the credit that is usual given to the more badass women of the show.






Diane Rigg, Outstanding Guest Actress on a Drama Series 

Olenna Tyrell is awesome and so is Diana Rigg. The Queen of Thorns was almost too snarky to handle and really sold the sexual liberated High Garden vibe the show is going with. She had a stand off with Tywin Lannister and she and Charles Dance showed that nobody can out do the older actors on this shows. I died laughing when she perfectly teased her grandchildren about how messed up their family tree is going to be after all the weddings. I hope you win, Diana Rigg.






Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series, The Rains of Castamere

Duh. This was by far the most memorable episode of television this year. Millions of people freaked the hell out, while millions of other people already knew what was going to happen. The Red Wedding was perfect. It was terrible, it was emotionally straining and Michelle Fairley has never been better. But, the Red Wedding was not all that happened in this episode. Everything that was done with every other character was also great. And when writer can make a simple goodbye scene between two brothers as emotional as a massacre at a wedding, they deserve an Emmy.







Best Drama Series

Because of the above mention of “The Rains of Castamere”, outstanding performances by everyone from Peter Dinkelage to Kristian Narin and the expansion of the world, season three has been the best so far. But, I do say that at the end of every season. Really, GoT might be able to win this award just because of “The Rains of Castamere”. But, in addition to that there was Dany destroying a slave trader after listening to him insult her for two episodes, Sam killing a White to save his family, Jon and Ygritte’s relationship developing and falling apart and Tyrion and Sansa’s marriage. The Internet does not even have enough space for me to mention everything I loved about this season.

American Horror Story: Asylum

In addition to what I will mention below, American Horror Story: Ayslum was also nominated for Art Direction, Casting, Cinematography for “I Am Anne Frank Part 2”, Outstanding Main Title Design, Costumes for “Madness Endess”, Hairstyling, Makeup, Prosthetic Makeup, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing for “Welcome to Braircliff.”







Jessica Lange, Outstanding  Lead Actress In A Mini Series

Constance Langdon won this award last year. For me that means there is no reason why Sister Jude shouldn’t get this award. Jessica Lange played Sister Jude perfectly. She started as the villain of Braircliff, but even when she was torturing the heroes she was still hilarious. She then slowly crossed over and become another hero and I loved every minute it of. Sister Jude really might be one of my all time favorite fictional characters.






Sarah Paulson, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Mini Series

Sarah Paulson seemed to come out of nowhere as Lana Winters in season two. She played a pretty small role in season one and like most of the supporting characters, was pretty one-dimensional. But, she stepped it up in season two, playing the overly ambitious and almost a villain sometimes Lana. I have previously expressed my praise of how well done the convulsion therapy aspects of Asylum were. Sarah Paulson played it heartbreaking-ly perfect. I hope you win and get an equally as cool part in AHS: Coven.







Best Mini Series

Can you tell that I like this show? I like this show. For me there is always an easy way  to tell if a show is really good. If I and both of my sister like it, everyone does and it is usually Emmy worthy. Since all three of us become teenagers and young adults, there has only ever been two shows: Orange is the New Black and American Horror Story. Asylum was so much better than Murder House and deserves a win.


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