Bones: “The Secret in the Proposal”


Grade: A

Airdate: 9/16/13

I don’t know if it was the familiarity of seeing the characters from the only show I have been consistently watching for years or the fact that I watched this episode directly after the Under the Dome season finale, but this episode of Bones earned its A 5 minutes and 19 seconds in.

It starts with Booth (David Boreanez) talking with an old army buddy, Aldo, played by Mather Zickel. Aldo used to be the Chaplin of Booth’s Ranger’s unit but is now a bartender. Booth spills everything that happened with Palent last season. I loved the little detail that Aldo called Bones (Emily Deschanel) Temperance as a way to say he had never met her. Booth has been spending the last three months looking for Palent and not telling Bones why he had to break off their engagement. He decides the only way out is to find and kill Palent, the usual out for any serial killer on this show.

The show makes it clear that everyone is aware Booth is lying about something. It starts with Sweets (John Francis Daley) and Miss Julian (Patrica Belcher) snarking away at him and then Cam (Tamara Taylor) witnessing a super awkward exchange between Booth and Bones at the crime scene of a guy who fell from a hotel window into an A/C unit. Booth and Cam being serious enough to call each other Seeley and Camille and my gasp at the thought of the OTP being separated made me realize just how much I missed this show.

But, I still don’t like the new theme song.

As I said in all my preview stuff, I didn’t want Bones to solve all the problems by the end of the first episode. But, this episode made it so terrible with Hodgins (TJ Thyne) and squintern Daisy (Carla Gallo) working together to get Bones to see Booth and Angela (Michaela Conlin) yelling at Booth while almost crying, it would have been fine if they did. But, it didn’t really and that was even better.

The murder took a little bit of a backseat to the character drama. The victim was killed in a hotel room in a hotel mostly used for afternoon delight. The secretary he might have been sleeping with and her bull-dog lawyer mom quickly become the two suspects. Holes starts appearing and weird stuff starts happening. Booth then runs into another old Army buddy named Danny, played by Freddie Prince Jr., which makes it seem like he will be back. Danny is CIA now and so was the victim. He and the secretary, who was pretty much sleeping with German contractors like a CIA patriotitute, were working to get a dam contractor or something. Emily Deschanel’s sad facial expression were too much for me to be able to focus on details like that.

The murder was actually pretty unimportant in this episode, save for the lying between the victim and possible suspects and the lying between Booth and Bones. The actual murderer was the victim’s boss because he was crushing on the secretary. I didn’t see that coming, but it seemed to almost come a little too out of left field. It can be the second seemingly innocent person sometimes, Bones. I will still love you.

Anyway, to the good parts. As I thought would happen, Bones has been able to logic out that Booth would never not want to marry her so there most be something else going on. She has a girls dinner with Angela and Daisy. The two scientist try to science out that Booth most being falling into a different stage of love. Of course, Angela stomps on that idea. But, Bones still looks so sad about it.

Booth dodges questions through the whole episode and is paranoid that Palent can see him through any electronic device. He also tells Aldo that Bones would never be able to poker face it out of a secret location so he can’t tell her in a place like the freezer in Aldo’s bar. I really liked Aldo. I hope he sticks around. Bones ends up at the bar after finding a business card that Aldo slipped to Booth. He realizes who she is and then tells her that Booth thinks living with her without being married is sin and he must have a pretty good reason for not saying yes.

Booth is sulking in his office and CIA Danny reappears. He tells Booth that the CIA owes him one for solving the murder. Help with finding Palent? Freddie Prince Jr. then tells Booth there is a job at the CIA if he ever wants it. I started to think that would make the show pretty different, but then I got distracted by how awesome a Sarah Michelle Gellar guest appearance would be.

Bones takes what Aldo said to heart and tells Booth she understands and knows he will tell her what is really going on when he is ready. So, they pretty much make up, but it didn’t solve all their problems. The final scene ends with the camera zooming into the radio in Booth and Bones’ kitchen. Can Palent see them through it or are we just being as paranoid as Booth? I don’t know, but I’m too excited to find out next week to say anymore about this episode. Welcome back, Bones.


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